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  2. Lol, you cats are going way back. I do have that Rogue and that Caliban and I cherish them both. To be clear, I'm not a hater of Caliban in any way. He's just what I consider a "floater" in the entire Marvel Universe. There's just nothing solid or concrete about him. They've never really given him much of a back story. No one still really knows what his powers are. His size varies ridiculously. I know many characters' size really depends on the artist but after his initial power boost he was roughly about the size of Sabretooth but now, with no apparent change to his story or power set, other than temporary powers while serving as a horseman, he's suddenly a Hulk size character with still fairly unformidable abilities. If he'd been a single card figure in correct scale I woulda been super happy about it but this was a poor choice of character and inaccurate representation as a BAF. Especially since this figure seems to be based on his classic appearance wearing his original red & white uniform instead of his more modern appearance where his portrayed as much larger. If your gonna go for specific time sensitive looks of character at least get the stats correct.
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  4. Totally not dissing Power Slammers Rogue! I loved that thing! I've actually been trying to buy a Spat and Grovel fig off ebay. I'd like to think they (Spat especially) can fit in with Legends (?) Anyways to try to go back on topic, I'm really not a fan of the darker furs on Beast especially on his hands.
  5. You can't diss Power Slammers Rogue, dude...it's like mugging the Pope! She's wearing purple!!! Like Prince!!!! And the butt on that figure too. Lordy! No wonder Gambit and Joseph were killing themselves over her... I was drooling for this figure for a full year, and it is a beautiful figure...just don't ever open it. If you did, you'd find it's 'kid friendly' (e.g. two points of limited articulation)...ol' Toy Biz had gigged the left arm and waist to flop around and be completely unposeable and put poor Rogue in one of the most awkward poses ever (second only to 7" high Onslaught Jean Grey) Plus, did no-one think: Rogue is super, superstrong and can fly - why does she need a football throwing machine to take down Magneto? In case he brings his mutant dog? I think this wave (with an equally nutso spacesuit Gambit) pissed collectors off so much, Biz finally listened and moved away from the terrible gimmicks (spaceships, dinosaurs, um...squirting and shooting stuff) to a whole new realm of pure awesomeness: All-New X-Men box set, still unbeaten versions of Bishop and Shard, and loads of other cool X-Men, a Classic Avengers box, New Mutants, Most Wanted, Marvel Vs Capcom...and a whole slew of better, common scale, ball jointed, comic accurate figures. Some crazy character choices (man, were people pissed about Stegron), and some anomalies (Avengers got just four carded figures in about two years...cos back then no-one cared about the Avengers at all...toys or comics). Anyhoo, all that sowed the seeds for the Golden Age of Toy Biz Marvel Legends! Happy Days....anyone else miss the safer, saner mid to late 1990's? And, who's joining my campaign to lobby Hasbro for a new Spat & Grovel for 2020? It could happen! They did Spider-Ham, didn't they?
  6. On one hand I'm impressed. On the other, I kind of wish Hasbro had included recolored Venom hands. Every image I can find on Google, that face, he has long thing fingers with claw like nails. The Kingpin hands fit more with a skin tone face that isn't showing those teeth/fangs/razor blades or impaling food or whatever you want to call them.
  7. enzosaurusrex

    What's up with the X-Force wave

    Would they include Archangel with this wave though? Hasbro went out of its way to make a new "Deluxe" wave all on its own to release that new Archangel. I suppose this new Archangel could just be that figure with repainted black and silver X-Force color-scheme without the additional heads but would normally cheap-o Hasbro think that's tenable? Could they even fit *that* Archangel into the vintage card stock? I'm actually hoping for classic X-Force members (think Liefeld-era...without the funny proportions) and I'm wishing for a non-vintage wave. I think it'd be a waste to not get a BAF piece for essentially the same price point.
  8. Yesterday
  9. This is sick!!! Amazing job man!!! What's the stoned figured from? It looks so cool!!!
  10. In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Darcreign and his photos of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle figure in a series titled "Turning Grey". Marvel Legends "Turning Grey" By Darcreign Check out more images below and be sure to give Darcreign a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below. Hasbro Marvel Legends figures are available at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
  11. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Shadow King figure from Hasbro. The head for this was included with the new Marvel Legends 6" Professor X with Hover Chair deluxe set from Hasbro. The body is that of Hasbro's new Kingpin Build-A-Figure. You can pre-order Professor X set now from Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and let us know your thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  12. I'm down for any of the classics but I definitely hope to see 90s Domino in the wave because the version we got in the Sasquatch wave is weaksauce.
  13. rwsharpjr

    What's up with the X-Force wave

    As of Friday night, X-Force is definitely coming, as a 6 figure wave(no BAF), which leads me to my guess of re-releases, in the vein of the vintage wave, on the "classic" XForce card style. My character guesses are based on that and the figures that were originally released in that line. http://cooltoyreview.com/Flashback018.asp <<Shoutout to Mr.Curto for the article at the link!!>> Of course, as always, all things are subject to change.
  14. Nice use of those MK effects! Mysterio is definitely one of my favorite figs of last year.
  15. The highly anticipated Captain Marvel movie is almost here, and Marvel mania is at an all-time high! So what better time to launch the Captain Marvel Minimates line, with an exclusive assortment of two-packs at Walgreens stores nationwide! Marvel Movie Minimates Captain Marvel assortment soars into Walgreens on Jan. 15, with four different two-packs, all of them exclusive to Walgreens stores! Captain Marvel herself comes packed with the Kree Starforce member Bron Char, while Marvel in her Starforce uniform comes with Starforce member Korath (first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson will come in a two-pack with Starforce member Yon Rogg, while his fellow SHIELD Agent Nick Fury will come in a two-pack with Kree of ficer Ronan (also seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). Each Minimates mini-figure measures approximately 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts. All Starforce helmets are removable, with alternate hairpieces where applicable. Later this spring, at comic shops, collectors will be able to round out their collection with a box set featuring four exclusive figures -- Captain Marvel in Flight Jacket, Nuro the Skrull, and Minn-Erva and Att-Lass of the Kree Starforce.
  16. The idea of this set is funny and cute but it seems to be let down a bit by the execution, too bad.
  17. If they are still doing an X Force movie then its understandable to think that an actual wave would be coming. I was surprised when they not only did one Deadpool wave but two. It would be great to get those classic desired characters and I can see getting repaints of Psylocke, Wolverine, and Archangel. With Disney getting the X Men and Fantastic Four rights from Fox with their soon to be merger, I think its up in the air of what could happen. Plans for future X titles could very well become canceled and a full reboot to the X universe could be on its way. But then again Marvel may have something planned where both universes clide but I hope they reboot the whole mess.
  18. InvisibleStormtrooper

    Captain Marvel - Character Movie Posters

    Looks good to me! I'm definitely looking forward to this one (and to seeing exactly how much screen time/how important to the story Goose really is going to be, heh).
  19. Speaking of Joe Mad, now I want a Joe Mad! Rogue Marvel Legends with her short-lived pink Shi'ar costume from Uncanny 342. Toybiz made one as part of their Power Slammers line. Ugh. Thanks... :( Also, I'm just remembering that the "Marvel's Most Wanted" Blink came with a cloak with a hoodie (tunic) and now I'm doubly disappointed this Marvel Legends Blink doesn't come with one.
  20. nieman257

    What's up with the X-Force wave

    With 2 Cables already, I don't think they'll do another. My guess would be Wolverine, Psylocke, Boom Boom, Cannonball, Sunspot & Warpath. They would need new headsculpts for Cannonball & Warpath, but I'm sure they could find another sculpt to use.
  21. Ahhh...this brings back memories!! Yeah, I loved this one too...especially the rubbery cape which was (unusual for the time) not only super detailed and decently sculpted, but fit the figure perfectly. He may have always spoken in the third person, but he was still bad-ass!
  22. Having this AND two more X-Waves on the way is a damn good reason to live! Gwenpool was indeed doubled up but worse, was a huge disappointment as a figure. I bought one loose while the case was shipping and then immediately wondered why. Possibly a better head sculpt would have helped but it's just not a figure I like, and I'm not wholly sure why. All of the Lizard was pretty bad (Spider-Man BAFs are the most variable of them all). From the head -that just drops straight off - to the dumb tippy-toes, non-bend knees and the ludicrous tail (I think they were going for the effect that Toy Biz nailed with their very cool John Romita Jr. Blackheart...clearly the Toy Biz guys had grasped that less weight up top and better articulation would be needed for a character posed on toes). I'm a huge Joe Mad fan....his run on Uncanny X-Men wasn't long but his influence was massive and every artist on the X-books for the next 10-15 years was either emulating (e.g. Chris Bachalo) or reacting against (e.g. Leinel Francis Yu) his thick-line, slick Manga-plus style. Personally, I loved it & managed to get him to sign a TBiz Most Wanted Spat & Grovel card. Treasured! So, I can't disagree with you about Blink because you're quite right: JM's rendition of her was indeed pretty much perfect (just like Art Adams' Wolverine & Colossus, JR Jr.'s Cyclops and Jim Lee's Psylocke) with her little satchel and tunic, big eyes, slick modified bob & long-drop bangs and super-cool costume, but I can live with Exiles era Blink. If Hasbro ever gets round to a Joe Madureira Maggot or Marrow (as both were drawn before before Operation: Zero Tolerance) I will literally explode with delight. Again. I guess the re-name of Clarice makes sense (and I didn't know she'd been renamed either - good shout & good knowledge!) but I do NOT like it....Thank God they didn't feel the need to take the Cuckoos or Polaris in that direction.
  23. I’m not gonna lie and I might be in the minority, I’m only interested in this line for the Caliban BAF. I’ve love that Caliban design since the 1st time I saw it as a kid.
  24. Though I'm not a fan of the character, there's a reason Gwenpool is easier to get. Wasn't she the double-packed figure from the wave? She also came with the worst part of the BAF: the head-scratchingly awkward tail. Please don't kill yourself :p I'd probably put Blink in my three if it was a closer representation of the Joe Mad Blink from AOA. I prefer the neckline design Madureira did of her, and the bag that houses her javelins. I also prefer her hairstyle there. BTW, I think they renamed her Clarice Fong, as opposed to Ferguson, in The Gifted.
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  26. tarot

    Near Complete Set V3

    add Reese (Murray Reese, Marvel Prime)
  27. I don’t think we’ll get a Deadpool in this wave. He’s been over done lately. I can’t see hasbro releasing another costume variant in a wave not focused on him. I can see this wave mainly being rereleases of modern figures in xforce costumes like Psylocke or archangel . We might see some new classic xforce characters.
  28. rwsharpjr

    What's up with the X-Force wave

    I am thinking it will be a 6 figure case/wave, on "Xforce" cards similar to the old toy biz 5" xmen spinoff line. My guesses are rereleases/repaints of.....Deadpool, Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Stryfe, and Warpath. Maybe?
  29. In this segment we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Rakanishu and his photos of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Mysterio figure in a photo titled "The Illusionist". Marvel Legends "The Illusionist" By Rakanishu Check out more images below and be sure to give Rakanishu a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below. Hasbro Marvel Legends figures are available at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
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