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  2. Yeah, cuz being a 7 footer isn't big enough. Heck, let's hope the Marvel artists start drawing Hulk, Thanos & Juggs as 12 footers.
  3. I suppose a wave 3 is possible, probably something along the lines of BP where it comes in a year or so. My guess is Hasbro didn't have all that much to work with for this movie aside from the team in quantum suits. Once the movie comes out I'm sure there would be enough characters with new looks to justify a 3rd wave (for example, maybe we could get a new Vision figure or a new Valykrie figure). Or they could just go with some exclusive sets / 2-packs like they did with Loki & Corvus Glaive, or the upcoming Kor/Grandmaster set. That said, wave 1 and wave 2 look pretty weak as far as having characters that are actually in the movie. If i were a retailer, I don't think i would be ordering a ton of cases of these. But what do i know, at least the stock from those endcaps in WM does seem to have sold quickly (captain america aside).
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  5. Not planning on building this guy although his head came with Hercules (and it works reasonably well on the 10th anniv thanos body). I dunno, I guess i feel like one mcu thanos is enough, plus the character selection for this wave isn't doing much for me aside from Herc and Ebony Maw. Usually Hasbro has just enough cool figures in a wave to entice me to get the rest & finish off the BAF, but this year the waves just aren't doing it for me personally. That's OK as i probably bought way more MLs last year than i should've, feels nice to scale back a bit.
  6. The wave I'm not to excited about. I went to Ebay and paid for the parts separately. Still missing right leg for Thanos.
  7. A video game that features Spider-Man is enough for me, though I never played the recent PS4 title...
  8. You know, I’m still looking for that Walmart exclusive Thanos.
  9. Wish we'd get this figure, looks nice dude , next to Alpha Flight , Excalibur is my most wanted team to get put together
  10. I at this point feel like we probably won't see a 3rd wave for EG, seems like a 3rd wave never happens, but hey this may be that moment, depends on how many new figs we can stuff in there We usually don't get blindsided though we know what major waves are coming out as of now, so the bet of a 3rd wave for EG is probably not likely as much as we'd want another Avengers wave, but when did 3 waves ever happen in a year even with Infinity which easily could have tossed us a 3rd wave
  11. Same here, of course there could be a thrid Avengers wave which will do the Hulk
  12. true, and we know that Hasbro is a fan of such things, you could very well be right, but also Hulk same thing, we can only see, I do think however it will be one of the two, honestly i'd rather a WM Buster to be perfectly honest, I just think they are gonna want a way to get Hulk in there since he was absent from Infinity War and the world loves Hulk over War Machine
  13. Because it is similar to the Hulkbuster, maybe the reason that it will be done first, since it would largely be a slight retool rather than making a new mold
  14. I still have yet to see him in the wild, and he currently is 129 at Amazon.ca so I am sad to say I will wait till he actually appears, my local EB have like a stack of that Rider Deadpool so I presume Prof came around but everyone snatched him up
  15. I have for so long wished I completed that Man-Thing, such a great BAF, and one of my favorite Marvel Characters at that (and I own the Toybiz version, which I thought for so long was good enough, but feel otherwise now) but it was such a lacking wave in my mind, I however would at this point just buy all of the figures I don't have for that BAF , Lizard and Monster Venom are for sure my second and third fav BAFs at this point with Sasquatch being 4th
  16. truth ! I would be, and to bad you don't have the piece because that hulk BAF keeps yelling at me to put that arm on
  17. I wondered this one as well, it seems like that is going to be a huge aspect of this movie, but I still think Hulk over that, I feel that will be something that comes along later in the year in an alternate pack, but you may be correct sir we just don't know, I just feel like the WM Buster is too similar to the standard IM buster to warrant it as of immediate but the results of the movie will be what tells all , I mean hence I stated Lego being the reason why I think maybe an Outrider might happen and thats because Lego is already releasing and WM Buster vs. Outrider set... so could be
  18. So, something like an Update of the Galactus BAF one?
  19. I'm going with the War Machine Buster being the BAF
  20. I certainly am placing my bets we are getting a Hulk (Quantum Suit or Space Suit) as the BAF, and I am sure a new War Machine, i had heard in the wind a new Nebula or maybe Rescue (but we don't know for a fact she is even in the movie yet), who knows.. but with all things aside, I am still sad we never and probably won't get a Outrider Legend (or maybe we will!...if Lego says anything we could)
  21. Hahaha I honestly appreciate the sentiment Canada isn't lame, and the fact you'd send me some Dark Berry Dr. P, and yes you are correct Canada isn't lame for alot of things , I do love it here, but we certainly never see so much of what the rest of the world does in terms of products, even though you American's are so darn close to us, as for us getting Legends way earlier, well sometimes, I will tell you this not often and if so it's some obscure part of the country, Ontario doesn't usually blow my mind with Legend availability on the average
  22. There was a supposed leak that Wave 2 would be Shuri, War Machine and , with Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Union Jack and Rock Python as comic figures. So we should probably get those other two movie figures revealed soon.
  23. yes there is a second wave announced with MCU Shuri and Comic Beta Ray bill, Classic Loki, Union Jack and Rocl Python. The rest and the baf haven't been announced yet.
  24. Have there been any further developments on upcoming Endgame figures? I don’t remember how far in advance we knew about the Cull Obsidian wave and the different two-packs and three-packs in relation to the release of Infinity War in theaters. I ask because there’s usually a lot of “another Captain America and Iron Man” complaints, and I’m really surprised that there’s been no hint of an Endgame Iron Man figure. From what I’ve gathered, the armor seen in some of the trailers and commercials is being labeled as the Mark 85. It seems to share the same design and contours of the Mark 50 from Infinity War, but with more gold sections that evoke the classic comic Mark 3 armor. That being said, I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t revealed a repaint of the Infinity War Mark 50 figure. The only thing I can figure is that Marvel Studios has a gag order on Hasbro and others to not reveal anything more until after Endgame premiers next week. I’m really hoping for: - Hulk (BAF again?) in his tech suit - War Machine Mark IV or V - Rocket in his Endgame costume with goggles - Ronin/Hawkeye hybrid costume (all we need is new lower arms and a quiver) - Black Widow (the black costume is different from previous iterations) - Captain America (new costume has scale texture in places) - Rescue (if we really see it on screen) I’d even be ok with a repack of the Cull Obsidian wave Thor in a two-pack with any of the above. I hope this doesn’t turn into another MCU versus comic thread... I’m just really surprised at what seems like a smaller push for Legends figures given all the hype that Endgame has right now.
  25. It's not the culmination of a damn thing. (Yes, I know those are Fox's words, Jay, not yours). This is a new "family of mutants" with the same names as the ones I "came to know and love" in a movie trying do something in a couple hours that should take a couple movies at least. We just met Sophie Turner's Jean and Whateverhisnameis's Scott in the last movie, which was bad, and this looks bad, too, albeit less so.
  26. I don't have that piece, but you'd be paying shipping costs if I sold it to you.
  27. Yesterday
  28. Not a fan of this version of Thanos, but in fairness I always prefer the comic versions to the movie versions. The only MCU figures I keep are of characters they've never made comic versions of (Ego, Mantis, Chitauri, M'Baku, Killmonger, Harry Osborn, etc). As soon as they make a comic version, the movie version gets listed on ebay. ;)
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