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  1. New Characters 1. Northstar 2. Aurora 3. Vindicator 4. Quasar 5. Marvel Boy Noh-Varr 6. Kate Bishop 7. White Tiger (Angela Del Toro) 8. Sif 9. Hela 10. Angela Remakes 1. Toad 2. Classic Beast 3. Rogue 4. Blade 5. phoenix 6. X-23 7.Sentry 8. Falcon 9. Beta Ray Bill 10. Mary Jane BAF 1.Stature
  2. Heck yeah! I'm just excited to see them doing something with x-men. I thought surely we'd have seen more than GOTG if they had anything planned by now. Guess they were holding out for a surprise. Buttholes.
  3. I would also kinda like a complete set of comic styled GOTG figures. Maybe they could even find a way to squeeze Angela in.
  4. Finally got my mandroid built. Paid 50 bucks for black widow. that was a kick in the head. But with scalpers working at all the local targets, I didnt really have a choice.
  5. Just got mine today! I wish they had used a younger face for cyclops.
  6. Brain : They will release something they already released with a new paintjob along with one or more of the "missing" figures. Marvel Knights : Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Blade. (2 birds with 1 stone) X-men (insert whatever name will make the set make sense) : Rogue, Jubilee, White Phoenix, Moonstar, FA Storm (5 figures they made and never released) Phoenix 5 - Cyclops, Emma, Colossus, Magik, Namor Heart : There are so many! Mutant X : Fallen, Brute, Ice-Man, Goblin Queen, Havok, Bloodstorm Alpha Flight : Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Shaman Young Avengers : Wiccan, Hulkling, Kid Loki, Kate Bishop, Marvel Boy
  7. I guess I missed it. grabbed the winter soldier and wave 3 luke. But they are sold out of BW and all of the army builders for both Marvel Legends and Black Series. Saved them all to favorites though so i can keep an eye out. Thanks for the link!
  8. Thor 3: Thor (comic) (obligatory) Fandral/ Hogun Volstaag Bulldozer (needs release) Sif/Enchantress Heimdal Baf Odin Cap 3: Captain America (movie) Yelena Belova/ American Dream Nuke (needs release) Falcon Bartroc/Blizzard Brunside Baf : Coulson Hulk (what number are we on now?) Hulk A-bomb Bi-Beast Thundra/Lyra General Ross Caiera/Hiro-Kala Baf : Red King F4 Mr. Fantastic (a normal one. without all the stratchiness) Invisible Woman Thing (Future foundation variants of all the above) human Torch Medusa/Crystal The Wizard Baf Lockjaw X-men Apocalypse Stryfe/X-man Death/Famine Pestilence/War Moonstar (just because. I want moonstar) Apocalypse Angel Baf : M.F. hoverchair. Avengers 2: Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver Ultron Jacosta/Rescue Strucker Obliatory Iron man Obligatory Captain America Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (My wildest dreams would have to come true first) Coulson Agent May Agent Ward Victoria Hand Deathlok Skye Fitz/Simmons Baf : The Bus
  9. my haul for the day. no Widow or Winter Soldier, but other tan that I'm all caught up. FINALLY found sandtroopers.Only been searching since they released. And a little extra awesome in there too!
  10. Thanks, got the Daenerys Targaryen this morning at my local B&N. They didn't have any of the others in stock, but she was the only one I wanted anyway. I'm shocked they even had that one. She's the one packed the most. though. followed by snow. the rest are all even assortments. I had one lady laugh for even asking if they had them. apparently they're selling like crazy. I was able to search for them online and check in store inventory. Most have been sold out, there were some others about 20 miles from me. What's the case breakdown? What mass retail's cases will be I am unsure of. B&N are getting them in on shippers that include them as well as pop vinyl. 4 tyrion, 4 white walker, 4 ned stark, 4 hound, 6 snow, 8 dany
  11. Thanks, got the Daenerys Targaryen this morning at my local B&N. They didn't have any of the others in stock, but she was the only one I wanted anyway. I'm shocked they even had that one. She's the one packed the most. though. followed by snow. the rest are all even assortments. I had one lady laugh for even asking if they had them. apparently they're selling like crazy.
  12. I got them from Barnes and Noble. Currently the only place selling them aside from the second hand market. Drove 4 hours to find a store with them in stock.
  13. Haven't logged in in a long while. Been getting most of my news from the facebook page. Here's my last few hauls.
  14. I just want a stature to go with my Young Avengers team. though, I imagine it will be a long time before this happens, if it ever does.
  15. Just picked up the first two waves of Star wars black series, and Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon wave. These Black series figures.... wow. I dont care if they are more expensive, they are INSANE.
  16. Gyncniviamy, You suck. Pretty sure you're a bot. But in case you aren't; I hate you.
  17. I have to get that 2 pack, unfortunately the "variant" cases were all I could find. And thats everywhere between the gulf and southern Indian. I do not wanna pay that much for a x-force warpath. But i guess we do what we gotta do.
  18. I support your decision. lol. I do not actually play with my fgures, though there is nothing wrong with that. So for me the sculpt and details are more important than articulation (which can lead to them being too loose.) Articulation is always a nice bonus, especially in the hands/feet. But without it, i can display them in a nice pose just as well as with.
  19. I actually prefer the new hasbro deadpool over the toybiz one, though I have all of them. But it's really all about personal preference. Weigh your options. If the deadpool you want is more important than the other figures you will have to give up, then get it. If not, the alternative isn't such a bad deal. And welcome to the site!
  20. So each figure in the set comes with a piece of those backgrounds you have? Yes. Each figure came with part of the display. Beats the hell out of a stand. Beats the hell out of a figure they could just offer under a higher pricepoint too.
  21. Im aware they aren't marvel legends. or even marvel for that matter. but i've been after them for years and i really wish hasbro would do some build a scene type stuff like these.
  22. We finally got the Avengers 6" stuff. AFTER i found all of them at another wm an hour away. i am tempted to buy them again and have some on the card since i couldn't resist opening the others.
  23. I'm just glad to be getting marvel toys that aren't just movie figures. Maybe after some sell through they will notice it, and get us trated for marvel legends! This store isn't like my last one, though. They actually fire people at this one for shopping out of the back room. good thing i have a cell phone and family close by... lol
  24. This week and the next few weeks you should see changes in wal mart action figure aisles. Sadly, mine still will not be getting Legends. But we are getting more avengers and spiderman, and for the first time, we'll be carrying Marvel Universe. So it's a start.
  25. well i have had four reps in 3 different stores. None of them have ever given me a list, or given me a date on when something would be in our wh aside from the transformer figs and the star wars figs that released with the movies a few years ago. oh wait. there was also littlest pet shop. but who cares about that? point being even if they had that knowledge, no person in that store would be able to tell you when it would be in the store unless it was in transit, and they had an item # handy. more importantly, action figure aisles don't even get an update, much less a reset for another month. and pdqs have a different item # than cases. so they would have nothing to go off of to know if there store would be receiving them ever.
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