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  1. The one without the mouthpiece is the MVC version OR comic version. The one with the mouth is the Animated version.
  2. I'll have this bad boy either tomorrow or at least the end of the week. Been waiting a long time for this. Ever since the prototype nearly a decade ago during the dark days.
  3. dude are you really complaining that a plastic toy doesn't have under boob? Really? Accuracy aside this isn't something you should be fighting about.
  4. it was nearly 5350 and dropping before they announced this. It has gone up to 5411, so it is moving up but not by much.
  5. Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at all the new characters that were revealed during last week's Pulse-con (that I have yet to do an NCS for). I will be doing these in how they were revealed so like look at the Retro Iron Man set. This can be used as a comic version but Hasbro decided to not only included the Photon Cannon for the Iron Man (Marvel Vs. Capcom) but also the animated head for the Iron Man (Iron Man: The Animated Series) (the one with the mouth piece), so you can choose which one you want this set to be. Moving onto one of the few brand-new characters, we have one of Ghost Rider's villains Orb. Before anyone says it, as far as I can see Drake Shannon, the original Orb, who wore an Eyeball helmet, never wore this costume. Shannon wore an older school biker outfit, not a stunt costume. This is the second Orb. Finally, we look at the classic F4 villain, Molecule Man. This has been a long time coming. Glad they sculpted the scars on his face for this. Hopefully, we will get Volcana at some point. Next time (depending on if Hasbro reveals stuff for NYCC) we will look at Avalanche and What If...? Gamora.
  6. Yep. Desparate. 10000 backer needed for Maddie. Honestly if the count wasn't dropping like it is she would have been higher.
  7. well, Mandarin mightn't see a release in that form but he could easily be made in another, like the business suit of an updated TB version.
  8. I put her in there because she is in the Special and people may not have her yet. That plus her old figure was a TRU exclusive near the end of their run so she was extreme hard to get. Plus, I made this set in the vein of Amazon box sets, like the recent Spider-man (with Razorback), Venom set and Wolverine set, all just old figure with new heads. But you're right. I wanted to put Manphibian or Living Mummy in there, but they would require whole new sculpts. I let Dracula out because he will be getting a new figure next year for the Blade/Marvel Knights wave.
  9. dude they do not fudge the numbers. People who say that are usually the ones that can't accept that something it being back when they don't like it. Hasbro is actually better off not having this backed. They don't have to pay for it to be made and there by save money in the long run. They don't need to fudge the numbers.
  10. I thought with the Werewolf by Night special coming out this week (Friday, 7th Oct), I thought I would do an Ideal Box set. I decided to do a box set for this instead of a wave, as there is little chance, we will get a wave for this special. I also thought to make this set mostly just repaints. Think of it like how Amazon have been doing the box set for the past couple of years, like the Spider-man set and the Wolverine sets. The Theme for this box set: Monsters And that’s the box set. As for why I picked each of them: Werewolf By Night – This is a WBN box set so he must be in it. This is one I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t made as it’s the easiest to make with either the Jackal or Puma build. Man-Thing – I think the most surprising thing about the trailer is that we saw that Man-Thing is making his MCU debut. This will be a straight repaint of the BAF that was released a few years back. Maybe fill that hole in his back with a branch. Vampire By Night – I wanted to include a Vampire in this set but I also wanted to leave the Count to the eventual Blade wave next year. Then I remembered that there was a hero who not only is part werewolf but is also related to Jack Russel, being his niece. She was subject to the same curse as her uncle, but a vampire bite causes her to become a Vampire with the strength of a Werewolf. This will use Shriek body with a new double-jointed jacket. Frankenstein’s Monster – Next we have another figure that was in the old TB box set, Frankenstein’s Monster. I think we saw him in the trailer, so he is included here. This will use the Hercules mold with a new jacket. Elsa Bloodstone – Lastly, we have another figure that will be a straight repaint. She is in the special as well, but her original figure was part of a Toys-R-Us close to when the retail chain closed down. Since David Nakayama is currently working with Hasbro on the packaging, then Hasbro should repaint it and give it a new head similar to the image he did for Dr. Strange.
  11. Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the Pulse-Con, behind us we have a total of twelve old characters that have gotten a new figure, some updates to old figures and some brand-new costumes. As such the following pages have been updated: Characters will updates to old costumes Iron Man - added the retro version. I left the Ursa Major wave version so you can decided which version you want more, the gold or yellow versions. Daredevil - Classic Red has been updated and replaced Elektra - Resurrected White has been updated and replaced Moonstone - her Osborn's Thunderbolts version got a new figure but if you have the Box set version or may want to skip. Longshot (Mojoverse) - Added the retro version. However, I kept the Mojoverse box set for people to decide for themselves Phoenix - added the Retro Dark Phoenix but left the older one because it's not that much different except for the colors. Wolverine - replaced the 2-pack training suit with the retro wave version Characters that got a whole new costume Bullseye - got a new figure based on his solo series. Multiple Man - receive a new costume in his original version. Banshee - added the new training suit figure. Storm - added the new training suit figure Star-Lord - Added the classic homage version. Yes I will eventually do the Classic version as his own page.
  12. Why would they do that dude? if it doesn't get backed, then they don't have to make it. They don't have to pay for the material to do for it and they can save on money. People said the same thing for the Sentinel, galactus and pretty much every haslab. They don't mess with the numbers.
  13. There all part of the same wave mate. Wolverine,multiple man, longshot, spiral, dark phoenix and havok. 6 figures for the retro wave as per usual.
  14. my run through Retro Iron Man - great looking figure and I love that they give you the option of Comic, Animated and MVC ....................but for 70 over here in Ireland they keep it. Orb - Absolutely brilliant. They made him look so good. Not my favourite from the stream but a close fourthMolecule Man - Nice look figure. they head looks weird in the promo. Moonstone - Have the SDCC one but will get this for an upgrade though not needed. What If...? Gamora - Meh. Good looking figure but will wait to see what the rest of the wave looks like. Wolverine - saw this coming with the rumors Longshot - just cancelled my PO for the box set. This was the main reason for that set. I have Dazzler and will get the Deluxe mojo instead. Multiple Man - nice but not essential to me. I like the X-factor look more. Avalanche - this is essential to me. I have the old TB version and always wanted a proper one. Now onto Destiny. Give Mystique for lover. Spiral - Best of the Stream. Full. Stop. I even have the old one but this trumps that by a mile. Dark Phoenix- Meh. Have the 2-pack. May use it on my villains shelf. Banshee - Well you guys know I'm irish so guess what. I don't care he is not in his classic look. This is my Banshee. Storm - looks okay. Will get to complete the team Stryfe - Have the old one. I probably need to see the rest of that box set before I decide Cyclops - Meh. No interest. Will wait for the eventual non-cell shading release. Don't care about the Spidey animated stuff. Star-Lord - there starting the GOTG tie in stuff. This looks great. Yes, he is not 616 Starlord (though he did wear a version of it for a while) but he will be on my shelf. I'm tired of looking at that old one anyway.
  15. The app is up and running now and it's only charging 60. Gizmodo fucked up the articcle again.
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