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  1. There seems to be a lot of confusion in this thread, specifically with DC, despite the news breaking right before and at ToyFair this year lol. McFarlane has picked up the collector focused license for DC and it appears it will still be called Multiverse. He has the rights to make any DC figure from any property (comic, game, movie, cartoon, etc) within the range of between 6in and 12in. Spin Master will produce non-collector focused figures. Todd also said that he is going to try his hardest to have his DC figures on store shelves by 1/1/2020. While he will most likely make all kinds of stuff and in different scales, you can expect his line of basic 6/7in figures to have his new 22 POA system, that he is slowly but surely working into all of his lines. Regarding Hasbro for Marvel and Star Wars, while anything can happen, the current license contract extends to the entire year of 2020 for both and doesn’t officially expire until 1/1/2021. Hasbro has already announced their ESB 40th Vintage line for Star Wars for 2020 and Hasbro also probably already has most of their 2020 blueprint mapped out at this point, for Legends 2020. While it is not confirmed of course, I can say with 100% certainty that Legends will get renewed as that has been one of the very few divisions/sectors within Hasbros action figure portfolio, that has seen constant and sustained growth quarter over quarter. I can say with reasonably high certainty that Star Wars will also be renewed however unlike Marvel, the Star Wars franchise has seen marginal to sharp declines in sales since 2016/2017. Their B&M distribution is awful and that’s partly to blame but there are other factors too such as the demise of TRU, poor quality control prior to 2018 and other components such as the last “major” SW film was TLJ and Solo did not perform well (even though the Solo product line as a whole has been fantastic) Conversely, I have no doubt that things will pick up when the Ep9 onslaught arrives. Its also worth noting that while Star Wars in one of their most lucrative brands (not the most however), Hasbro pays an exorbitant amount of royalties and licensing fees to Disney and all of those previous fees that were being paid out LucasFilm prior the Disney acquisition, have all gone up since then. Not including the broad licensing agreement contract itself plus the annual premium payouts based on product sell-through, Hasbro on top of that, also pays a flat 20% royalty to Disney per unit. For every Black Series Figure sold at $20 MSRP, Disney gets $4 minimum a figure. For every TVC Sail Barge that was purchased, Hasbro gave Disney eoughly $100 per unit. Etc. Lastly, it would be highly unusual that any company can afford to buy the SW master license due to the above reasons as the licensing fees and royalty payouts are through the roof expensive. Neca and McFarlane are immediately disqualified due to their respective sizes and on-hand capital/worth and as far as the other major players go, that only leaves Mattel and one look at their bottom line should be enough for Disney to turn them down. Jurassic Park has been one of the very few Mattel brands to actually see strong growth but beyond that, they have been missing quarterly projections left and right, have subpar operating net income and have recently let go a decent number of employees. Forget all that for the moment...can anyone name a collector-focused Mattel line (minus Hot Wheels) that hasn’t been met with mixed results at best or one that did not just fall to the wayside over time? What was the last one? DCUC? If Mattel picked up Star Wars then barring a miracle in execution, I would most likely stop collecting SW cold turkey and that would stink since I’ve been at it since 1995 without missing a beat. Guess we will just have to wait and see!
  2. @Dodge76 Nice, so you won’t be back in the Walgreens hunt until around November or so when Dani Moonstar hits right? I’m just thrilled that we are finally getting 4 figs a year at Walgreens. Having said that, I wonder if the walgreens program will change to a different theme in 2020. If so, I’m hoping it goes Spidey and more specifically, Spidey villains!
  3. @decon Oh wow, gone already? With the $13.99 sale I guess I can’t say I’m too surprised by how quick she went. I’d be surprised if anyone ordered less than 2 or 3 each. Well with Walgreens being the reigning exclusive champion (for now), Mystique is the 13th Walgreens EX Legend Figure and i must say, they really got their stuff together. Between online availability and store distribution, I have been able to find all 13 extremely easily at this point. Some being easier to find than others of course but in general, Walgreens has been the best exclusive retail partner for Legends imo. Target is a very close second.
  4. Yeah, Mystique shares the same WIC number as Mr. Fantastic as that is what rang up my receipt. I believe that’s also the same number for Majik & Surfer but I can’t remember. I believe Thing had his own WIC number but again I can’t recall 100%. I found more Mystiques earlier (South FL), two different stores had gotten their trucks and had 4 each. I also picked up most of the M’Baku wave for my oldest son at the Walgreens I hit earlier as well since they were $13.99 and he got a Green on his daily report card for every day for the month of Feb so why the heck not lol. Just need need the Dora Milaje Figure and he will be able to build the “good guy with an angry face” from the movie as he calls it LOL.
  5. Wow, those look fantastic!!! The wife and I did TMNT last year but it was pretty limited as we just had our second son a couple months prior. I’d like to do G.I.Joe this year but I don’t want to spend a lot of $ either lol.
  6. Let me know how the box sets are if you decide to buy them, I’m curious.
  7. Congrats on the score! Regarding the movies, I guess we will all just have to wait and see lol. As far as X-Force, that’s definitely a go however as it’s in pre-production currently. Deadpool 3 will also happen and Disney recently said (probably to quell concerns) that they are committed to the Deadpool franchise and the content of the movies. If I had to guess, X-Force will be a larger budget affair and might be PG-13 but Deadpool 3 will be R. As far as Gambit is concerned, lol I don’t think the Disney purchase is really effecting it one way or another as that movie was never coming out (imo) and has been in development turmoil for years, with writers and directors leaving and what not. Guess we will have to wait and see of course but for me personally, I just don’t (never did) see that project happening, at least not for a long, long, long time lol.
  8. Thanks for the info and I’m not personally even remotely familiar with Etsy. Is that a reliable/legit site to purchase this kind of product from?
  9. Did they really just release a new trailer for Pheonix lol? I genuinely had no idea. I guess that’s a roundabout way of demonstrating my interest in the movie. With that being said, I would just about bet actual money that New Mutants does not come out, at least not in theaters. I could be wrong about that and that’s fine but that’s still my belief. A couple things on the movies as a whole though: 1. From what I read regarding the details on the Fox acquisition (I literally read everything I could find) is that Disney did not spend a dollar on producing those movies so in just the raw technical sense of it, they shouldn’t be in a position of losing any $ at all, if they did not actually release them. Of course, the complexity of this deal is very intensive and the 1000% full story on this acquisition with every single detail in every form, has not been released to the public and is most likely and unsurprisingly, privileged internal company info. 2. Conversely, from what I was able to glean, is that fox still makes all of the revenue to any releases they produced, if they were in production before the acquisition, should said films come out. This then should also include X-Force but probably not Deadpool 3 since that’s still in conceptual stages and not even in pre-production since that comes after X-Force. If the above is all true, then Disney doesn’t really lose any money but not releasing a movie they inherited and they also don’t stand to make much in the way of actual profit if they do release said film(s). If I was Bob Iger and Kevin Feige however, I would shelve Pheonix and New Mutants. We all know it is nothing short of a GUARANTEE that Disney will reboot and rebrand the X-Men & F4, in due time when they feel it is right and they will most likely due so in their own unique way/flavor, that would most likely derive from the MCU formula (think long term picture deal contracts with actors for starters). If the MCU is any indication, the odds are more in their favor of succeeding than failing with regards to the reboot. I will say however it will be very, very strange seeing someone playing Wolverine that is not Hugh Jackman but at least he went out with a bang with Logan so mad props to him and his legacy/contributions to X-Men. Whatever Disney decides to do, they will do it carefully and with much pragmatism, that much is for sure.
  10. Lol yeah gotta love the eBay Sellers sometimes. My favorite is when they list everything as “hard to find” or my real personal favorite...”rare”. The only thing that makes a figure actually “rare”, is if the figure/item has a very low production run. Basic Marvel Legends figures/waves on the other hand are being produced by the boatload and are literally stocked at tens of thousands of individual stores...and that’s not even including the thousands of cases the etailers get. Sure, certain basic legends figures can become sought after and can appreciate on the secondary market (which is true to any given toy line) but traditional legends figures are the farthest thing from “rare” as if gets lol. Regarding the Kingpin wave however, I’ve yet to see a single figure from that wave in any store now that I actually think about it. It’s pretty uncommon when a Legends Wave isn’t commonly available at brick n mortar (generally speaking) and even more surprising when it’s a Spidey wave as in my experience, those waves get shipped pretty hard. Having said that, January and August are typically when Legends drops around 3 waves or so right on top of each other so I’ve definitely seen bottle-necking before when this happens.
  11. It’s definitely possible but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it either. Also, i don’t think Dark Pheonix or New Mutants will see the light of day now that Disney has the rights. It makes less than zero sense for Disney to allow them to come out and since both films have been delayed multiple times (even after release dates and trailers showing the dates have been aired), I think they are being shelved. Obviously at some point in the not too distant future, Disney is going to relaunch the X-Men brand so it would be counter-intuitive to that process to let these movies comes out and it’s zero skin off their back since they didn’t need produce the movies. Just my opinion.
  12. Out of curiosity...why do you care when figures ship lol? As long as your order is locked in and you will get them, the what does it matter? I mean I get everyone likes having stuff when it’s new but i could personally care less when stuff ships lol it will arrive when it arrives. As long as I got my order in, I’m good.
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