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  2. fleskz

    Best of 2018 Voting

    Cool. Thanks for explaining. I was mostly worried, cause Black Panther is clearly going to be the best wave for me!
  3. This is A SICK photo!! Where did you get the mini subway diorama? P.s. Are we Not supposed to be able to comment on the newer posts? There is no comment button for me?
  4. tarot

    Best of 2018 Voting

    if you mean the M'Baku wave that is not out until late December which to many people is too late to be included as it will only be coming out and many people won't get it until 2019. Thus it was excluded from the selections. This also includes the Deadpool/Prof X rider set and the Hydra Leader set. Also it may be early but there was a ton of stuff released so there is no worry about not having enough selection. Also the Winter/Spring rush makes people forget most of the figure of the last year so it better to get it done earlier then when the year ends. Finally, November to December are always Best of the year months. Not only NCS but many other sites and youtubers. Also this is just plain fun.
  5. I was not excited for this movie at first, but their promotional game is on point and I'm getting more and more excited everyday!
  6. Thank y'all so much for keeping this up. It makes it extra fun!
  7. Yeah that would be a surprise! Personally, Her outfit is a little over the top for me--I tend to go for semi realistic figures, but I'll definitely give her a second look. I didn't read the comics, so maybe that's why I'm not so excited for the figure. I Do have that iron man tho--Had to make that Hulk Buster!!!
  8. fleskz

    Best of 2018 Voting

    How can this be decided when 2018 isn't over? There's still more coming out.
  9. Is it me, or does spidey paintjob look so dull and boring (especially next to Iron man) these weapons are sick! and I might get iron man just for this.
  10. Today
  11. Love this topic! Classic Skrulls are a no-brainer for me, along with Classic Kree soldiers (perhaps a private and captain). I'd also love updated Hand Ninjas too, both in black and red. Some other dream sets for me would be... Guardsmen Armored Dark Elves Generic US Army soldiers (for dioramas) Generic Policemen/women (also for dioramas) Muspelheim Fire demons Badoon warriors Atlantean warriors Doom bots Helfire Minions
  12. Can't wait either. Does anybody know what rating it is. I want to take my 5 year old to see it if possible.
  13. Lol. I feel your pain, bro. I stopped chasing TB figures a few years ago for that very reason. And for the record, yes it helps. And to your points the answers to all the questions are "YES". At this point I really don't care. Do I want a modern or classic Falcon? Yes, either one will suffice at this time, cuz as we know, once Hasbro gets a character into the rotation it gets put on the map and other versions of that characer gets explored. I'm more partial to the modern "returned" versio, but yes a classic will do just fine for now. Doesn't Winter Soldier look pretty much the same in the comics as he does in the MCU? Yes, but much in the same way as Black Widow, and Iron Man, and War Machine, and Black Panther, yet there are clear visable differences (see: the 3.75 figure comparison between the comic and MCU versions of Winter Soldier) and regardless of the similarities it hasn't stopped people wanting comic versions of those other characters either. And Hasbro has delivered on most of them. It's an argument I've heard several times, and from many of my collector friends as well. Many of them just use the MCU version as their default and there's nothing wrong with it, but what's the harm in giving us both options? To me it seems it would be as easy as reusing the Blade buck with some chest holsters and some belts and the left arm from the Giant-Man wave Winter Soldier. Like I said, it's a wonder why it hadn't been done yet. Regardless of how happy most people may or may not be with the MCU WinSol (I just trademarked that), I predict at least 80 percent of collectors would buy a legitimate licensed comic version for their collection.
  14. tarot

    Best of 2018 Voting

    Mainly because of SDCC figure but also because of that outdated body and (some) people thinking he shouldn't be in the X-men wave, even though he is mostly associated with them.
  15. tarot

    Best of 2018 Voting

    dailly reminder guys https://nearcompleteset.com/2018/11/13/best-of-2018-part-2-comic-categories/
  16. I don't think it was ever confirmed that we were getting a Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series, only rumour. Actually I think the only one 100% confirmed was Loki. but that been said yeah we definitely need a update to both.
  17. Cool topic! My surprise would be Angela. I remember the character well from her old Spawn days. (I collected and enjoyed her Image mini-series). I had stopped actively collecting comics nearly 20 years ago though, so I had no idea about all the beef that went down over the character between McFarlane and Neil Gaiman. I also didn't know that McFarlane killed her off, and that Gaiman won the rights and sold her to Marvel either (the things you miss out on, lol). So yeah, imagine my sheer surprise when I first saw the figure revealed in SDCC pics as a Marvel Legends figure, Lol! I still wasn't going to pick the character up because I'm more into classic characters in their classic outfits, but man am I glad I went for it anyway. While I find the whole 'long lost, more powerful older-sister' to Thor back story a bit much, the figure is sensational! She just has so much presence on the shelf! I love the posability of her hands, particularly the left hand being able to point her sword forward (every sword wielding ML should have this joint). I love the figure's great height too, and I get such a kick out of posing and displaying her. Easily one of my most favourite figures ever! My second surprise would be the Marvel Now Iron Man. Like I said, I'm mainly into classic renditions of characters and was going to pass on this. However, I got it on a whim one day, and thank heavens! It looked cool in photos, sure, but in person WOW! I love the techy anime look to the armor. Actually it reminds me a bit of Space Sheriff Gavan, which I loved when I was a kid. The bonus repulsor hands are awesome too! Such a fun figure!
  18. Another chance, another Doug. Very happy Megalopolis is doing this.
  19. I already have the Revoltech Gambit and Psylocke figures on pre-order. Although tempting, I'm not sure if I'll get this Revoltech Iron Man.
  20. I'm excited to see Nic Cage as Spider-Noir. I want Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to have cameo roles so bad.
  21. Great photos! And great paint job on the hands too! What type of sealant do you use to keep the paint from rubbing off the joints?
  22. The general consensus is that the figures who get made are the ones with mainstream recognition. That being said, having a series will definitely boost them a few points in desirability with the bean counters. I mean we did get that Defenders set inspired by the Netflix show, figures of Cloak and Dagger coinciding almost exactly with their show, you could probably even attribute that Nick Fury/Dirk Anger figure from a few years back to the Agents of SHIELD show... so who knows? If it helps, I dropped 25 bucks on a MOC ToyBiz Falcon last week. With my luck, that pretty much guarantees they'll release a better comic version pretty soon.
  23. Interesting points, so would you like to see Classic Falcon or the newer suit, now that he returned to this identity??And didn't Winter Soldier looked identical to his movie counterpart?? At least he did, last I saw him with the Thunderbolts...
  24. I was never a fan of the MCU Iron Man Revoletch figures, especially because of their weird proportions, but this one looks fantastic and almost straight out of a panel from the Fraction/Larroca era. And even if the proportions are a bit wonky, it'll be less jarring since it's a comic figure. I can't wait to see what kind of accessories they include since it's the Bleeding Edge Armor. I can only hope 1) that the final product is great 2) that they keep doing more comic armors and 3) that one of them is the Marvel NOW! suit.
  25. Oh I would definitely want Last Stand too, such an awesome design and really easy to do too... I wouldn't say no to a Dark suit either, just a repaint with maybe a new head, but something about the black/red combination, makes me want it...
  26. Don't even torture yourself with "item numbers." Walgreens computers are useless.
  27. I’ve been really getting tempted lately by people’s opinions on Revoltech. I did pre-order the Gambit. But I don’t know if I need an exaggeratedly articulate iron man. The blast effects look cool though.
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