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  2. No No. they wouldn't reveal those so soon for a SDCC exclusive. Those are coming out to general retail.
  3. So this leaves the four Deadpool movie figs as either possible SDCC / Walmart release, correct? That would account for the Fox X movie figs? Or were there some I am missing?
  4. I think they are waiting for all the Deadpool 2 figures to go up later. Other then that, i think they are waiting for that whole Walmart Fan con thing.
  5. Today
  6. You are correct, these recent pics look little like the original promo pics. It’s a little disheartening but the same can be said for the Black Widow wave to some extent, my Nat and Yelena look pretty great while my Red Guardian seems to be missing his mask 🤣... One can hope that in hand the will look considerably better..
  7. I sure hope not, because I was looking forward to this figure, and it being a Walmart exclusive already was a scary idea, but if it's Walmart exclusive and SDCC exclusive, means.. I am sure not going to be one of the people getting this , but also you might be right, and wasn't Deadpool movie Domino also supossed to be a Walmart exclusive... movie Cable and Domino might be the SDCC Walmart exclusives!
  8. Agree room for both. Just want a few spots filled before jumping all in on a new team. And I believe as well there will be much MCU goodness still to come, just impatient 😄 and a little OCD, need rosters completed
  9. I think is smart these four to TRY the market for Fox X-Men Movies Legends, if they sell well they can issue few more, if they peg, well then you have the main characters is a WIN-WIN situation! This is not for me though, I dont collect MCU either!
  10. I had a thought, I wonder if the second Marvel Legends SDCC exclusive that is supposed to make movie fans happy will end up being the Deadpool II Cable figure. We already know its gonna be a Walmart exclusive.
  11. Well its a pretty safe bet they will be revealed by Friday, since thats when Walmart will start selling them.
  12. I had a feeling people were gonna squeal today, again..when we didn't see any new Hellfire Club news... it was a glitch in the matrix just some Mandela effect, you saw no buckled boot or shoe,,,,wait you did it was just for the fan channel exclusive deadpool victorian dress cosplay fig with Diary accessory ...at this point Hasbro is clearly watching,,and trolling
  13. Yeah truth is that the only thing that matters is the In-Hand look, I can't even count how many times I've thought a Figure looked so/so or even bad, but then In Hand I was blown away, it's all about the lighthing in these pics, a good example for so much better in hand was the new Black Widow movie figs Yelena and Nat most importantly
  14. I've seen a few photos that made the headsculpts look not so great, bad angles mostly, the Plasma Collection Ghostbusters come to mind, but they're awesome once you have them in hand.
  15. is it just me or do these face sculpts look a heck of a lot less like the original pictures we saw at toy-fair, and in a bad way, meaning they don't look as good? hmmm, either way I must get Mystique and I will get Wolverine (that yelling-ish face is horrid though), not to sure how much I like the Magneto and Professor at this point they both look a bit goofy, I probably would have been on board with them if they looked as good as the promos looked, what's with Ian Mckellen's wig looking like it's going to fly off, also the fact that there is only one body for magneto (should have given us a old body fig as well else where)..ugh the old head on the new body super weird. I also don't even understand why these are pre-order just release them already, I feel like these have been pegwarming in my mind for months, it's taking to long for all of these X-Movie related figs to drop, I really want the Deadpool movie stuff already.
  16. Wolverine for head-swapping and kit-bashing pleasures. All the pleasures.
  17. These seem a little underwhelming to me, the Wolverine doesn't have Jackman's likeness down, maybe it's a rights issue. The Magneto Professor X 2 looks to be the most interesting here for me. Wonder if the $25 price will be the norm going forward.
  18. I think Hasbro just kinda has Franchise Fatigue at this point, plus with no new Cap or Iron Man figures to "anchor" the waves (I'm betting that's how they see it), and Phase 4 to focus on I'm betting we won't see anymore Endgame figures till "The First 20 Years" waves in 2028
  19. I agree. There are so many MCU figures we still need, especially from Endgame, which Hasbro has seemingly forgotten about. I like getting these X-movie figures, and I have a feeling we may see Sam Raimi figures in 2022, but it would be nice if Hasbro would finish up what they start in a reasonable timeframe.
  20. The reason I’d prefer Galactus over Giant Man is that they could theoretically give us him in a wave as a BAF, maybe even across 2 waves. Hank is a lot slimmer than the Sentinels, so if he was divided into enough pieces, it would fit in the standard packaging. Galactus is way too big to be a BAF, meaning that Haslab would be a perfect avenue for him. To your point about releasing these several times a year, they could start a new line of mega-sized figure available only through fan channels. That would mean they could give us Celestials, Living Tribunal, Fin Fang Foom, Giant Man, even larger MCU characters, like Surter, Mysterio’s monsters, Ant-Man, etc. The only problem at that point would be whether people were ok with getting 3-4 $250+ figures a year.
  21. Gambit & Jubilee: HYDRA Takedown
  22. I'm sooooo excited for these! The four of them are a must for me. The Deadpool movie figures I'm not really that interested in. I'm hoping to see the rest of the X team, Jean, Cyclops, Storm. Can't wait to see what other figures they'll announce.
  23. I would be very surprised to see Walmart carrying a boxed set of action figures - at least one of which should probably be a beautiful, scantily-clad woman - emblazoned with the word "hellfire" in their toy department. If the SDCC exclusive is a Hellfire Club boxed set, and if it is sold exclusively at Walmart (which I don't expect will happen), it would probably have to be online only. I'm hopeful that a Hellfire Club boxed set would include both the White Queen and the Black Queen with interchangeable Jean Grey and/or Selene and/or Lady Tessa heads. I'm further hopeful that SDCC-exclusive was intentionally chosen as the avenue of release so that the designers would have freedom to make their costumes as scandalous as they should be. Kind of like how they probably would not have released that con-exclusive Shanna at mass retail. Heck, maybe someone can come with a snifter of brandy! Common sense points to Walmart not being the only game on town for securing anything approaching a properly done Hellfire Club boxed set. I'd half-expect them to boycott the thing altogether to pacify all of the Karens out there that don't want their precious little Hunter or McKayleigh exposed to the much-too-sexy material that was being sold to children forty years ago. Huh...now that I think about it, maybe I'm being overly-optimistic counting on common sense.
  24. And to all of you complaining about why they’d even consider releasing X-men movie figures - calm down. They’ve announced 4 figures for a classic franchise that still has plenty of interest, compared to the countless MCU figures they’ve released and will continue to release. There’s room for both.
  25. So let's be real: The "young" Headsculpts on Xavier and Magneto are awful. They look like they tried to do some weird blend of Fassbender/De-Aged McKellan and McAvoy/Stewart and both of them just look....wrong. Particularly helmetless Young Magneto. The "old" Headsculpts aren't nearly as bad, and at least kinda/sorta resemble who they're supposed to be. From what I recall the pics from Toy Fair looked a lot closer...did they fail to secure likeness rights in time for production? Wolverine is OK minus his "O-Face" headsculpt (which is terrible) And I totally agree with what "the internet" is saying about Mystique: There is absolutely no reason she should be a $25 figure barring the fact that she's an all-new sculpt. No BAF Piece, minimal accessories, etc...just seems excessive. If these are a general release, they're gonna pegwarm hard. Even as an exclusive I bet some of these are going to get clearanced out big-time. Much LESS looking forward to seeing the rumored SDCC Movie-Based pack now. These simply don't look very good. Which is a shame because it would have been a nice set to have alongside other Marvel Legends.
  26. I’m definitely picking up the Mystique figure - she looks perfect. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with how the others turned out through. The in box pictures of the Wolverine figure don’t look much like Hugh Jackman, compared to what was shown at Toy Fair. I also wish they hadn’t gone the lazy route with Magneto and Professor X. Ian McKellan’s head looks so bizarre on the young magneto body. What we really need is the original line up from the first two movies - that would be awesome!
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