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  2. General Mills has announced that limited-edition boxes of Loki Charms cereal will be available exclusively online on Walmart's website at 11:30 a.m. PT, October 6th.
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  4. So I just happened to go to Gamestop, and well they had the SDCC stuff, randomly in stock, DP & Bob, The Star Wars pack, apparently the Joe Crimson 3 pack had been there, and they also low and behold had damn Detroit Steel (ugh got it from Pulse), strange but it's happened before where Gamestop just gets the con stuff, no pre-orders no warning it just shows up so this is a sighting as well, to all my Canadian friends, check yer Gamestops if there was a con exclusive you wanted, they got some of them, limited quantitys of course, but the stores are getting them! now with all that being said,,,, I had to , I bought Wade & Bob, shamelessly , I love this deadpool (despite having a zillion, I have a Deadpool Problem), and well...I wanted Bob.
  5. Its odd that even though this is supposed to be the classic Vision, they chose to use a different outfit on the box art. I wonder if the Black Panther's cape is removable.
  6. As for why I picked each. (Please Note that I won't be mentioning new head because that is obvious.): Loki - We start with the main character, Loki. We have had the Classic version done for him so this time I picked something more modern and highly requested by fans, his Agent of Asgard version. This would use the Gambit build with new lower legs and a new jacket overlay. Enchantress - Well you saw the BAF, so you know that Amora had to be in this wave. Yes, we have had her before, but that figure is showing its age, especially those blasted heels. This would use the new Shriek body with a new upper torso and reusing the skirt piece from the previous version. Needs a new head as well. Ravonna - Next we have a character that is returning for the second series that we haven't had a comic figure of Ravonna. With Kang being the big bad of the MV Saga, it would be nice to get a version of his love. Not only that but she was a major part of the Avengers storyline where she forced Dr. Druid to control the rest of the team. This would be a primarily new sculpt with removable hand spikes. Iron Hammer - I wanted to include a Thor figure but I also didn't so I compromised and decided to pick a "new" character, Iron Hammer. Yeah Yeah, not a new character instead a character that was created when Thor and Iron Man merged together for the Infinity Warp saga. However, I know people have been asking for some character from this story arc for a while, so I decided to include this character. This would use a redone classic Iron Man armor with new parts. Hogun the Grim- Next we have a character that someone had been asking so much he has driven us crazy by pretending he is this character, Hogun. This would be the start of the Warrior three and would use the Red Skull/Dormammu build with new lower arms, skirt piece and a new cape. Thunderball - The last Thor based wave I started building the Wrecking Crew with Wrecker so for this one I said I would continue that with another member of the WC with Thunderball. This would use the Hercules build and MUST come with a new ball and chain (that can later be used with a new Absorbing Man). BAF: Executioner- When it comes to Thor wave wishlists, the one that always is picked by fans is Executioner. We have his movie counterpart but the one in the comic is a much bigger character in both height and build. This used a whole new sculpt.
  7. Very true! I'd say that's a perfect opportunity for re-release later... which we totally know that they'll do if there's interest, especially since this wave isn't seeing release at brick and mortar retail.
  8. The new Marvel Legends The Void BAF Wave is now available for pre-order at places like our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth. This wave will all be comic-based figures including the following characters. Power Princess, Justice, Vision, Crystar, Savage Namor, Namorita and Classic Black Panther. The Build-Of-Figure for this wave is the character The Void.
  9. Well said. I did like the first iteration of the Ultimates; the new approach, the artwork etc was fantastic... but ultimately (no pun intended) it just couldn't sustain itself. Old fashioned, perhaps, but I find superheroes at their best when their motivation is "I have abilities and I'm using them to fight for justice" or that kind of thing. These characters are just there to show off, to act out, to play to their egos. Maybe that's a reflection on who's writing these stories.
  10. Right? What exactly is "re-imagined" on these? The little dots used to simulate shading can't be it, that's how they were typically colored and printed in the comics.
  11. Though I don't know or really care about the character, not having Crystar on some retro packaging seems like a missed opportunity
  12. I mean, everyone was predicting that the Spidey 3-pack would be released again later on in another form, especially because it was on the leaked list. I bought the 3-pack with the intention of keeping one set masked and the others unmasked. The Daredevil set is weirder, I have to assume they'll rerelease DD on the RYV or Vulcan buck later, and Elektra probably in her red, maybe also Bullseye in the black and white. It's definitely less certain where they'll appear next than the Spideys though.
  13. I don't know anything about that Crystar character but he looks so much like a cheesy 80's toy it almost makes me want him more. What really makes me sad is how well done he seems to be but we still haven't got a really good Iceman yet. I'll get this figure for the BAF of course but he'll most likely just get stored away.
  14. This seems to be from either a person or group I've been watching for a long time. For a while it was almost daily. About 5 people would withdraw all at the same time at almost the same time of day. It seems like someone is using multiple accounts to try to spark that massive retraction of support for the last one. It usually recovers and goes above and beyond by the end of the day's cycle.
  15. Shown below is a look at the Funko POP! Marvel: Disney 100 Retro Reimagined Captain America And Black Panther figures which are being sold as Target exclusives.
  16. Yes, she's been one of my most wanted figures also - but after the failed Engine of Vengeance HasLab it is highly unlikely that Hasbro will ever make a comic version of this character. Our best hope is that someone like MAFEX, Mezco or Diamond (Marvel Select) will make her. I don't see Hasbro ever making comic versions of those characters - at least not any time soon. Of those 4 characters we'll likely eventually see Mephisto and Robbie Reyes in the MCU, so they could get movie/tv figures. Madelyne and Hellstorm are less likely but I have heard that Madelyne is going to be in the X-Men '97 animated show, so who knows - that might be an opportunity (but I doubt a figure gets made by Hasbro). Fortunately it's pretty easy to kitbash or make a custom of her from existing figures/parts.
  17. It's odd that they do this nostalgia thing on one hand and jumble it up on the other. It's like doing a "lost" or "flashback" scene of Cap when in his very first appearance, but using the classic round shield instead of the true first one he had. Maybe it will grow on me though.
  18. Talk about out of left field....never saw that coming. So obscure I dont even think of it as a Marvel character. A few years ago, this would get my hopes up that Red Wolf or Equinox, maybe even some Golden Age could be soon appearing. Now I just chalk it up to the team's fugue state. I wonder if it could be a base bod for Martinex, though.
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  20. I'll likely sell off Namor, but will be keeping everybody else. This is a very good wave in my opinion. Namorita is my favorite with Crystar and Power Princess not that far behind. Who knows, maybe I'll mess around with a head swap on that Namor and end up liking it after all. It would help if it was pinless. My X-Men '97 wave is expected to arrive tomorrow. I also got the "pre-order processing soon" email from BBTS for the Marvel Knights / Mindless One wave. I ordered all of both waves. I also received the Detroit Steel and the Nighthawk/Blur 2-packs last week and picked up several Skycycles while they were 50% off at Target. (Hopefully I can get something for the extra Hawkeyes on ebay). It's a great time to be a Marvel Legends collector!
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