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  2. Szamszantos sends us in-hand images for the new Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Man Kingpin Build-A-Figure wave from Hasbro. He lets us know the wave has started to show up already in the Philippines. The wave is expected to start showing up here in the US by the end of this year or first thing in January. The wave includes figures of Puma, 6-Arm Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Night Thrasher. This wave is currently available for pre-order at Megalopolis.Toys.
  3. I had the previous version and preordered this new one mainly for the chromed wings, I wasnt expecting to like this figure much more than the first release (I thought the first one was good enough) and from pictures, the flat red/pink color didnt seem right but once I got this new one I really liked it, I still think the previous one is a good figure but in IMO this new one is just a little better, with the more vibrant colors he fits in better with the rest of my x-men, the feet and hands change also make this figure look more like archangel, and the interchangeable heads (even though they are all repaints) are a great bonus, I ended up putting the new one in my X-men display and using the old one as Death next to Apocalypse (within my x-men villians display), Im not sure if Ill try to repaint the Helmeted Death head or try on a different way (before this was anounced I had a Taskmaster head lying around, the silver one with the white hood that came with the more modern Task, I was thinking of modding to make a Death helmet head, I might end up going that way just so I dont mess up the hasbro one)
  4. Really loving this wave! And I noticed they didn’t provide a box images with Jude Laws Character. Interesting. I know a lot of people are saying he is Yon-Rogg(Funko), but I’m still holding out hope that he is Mar- Vell! Because you can’t have Captain Marvel without Mar-Vell and Jude seems like he’s be perfect to play him! I just think Yon-Rogg might be a misdirection or something. (Hopefully) Please Marvel let Jude Law be Mar-Vell!!!!! Lol
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  6. So many figres to choose from, among my most liked figures not counting the BAF's or re-releases, are (in that order): Cable, Elektra, Bishop, Mysterio, Omega Red and Silver Surfer. But my top 3 have to be Tiger Stripe Wolverine, The Thing and 90's Deadpool
  7. Great review the figure looks nice, a little on the large side, I was hoping I could fudge it in my normal Marvel legends display but he looks a bit big, still a nice looking figure, oh well thats 100 bucks ill be saving (or rather spending on other figures jaja) The face flap thing they have is a cool feature but yeah this being a figure inspired on the classic Iron Man armor it would have been better to have a unmasked Tony Stark Head (If I remember correctly in this armor his helmet was a whole piece he took off entirely) plus the tony head under the helmet looks a little off, though I understand they probably went this way to cut costs knowing they were already packing in all the accesories and the light up feature, an extra head probably would have raised the production price a little bit.
  8. Hasbro has released official packaged and loose images for their upcoming Marvel Legends 6" Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure wave which includes the following figures: - Captain Marvel Movie Captain Marvel with unmasked and masked head sculpts - No BAF piece - Captain Marvel Movie Captain Marvel Bomber Jacket with Goose the Cat - BAF Left Arm - Captain Marvel Movie Young Nick Fury with a captured alien in disguise - BAF Right Arm - Captain Marvel Movie Talos which comes with no accessories other that the BAF Leg - Captain Marvel Movie Starforce Commander which updated images have not been released for. Will have a blaster and BAF Torso - Genis-Vell with blaster and BAF Leg - Grey Gargoyle with BAF head Check out all the images below. This wave should go up for pre-order at places like BigBadToyStore.com by January 15 and will likely start seeing release around the same time.
  9. Diamond Select Toys has released new packaged images for their upcoming Marvel Select 7" Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider and Thor figures. Yeah just ignore Thor's foot in the picture. Both figures along with their Infinity War Captain America are now slated with a January 2019 release.
  10. My favorite pick of the year has to be the ever lovin blue eyed Thing. Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew Benjamin J Grimm. Now my FF look like the real McCoy! Now if they will make a good Super Skrull for me to collect, I can pose the Thing like its clobberin time. Yes sir, this figure has to be the pride and joy of Yancy street!
  11. I was able to order mine online at Walmart, guess I could have waited a little while longer because its on sale now but didn't want to take any chances. Now they went and cancelled Luke Cage and who knows whats next. Kinda wanted the box set with unmasked Danny Rand and Colleen Wing but the price will probably be way up there by the time I'm ready. Anyway nice pics.
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  13. Nice review JayC, I think the figure is great, a lot of bells and whistles (attachments) but it might have been even better if they just added a Tony Stark head separately instead of the removable face plate. Anyway I would rate this figure an A minus. Thanks for the review.
  14. Today I take a look at the new One:12 Collective Invincible Iron Man figure from Mezco Toyz. You can purchase this figure from Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and let us know what you think about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  15. Thanks again to JayC and all of the Marvelousnews community. I plan on using my winnings toward the Kingpin. With so many great figures out there now my head is starting to hurt from pondering about what to get. But Kingpin it is. Thanks again and hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holidays.
  16. So, my set finally arrived yesterday. I love the two figures. They were well made and joints were tight. I wish they used the same legs for Jessica Jones on Claire Temple though as those look like jeans. The legs used on Claire don't look much like jeans although it seems to be painted to be such. The side by side makes it really obvious. I gave Claire's bag to Jessica Jones since I decided to use her claw hands so I figured it would look weird with her bag. Here's some pics.
  17. The winner for this week's forum contest winner is silverback Congrats to him and thanks to everyone who participated. Stay-tuned because another contest will be launching soon.
  18. Saw the movie and it is amazing. The performances are great, loads of characters without them tripping over each other or jogging the limelight. Doesn't play like a regular hero-origin movie. Loads of Easter eggs to keep fans happy and a great post-credit scene. Also why isn't Spidey Bells available on the soundtrack?
  19. I wish I bought two. I actually hid one waiting for it to go on sale (there were still other two-packs on the shelf so I wasn't depriving other collectors by hiding the only one left) and it must've stayed hidden for a few months. When it finally went on sale, it was gone LOL. Yea I know, Karma...
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  21. Nice review, but I think I will stick with my ML Venom, its a lot smoother I guess I don't like all the lumpy spikes and stuff. Going to rent the Venom movie sometime this week. Thanks
  22. DareDevil19 takes a look at the Revoltech Exclusive Amazing Yamaguchi Venom Invisible Ver. figure from Kaiyodo. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and let us know what you think about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  23. Took my son to see it last weekend. We loved it. All Spider Man fans young and old should see this one.
  24. Ghost Rider with bike Scarlet Spiderman (kaine) Spider punk Dare Devil Elektra Gwenpool
  25. I noticed a few people have the Dark Pheonix from the TRU X-Men 2 Pack on their fav figs from 2018 list but that set came out in the summer of 2017 lol. It is a nice figure though and to this day, that set was the hardest 2-Pack to track down (In my experience) since they re-introduced the 2pack line. I could be wrong but I also think it goes for the most money on eBay compared to all of the other 2-packs released over the last couple years. Hasbro...maybe do some more X-Men 2packs lol?
  26. CobraSaboteur87

    Mafex is killing it

    I like Mafex but I am pretty pick n choosy with them. I do think they look better (as well as being better priced) than SHF but I still think that they are overall too expensive, for what you get. Now, speaking of killing it...Mezco 1:12 Collective! For me, the Mezco Marvel figures are easily the best Marvel figures on the market, in any scale, for the quality and amount of accessories/features you get with them. I have all of them minus a few exclusive variants that I was too late on preordering (thanks to them lasting on their site for like 5 seconds) and that I will have to track down later. Grrr. For Mafex, I have half a dozen or so Star Wars figures, all 3 Robocops, Big Chap Alien, both John Wicks, Deadpool, Venom and I think 1-2 more of something but I can’t remember at the moment and I’m too lazy to check my inventory. I definitely don’t have a large collection of them but at least I’m keeping it eclectic lol. Same deal with Figma, I like their stuff but I am very pick n choosy and I think that they are definitely overpriced for the most part. Case in point, I have the Figma Big Chap Alien for example (which was already overpriced at like $90 if i recall) and then they threw up a Predator 2 City Hunter and it’s like double the price almost (think it’s $160 if I recall). It’s like seriously...wtf guys, no thanks! My Fully Loaded version of the Mezco 1:12 Punisher came with like 50 guns (among plenty of other things lol) and it cost less than that. Crazy. For pure import lines however I must concede that I like the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech line the most, with Magneto, Tiger Wolvie, Venom and Carnage in particular being super stand-outs for me. I don’t even care about DC but definitely couldn’t pass up their Batman and Deathstroke. The line is just unique and super fun imo. Minus the lack of proper 3.75 product (I sure do miss MU & Joe’s), it really has never been a better time to be a collector as the variety out there these days is just NUTS!
  27. Hi everyone! I just wanted to know if the head from the Terrax wave Klaw figure can fit onto the body of the recent version from the Shuri 2pack. I know the plastic is quite different between the two, but I just need to know if the swap works. Kind thanks in adavnce!
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