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  2. Ant-Man vs. Kang. Now that's a matchup I wouldn't have imagined in a 1000 years.
  3. With the appearance in the upcoming Guardians III movie and now this comic, this might spur the hasbo guys to do some Warlock figures....sure would like to see him in his Gil Kane (Marvel Premiere 1972) look. They're doing Star Lord and Yondu from the 70s, so its not an impossible idea for them to look at.
  4. LOVED Ron Lim on Silver Surfer. Sounds odd but Lim's art was the first time SS really looked like a reflective surface. His art was beautiful and hooked me immediately. I think I started the 90s series in the mid teens but quickly backtracked and got e ery issue until I stopper collecting. Funny, Lims art on other books kinda fell flat for me. But his run on SS was defining and to this day is my ultimate Silver Surfer artist
  5. Love to see some appreciation for Arsenal. I've been dying for Hasbro to retool the Juggernaut BAF into Arsenal.
  6. A big part of the reason for hiring actors from other countries for American roles in big studio movies is that most of them aren't SAG-AFTRA members, and studios can pay them less than the negotiated minimum salaries. I don't believe it works the other way around, so that one is harder to explain. But often the actor is someone like Peter Dinklage, who the producers are super happy to bring onto a project and/or the director has been hoping to work with for years.
  7. Check out the newly-released 30-second commercial for "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," which marks the beginning of Marvel's Phase Five. Super-Hero partners Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) return to continue their adventures as Ant-Man and the Wasp. Together, with Hope's parents Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and Scott's daughter Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton), the family finds themselves exploring the Quantum Realm, interacting with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that will push them beyond the limits of what they thought possible. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania stars Paul Rudd, Kathryn Newton, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonathan Majors, Bill Murray, Gregg Turkington, Randall Park Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is scheduled for release on February 17th, 2023
  8. I’m hoping they are lying and Charlie-27 is the bad for the wave that comes out for GotG vol3
  9. Yesterday
  10. That one's actually fairly easy, imo. There are certain evergreen properties that can be counted on to get waves regularly, regardless of whether there's any sort of tie-in media to support them, and there are properties that only get waves when there's some major media to cash in on like a movie or TV show (or, more recently, a video game). Spider-Man, the Avengers (as a team) and the X-Men all fall under the former. The Guardians of the Galaxy are under the latter with the likes of Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Shang-Chi, the Eternals and so on. Even the Iron Man wave from a few years back was the first time Shellhead had gotten a Legends assortment since 2013, when his last solo film was in theaters. Hulk hasn't had one period since the old Fin Fang Foom wave pre-ROML (though size probably plays a part in that at least). It's easy to see why we haven't gotten any more classic Guardians when the Guardians only get waves when they have a new movie out, and those waves for obvious reasons tend to skew movie heavy. Classic Star-Lord and Yondu were a nice surprise, but I can fully see why they probably don't have more planned out in the near future. The most logical place for more classic Guardians right now are the Avengers waves, but they're jockeying for position against not just dozens of actual Avengers, but other affiliated teams like the New Warriors and Thunderbolts.
  11. When I'm talking the Human Fly, I'm talking about the real-life motorcycle-riding stuntman guy who briefly shared some of the stoplight with Evel Knievel in the mid-70's. That's a real pipe-dream of mine and he's REAL obscure now, but still. I don't think the upcoming figure is the same character. Thing is, if Hasbro and ML can do Cap-Wolf........well, they can do darn near anybody.....
  12. The thing about tooling more effects parts is that if they tool pieces that work with OTHER pieces, they not only increase their tooling library but they also increase the effects parts options in any given set. Yeah, we've been getting the same effects parts for pretty much a decade now ( I think) and only once did they expand on them--boot blasts for Iron Man. Magic stuff can work over at least a dozen or more existing characters, and new and revisited ones to be sure. And if one looks at the secondary and niche markets, accessories, add-ons and effects items are selling. Purely accessory sets, perhaps offered on Pulse can get new tooling paid for faster, and be an on-going product for collectors. The interest sure LOOKS like it's there in the marketplace, but Hasbro seems so timid in jumping into that pool. As a collector, I'm frustrated.
  13. I agree with your points and chose my words specifically to point out that most fans know full well that Hasbro has no urgency to complete teams even when there is just one or two remaining members left. I too never add teams like the Avengers and XMen because as you've said, their lineups are continually adding new members. Instead for the Avengers, I just grab the members as they are released and wait for the next. But for teams like Alpha Flight and Excalibur where the choice to not complete the teams is glaring at this point. I've always assumed teams like the Squardon and the Serpent Society would never truly be completed, and that is fine, just hit the main members. But when fans have asked for Phoenix, Marrina etc but Hasbro still throws no bone it gets hard to think ots anything other than intentional.
  14. While I was pleased to see Valentina Allegra appear on screen, and I do love Julia, she isn't who I would have chosen for the role. Its odd that they (american movie studios) use so many foreign actors for these gigs, and then when the character really should be from another country, they use an American. Also the purple streak she's using instead of the white, really doesn't look right for her age. But hey, in this MCU version she's a different person so it is what it is.
  15. And then they throw you off. I thought they were going into getting a lot of MI-13. We got Blade who was directly based on his look from that book, then at the British con announcements I think back to back they announced Black Knight and then Union Jack. We had Captain Britain in the costume he wore going into that book, and then recently got the Excalibur box set that gets us even further. But then they stop with ones that would help finish other teams. Pete Wisdom also for Excalibur and Spitfire for more Captain America/Invaders characters (and union Jack’s partner/blade’s…girlfriend? Ex? Something). Even the Excalibur the box set had a design EXACTLY like how it looked in that book
  16. Your key phrase is "pretend Hasbro is committed to completing these teams"....we've just not seen that they are in any hurry to do. I exclude Avengers and X-Men because their rosters are always gaining new members, but some teams are more static than others. 3-4 years ago, there was Vindicator/Guardian, the Sasquatch BAF, Alpha Flight box set, but no Marrina. The first time they did the original GOTG was about 5 years ago with Vance, no members since then. I think the first New Warriors was Night Thrasher, 4-5 years ago. Last time we saw a classic Valkyrie was what, 12 years ago? If they're wanting to complete these teams, time is not something they seem to consider. In the interview Boog did during the Yondu reveal, he asked if the other og members were coming, and they said not at this time. Why, who knows. So Rachel Summers Phoenix, Marrina, Namorita, Martinex, Triton, Gorgon, not to mention any of the golden age guys like the original Human Torch or Bucky....oh well.
  17. Totally agree. There are so many old school chars like this for Hasbro to pull upon. I wonder if we will ever get a Forbush Man? Totally silly char, but hey, count me among those that have read Not Brand Echh.
  18. Ahhhh, ok. That at least makes a bit more sense, then- I'm not up on the current comics. I assumed it was just typical Hollywood goofiness. Yeah, I've been surprised by how well the two Venom movies have done- Venom is a character that is just so intrinsically tied to Spider-Man/Peter Parker, that my interest level in movies that completely divorce his backstory from Spidey's is very limited. Kraven seems like one of the least-likely Spidey villains to be able to make a decent solo film about- Morbius, after first appearing in Spidey comics, at least established himself as his own "dark hero." It was still a terrible idea to make a poorly-written solo movie about him, but Kraven? That's a real head scratcher.
  19. This is a big one. Hasbro seems to be increasingly "penny wise, pound foolish." I understand that price increases are going to happen over time, but you can't give people less, while increasing the price, and not expect to alienate chunks of your consumer base over time. Little things like hands, or simple, generic display stands cost very little, but add a lot to the perceived value of a figure. Look at the recently-announced, overpriced, video game Spidey- if they had included two more hands, there would have been less fan backlash. If they included two more hands and an unmasked head, there would have been very little backlash. I also strongly agree with Hasbro making some new effect pieces- we've gotten the same fireballs and "magic" effects over and over. It's another case of something that isn't very expensive making a big difference. It looks weird to have a display of Marvel Legends with 20+ figures having the same effect pieces in different colors. Hasbro also needs to fix their packaging issues. They should just do away with the "plastic free" packaging, but whether they do that or stick with solid boxes, they really need to seal them extremely well. Swapping and theft have been a huge issue for years, but Hasbro still seals the packages with a few pieces of tape. They need to be strongly sealed, in a tamper-evident way.
  20. Cassandra Webb passed on the Madame Web mantle to Julia Carpenter, so there is a young and attractive Madame Web in the comics. That said, the likelihood that movie or Kraven will be any good are incredibly slim. Venom should have been a flop and Sony seems to have learned the wrong lessons from Morbius.
  21. I really hope that the Kraven movie bombs, and Sony reconsiders all of these poorly-thought-out movies that focus on random villains and supporting characters. A Madame Web movie (except she's young and hot!)? They're making bad choices that would be comedically terrible, if I didn't care about the characters. We're being deprived of Spidey movies with a variety of his villains because of this Sony goofiness.
  22. I think some of them are too obscure to sell well enough, but some of them aren't. Rom would definitely sell, and I think a deluxe Devil Dinosaur with Moon Boy would sell decently. Sgt. Fury and western Ghost Rider would sell well enough in regular figure waves, but I think a deluxe horse and rider set would be cost-prohibitive based on the character's obscurity level- assuming the horse is well-articulated, I'm guessing it would be a $70+ set with Hasbro's current pricing. The Human Fly is actually in a current Amazon-exclusive Legends set. I think all of the others that you mentioned are probably too obscure, unless they pop up in a Marvel movie or show.
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