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  2. Love it!! Great work and I second that Hasbro needs to make this a reality!
  3. There is no doubt Toy Photography has become a big part of the action figure collecting hobby. More and more, you see fantastic photos on the Internet showing people's action figures doing incredible things. Everything from participating in incredible battle-like scenes to sitting down around the TV enjoying a pizza or drinking a beer. The action figures themselves of course play a large role in this type of photography, but probably just as important are the background settings featured in these type of images. Some use natural backgrounds like the outdoors, but many use actual dioramas and backdrops. So where do these wonderful backdrops come from? For the most part, the action figure manufacturers themselves seem to be slow to take advantage of this latest trend of action figure photography, but there are certainly those out there who have not. Now obviously there are those talented enough that they simply make their own backdrops and dioramas to display their figures, but for those of us who are not, we have to look for others to help out with that. Today I decided to look through the world of eBay to see just what kind of custom dioramas and backdrops are available for purchase. That’s not to say there aren’t options out there other than eBay, but this seemed like a good place to start. Note: All items featured in this article should not be construed as me personally endorsing them as something to buy. I have never handled any of these items in-hand. My opinions are based solely on what I see and read in the action descriptions. You may want to look into the items featured here, but I would definitely recommend you do more research on any item before making an actual purchase. The first one I came across was from eBay seller cartoonmike407 who had a pretty cool looking custom sewer diorama with rotating wall up for auction. The measurements given are 11.5" Wide x 11.5” Tall x 11.5" Deep which seem to make it a good fit for TMNT and even Marvel Legends. While they say it’s hand-painted, they don’t go into details about the materials used to make it. Sewers IMO are always nice for a wide-range of battle scenes for various types of action figures. The asking price of $100 does seem a little high to me, but I suppose if it has a solid construction it might be worth dropping that kind of cash. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE. The next one I came across that I like was this battle diorama from eBay seller kairus. I like the little added details like the Days of Future Past X-Men deceased poster, and the seller also states that this one folds down with magnets for easy storage which is always nice. The dimensions given are height 16” and length 19”. They say it’s made with pink foam. Like the previous diorama, the asking price is on the hefty side of $185, but it does seem to be fairly in keeping with other similar sized dioramas. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE. This next doorway entrance diorama is smaller than the previous two, but it caught my eye because it seems to have a working light feature. The seller, nursingmom2012, is very skimpy on the details of this listing so I would definitely ask more questions before buying, but based on the images it looks pretty cool. Besides being smaller it is also cheaper coming in at $45. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE This next one is for you smaller 4” scale collectors and is just a base. You will have to provide your own backdrop with this one. The base is made to look like stone which I think is what attracted me to it most. It also has a very mystical type feel to it. The seller says it’s made with a high durable insulation foam board and custom hand brushed. He goes on to say it’s lightweight but tough enough for reasonable/responsible play. The price for this one is $59.99. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE Next up we have another war zone type display that should give you a lot of options when displaying figures with it. Based on these images, this looks to be one of the more elaborate displays I’ve come across on eBay. The seller indicates he makes them on commission, meaning it’s not already pre-made. The seller indicates that it measures 21" x 21" x 15” and is magnetized for easy assembly and storage. The price for this one is $175. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE For something a little different, here is a look at a 1/12 temple ruins diorama. The look of stone for this one seems really nice based on the images, and the door can be opened or closed. The measurements given are 16” long, 13” tall, and 13” deep, and the seller says it has ancient writings carved into the walls plus two full pillar props and two half/broken pillar parts. It does have a very hefty price tag, coming in at $195. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE This last one is cheap but kinda cool if you’re an X-Men fan. It’s made to look like the entrance of the Cerebro chamber from the X-Men movies. It would be cool for your glass case and only costs $29.99. The seller says it measures 15"x15" and uses glossy adhesive vinyl sticker material. You can see more of it by CLICKING HERE Let us know what you use for backdrops in your toy thotography in the COMMENTS SECTION below.
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  5. Spidey PS4's Taskmaster has a much more hi-tech feel to his costume, with plenty of tailor-made armor. The helmet is much more stylized and even has glowing eyes. He also has only the hood, with no cape. A-Day's Taskmaster is much more rudimentary. Aside from his weapon harness, boots, and shoulder pads, he's wearing a t-shirt and cargo pants. His helmet also emulates the shape of a skull a lot more. His hood is frayed and he has a cape. They only share some similarities because they're both different versions of the same character. But their designs have distinctly different approaches, and they're not even voiced by the same actor.
  6. I can deal with this - if the only way to get Mach-1, and to a lesser extent (so-90's) Rage, is to add them to a Gamer-wave, it's no different to a movie wave (with 4 of 7 figures losing their BAF parts, then immediately going on eBay). I'm loving both the comic-based Super Skrull & Demogoblin waves to bits (even the Spidey figures are okay), and both are a thousand times better than last year's Captain Marvel wave or the SM-FFH/Molten Man BAF wave. A Gamer-verse wave sits somewhere between these, and at least (from what we know) there's something new here, not 8 versions of the same character, with or without their damn jacket on. I'm torn on the whole Gamer-verse idea, especially as the most ubiquitous figures will always look 92% like every other version of Iron Man, Hulk, Cap & Thor ever issued. Games, like movies, are short-term buzz & demand only: you want to them mostly because you've just seen the movie or are playing through the game. Kinda different to seeing a character in a comic for 30 years. Glad that we'll get a new Ms Marvel figure though, and I'm hoping they get seriously creative with the arms this time. I think a Gamer-verse would have a hell of a lot more traction if it wasn't just drawing on the latest platform specific console game. There have been some spectacularly good Marvel games in the past: Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Cable vs. Ryu! Marrow vs. Jill! Crimson Dawn Psylocke vs anyone! Felicia vs 1990's War Machine! Thanos vs Akuma! Surely?) or Marvel Ultimate Alliance are still great fun 50 years on and full of obscure characters and cool characters in obscure costumes. Limiting a 'verse' just to the latest Spider-Man game seems weak & uninspired. Still have very fond memories of the ancient (but perfect) MVC2 Morrigan vs Captain America 2 pack from the end of the Toy Biz era, and I think a lot of people would pop to see a decent, modern Marvel Legends version of both of those.
  7. Actors can afford to work out 2x a day for like 4-6 hrs & they do have the best nutritionist & trainers in the world helping them get ready for a superhero role like 6 months prior. No roids are needed for that. And as far as those 2 actors are concerned, they have always been serious about their physical app & nutrition as majority of the roles they sign up for are physical based. Evans was in great shape when he was playing the Human Torch over 15yrs ago, he just got more muscular to play Cap. Finn made for a Godawful Ironfist due to his frail physique, couldn't take him seriously as being one of the finest human combatants on the planet. This guy playing US Agent just doesn't seem to have undergone a 3 month physical conditioning workout, let alone a 6 month routine. Maybe the Marvel TV show budget doesn't allow for it?
  8. Well it’s still tv show more expensive but still tv show, so he isn’t paid as much to bulk as much as Evans of Hemsworth, this can be really hard when take into account how full is actors schedule, that’s one of the reason why Chris Evans and Hugh Jackman we’re happy to stop playing their superhero roles, even with steroids you need a lot of time and exercise + nutrition to get good body.
  9. Why not, Spidey goes swinging around in red/blue tights, as do Bats & Superman. Bats is a "tough" guy. And Logan can sport the 80s Brown suit, doesn't have to be the classic 1st app look. Justa buncha excuses imo. If a movie is based on comic superheroes that wear spandex costumes , then if they're gonna bring it to life, they should stay as close as possible to the source material, modify it a bit for the big screen but keep it as close to the comic look as possible. Tired of blue jeans /tank top Logan who's a foot bigger than the character should be.
  10. Don't really know, but I doubt it. Here is Taskmaster from the Spidey game and the Avengers game.
  11. Perfect! I hope Hasbro does this soon!
  12. Yeah, the winner will be contacted tomorrow and once that person has replied, the winner will be announced to everyone
  13. Good luck to you all, maybe I can win one this time! Hoping to get a Mafex Deadpool
  14. I would probably see Logan going around as Logan and not in costume. Firstly actor recognition and second it is hard to really justify a tough guy running around in a yellow and blue Batman costume.
  15. Both Dazzler and Tigra have fans but I doubt either have enough to really warrant a show, they were probably hoping that the show would let to more fans. Howard was clearly done to cash in on his MCU cameos.
  16. Many actors have played more iconic characters than Wolverine, Superman/Batman/Spiderman for example. And I'm pretty sure there are a few under 5'10 that can pull off Wolverine. Question for me is, will we ever see him in either of his iconic comic costumes or is it always gonna be civilian attire Logan. And can they make the claws a bit shorter & less knife/blade looking. They should be circular with points at the end.
  17. Don't think they care to do that. Who were Dazzler & Tigra aimed at? Howard the Duck is Z level comedy relief. The movie was crap a comic series about him would maybe last 9-10 issues tops before low sales cancel it.
  18. On the one hand, i almost never get sdcc box sets. otoh, a set of Kang and his Chrono-Corps from Remender's Uncanny Avengers run would be sweet: Kang Doom 2099 Iron Man 2020 May Parker Stryfe Ahab I suppose most box sets are only 5 so probably one of the above wouldn't make the cut. The team also had an Abomination with a cybernetic arm, Magistrate Betsy Braddock from an alternate earth, and Thor. on 2nd thought, if you include Thor you could make it a wave with Abomination as BAF. Or even better do a Maestro BAF. I'm still not sure how much interest there would be in Magistrate Braddock though. Machine Man 2020 would be nice too and of course easy re-use for hasbro.
  19. That Skrull/Paladin custom is a hell of an idea. I’m even tempted to use it, and I already have actual Skrull grunts.
  20. Question is, can they find an actor that height who can accurately play Wolverine? 'Cause no matter what, Jackman set the bar for the on-screen character. It'll be very hard to find someone who can replace the guy that's had the part for over 20 years. And, most actors do want the ability to play a wide variety of characters during their careers. Theyre not gonna want to be defined by their height. Jackman was able to get cast in other spots, and he may yet go on to a blockbuster role, but he'll be known as Wolverine till the day he dies.
  21. Personally I would love a Iron Man 2020 and Machine Man 2020 two pack.
  22. Better yet, why not cartoons that appeal to both kids and older fans like the 90's cartoons
  23. Hopefully Mar-Vell will come with an alt Genis head. I wonder what Rage look they will go with Wrestler or Bucket Head?
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