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  2. I'm really torn on that Shriek figure. Her hair looks weird to me the way the bangs look sort of slapped on but if i can ever get a hold of a Carnage and Demogoblin figure and they do a proper blue Venom with a non-inflated head and a Doppelganger based around the new Spidey buck, she would be a must. Hard decision considering how many other criteria I need for a Maximum Carnage crew.
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  4. Me too. She's one of my most-wanted Iron Man villains. There have been rumors of a retro card Iron Man wave in the near future and I'm hoping that's where we'll get her.
  5. They both could have it. Though I admit the Havok mold sounds cooler than the Vulcsn mold
  6. That was a genuine fear when Stan decided to stop writing both Spidey and the F4 full time. Everyone even Stan feared they wouldn't survive without him.
  7. First if your post goes off topic and/or is attacking towards other board members it will be deleted. End of story. Second anyone who thinks Marvel/Disney will loose the rights to any of these characters I would say you are crazy. Most likely these folks are hoping they can be a pain enough in Disney's ass they will get some kind of nice little payoff. IMO there are no saints here. Back when most of these characters where being created no one foresaw them becoming the billion dollar money makers they are today and many creators back then when the comic book business was barley a blip on anyone's radar happily took the crumbs they were tossed. Once those characters started becoming big money makers in large part thanks to the evil companies in question then of course people wanted more of the pie. Some got more others didn't. From everything I have read Stan Lee was no saint. At best he turned a blind eye as he profited while his fellow creators were screwed over. Marvel was making more and more money from their creations and Stan went right along with it cause he was benefiting from that. That's not to say he didn't do good things for the industry as a whole and helped play a role in making those characters what they are today in large part with his marketing skills and less about which ones he may have or have not personally created himself. Does that Make Stan a bad man??? I have no idea. This is all business and business has and always will be cut throat.
  8. With the MCU Clint Barton bound to retire this Christmas in the Disney+ HAWKEYE series, I wanted to give some love to one of my favorite Marvel characters by making an entire wave for him. Noticeably absent from this wave is Kate Bishop, or any more modern characters. I tried to focus on the Avenging Archer's first 20 years or so in the comics. I really tried to include Trick Shot in this wave, but I couldn't decide between the original with his more stocky, almost paunchy build, or Clint's brother Barney. Ultimately, I didn't pick either one, and decided to add more Death-Throws into the wave. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) - like the vintage wave one but repainted with brighter blues and non-metallic purple, redo his head to give his mask pointier angles. No BAF piece to accommodate more accessories: two bows, one neutral and one loaded/drawn, a quiver, two loose arrows, or if that's a problem an interchangeable hand holding the arrows between his fingers; two heads, one neutral/smirking and one with gritted teeth. Mockingbird - classic Bobbi Morse. As many have suggested, her loose shirt sleeves could be taken from Lady Deathstrike with he forearms/hands. Black Widow - as much as I love ladies in fishnets, this was a really poorly conceived costume for a Silver Age superhero. Would've worked fine if Nat was created in the 1940s, but as an Avenger, god no, this is horrible! Nevertheless, it would be cool to acknowledge this part of Black Widow's history and immortalize it in plastic. Swordsman - I still have trouble reconciling the idea that he's an Avenger. He's such a good villain--fun, flashy, faux-French. And that costume is great! He should be locked in combat with Hawkeye, Black Knight, or Captain America. For accessories, he could have two swords, one normal and one sort-of glowing with energy. Crossfire - pretty basic repaint of existing bodies with new head. Accessories: handgun fits in hip holster, sniper rifle Ringleader - Like with Crossfire, basic buck repainted. Hardest part will be capturing his ring accessories, which could be connected, or give him interchangeable hands that appear to be holding/tossing the rings. Oddball - love the crazy paint and colors on this guy. Because his balls--er, that is his particular thrown objects are so small, they would need to be an effect that captures their motion, like Bullseye's darts or Gambit's cards. Build-a-Figure: Goliath (Clint Barton) - I'm fine if he's anywhere in that 10.5 to 12 inches range. Thoughts? Would this wave appeal to anyone besides me? Who would you want to see if Hawkeye got his (or her) own wave?
  9. Lockjaw would be great, but I had the go with BOX. But it has to be the Madison Jeffries version.
  10. I'm assuming these are all comic based? Hulkbuster!!! And Lockjaw a very close second for me!
  11. Amazing how much SHF has been surpassed by other companies such as Mafex. And for the price I would stick with Legends over this. JayC, are you still picking this up still since you're such a huge USAgent fan?
  12. It could be possible, we already got the new female standard with Shriek, so the new male standard can't be too far away.
  13. If they did that, hopefully then either she oesn't come with a BAF part or the BAF part is something like Stillman's legs
  14. A legion of Losers set would have to include the whole team; Kangaroo 2, Spot, Gibbon and Grizzly' if there needs to be a fifth figure it should be the Bombastic Bagman (not the Amazing Bagman)
  15. Fairness doesn't exist in comics. I already mentioned what Martin Goodman did with the pay cheques. Even to this day creators are being screwed over; Ed Brubaker makes more money from his Winter Solider appearance than he does from the actual character.
  16. The Nick Fury suit buck isn't actually that bad. It's a good amount taller than the old one and the new torso, head and forearm pieces proportion Morlun out quite well, I think.
  17. Damn, that scrawny, spaghetti legged, whispy armed, super short suited buck just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? And isn't I just so great that pretty much every head sculpt from any "normal" sized figure doesn't fit on it without looking like a pumpkin head? It's the gift that keeps on giving. Great job deep sixing a great buck like the Moonstone one and keeping this Office Manager Frodo buck in constant rotation, Hasbro.
  18. I'm fairly certain you're right. I was just doing a bit of "what if" idea storming. I mean why would Hasbro give us four characters in one (5 if you count a standard SHIELD agent head sculpt), when they can just make small changes to one figure and make us buy it four times? In all honesty though, if they did it the 5 in 1 way most of us would buy at least five (or more) figures anyway just to be able to display all options and possibly a lot more if we wanted to army build. Alternately if they did all the characters separately, ideally all of them would at least include a helmeted head sculpt, but I'm past thinking Hasbro might add a little bit of that extra love just to be good to it's loyal fan base. Yet, stranger things have happened in the ML brand. I mean, it all comes at a price, but they have happened.
  19. Its a gem of a series, Mystery Men. The writing, the plot, the arc, and Patrick Zircher's art fit that whole 1930's pulp era to a T. Imagine that team done by Hasbro Legends.
  20. Way back in the day, while I worked at the local Art Center, I was lucky enough to become good friends with a former colorist for Marvel while she was teaching down here (a comic book class for kids no less). To be fair, she didn't leave "The House of Ideas" under any animosity, but the seasoned Jersey-Girl also wasn't shy about sharing corporate horror stories with a starry-eyed Arky. The usual moral of her cautionary tales? If you make it to "The Game," watch your butt. Whether your an assistant to an assistant, or one of the "Rock-Star" artists, creatives are nothing but kibble for the corporate big-dogs.
  21. This looks like garbage one of the many reasons why I don't collect SHF (even tho their DBZ figures are cool). Just straight trash. I just don't know how people ever liked their figures just wows me.
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