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  1. Hey my dear friend, I know you are in the South FL area and I think you also collect Star Wars figures. Have you seen the Gamorrean Guards from Target by any chance? Thank you :)

    1. CobraSaboteur87


      Hey man. You are correct as I collect quite a few different Star Wars lines, including Black Series. I was just in a Target the other day to grab the Legends Into the Spiderverse 2pack and I didn’t see any GGs there. They did have some Moloch’s though, which were on sale for $25. I have however seen the GG get restocked quite a bit, just a couple weeks ago I saw them again at a few stores.

      There’s still a Target Exclusive McFarlane Desiny figure that I need to find before years end so if I see any, I’ll let you know. GG has been weird on brickseek but I would check brickseek daily to help yourself out. 

    2. americamgl


      Yeah brickseek always says out of stock, I have been checking almost everyday. Thanks for the help. Let me know if there is anything you need that I can help you locate? Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. For those who want the set, Brickseek lit up in South FL for the Target Exclusive Legends Into the Spiderverse Miles/Gwen Set. I picked mine up earlier in Pembroke Pines. DPCI: 087-16-3881 This set was an especially nice grab for me as this completes the last remaining Legends release of the year! 2018 was exhausting but I’m ready for 2019!
  3. CobraSaboteur87

    Top 10 Most Wanted X-Men

    In no particular order and I’m sorry but I can’t just do 10...too stressful to put together just 10. Top 30 is the shortest I can do lol. 1. Colonel Stryker 2. Kane 3. Maverick 4. Raza 5. Silver Samurai 6. Savage Land Wolerine 7. BoneBreaker 8. Lady Deathstrike 9. Morph 10. Senyaka 11. Cameron Hodge Phalanx 12. Space Wolverine (update from the goofy 90s Toybiz one that I played with as a kid...loved that fig) 13. Nightcrawler 14. Corsair 15. Marvel Now Magneto 16. Spiral 17. Trevor Fitzroy 18. X-Cutioner 19. Sebastian Shaw 20. Toad 21. Bone Breaker 22. Cameron Hodge Phalanx 23. Lilandra 24. Deathbird 25. Proteus 26. Vulcan 27. Pandemic 28. Ord 29. Gauntlet 30. Xorn Bonus for fun: 1. Robot Wolverine 2. Spy Wolverine BAFS: 1. Tusk 2. WarStar 3. Random 4. Predator X 5. Strong Guy
  4. I didn’t realize Gamestop snagged the set as well (looks like Hasbro is letting several retailers “rescue” recent exclusives (with Star Wars as well) so since Gamestop is still offering 25% off, they are probably a better deal right now than EE for those who still need the set. However, If you want a mint box like me, I definitely wouldn’t recommend ordering from Gamestop over EE lol.
  5. I have it and I personally think it’s a great set. For $25, it’s a REALLY great set lol. The stark head sculpt/paint is using the photo real tech and is EASILY the best Downey Jr likeness to date. I also never had that MK1 Armor since I went from owning every Toybiz figure to quitting Legends cold turkey when Hasbro took over and I didn’t get back into the Legends until I thought the quality was back, which was the Infinite rebrand in 2014.
  6. @Mangar I’m not sure if you need the Walmart Cage & Temple Set but since you brought it up and mentioned the price, that set is available for preorder from EE for the $40 msrp. I don’t personally care for the set that much but since I’m a completionist and I loathe Walmart, I was pretty stoked when EE scooped it up lol.
  7. I generally as a rule of thumb don’t post my sightings or hauls on this thread because I order every non-exclusive figure off of EE so 90% of my annual posts on here would’ve been along the lines of “I spotted X wave or X figure at my doorstep” and that’s probably not super helpful to anyone. Having said that though, if i did for some reason decide to keep my collection current by only choosing the retail/hunting route (that ship has looooong sailed), then I think I would just go to Gamestop at this point. As with any store from any chain, locality and mileage varies but I go to my local Gamestop on exactly the amount of occasions that require me to (I buy all my video games from Best Buy) and those occasions are when their exclusives (that I’ve preordered to be shipped to the store) get released. As of within the last week, that was quite a lot as my McFarlane COD Ghost Variant, McFarlane Stranger Things Ghostbuster 4-pack and Barb and my 4 PS4 Legends Spideys all came in. 25% all of that was fantastic as well I must say! I mean who does sales like that lol freaking amazing. Back to why I bring up Gamestop in the first place (is digression a disease?) is because I every time I walk into my Gamestop, they have everything. Like everything. The only place I’ve seen the newest SW Black Series Wave? Gamestop. Only place I’ve seen real allocation and replenishment of the Sp/Dr and Apoc Waves? Gamestop. Archangel. MCU Ultron, Red Skull and Ronan. AIM Soldier 2-Pack. Newest wave of the SW Vintage Collection? Only place I’ve seen Legends Vintage wave 2 so far?Wait for it...Gamestop. On top of that, when it comes to waves I’ve seen at multiple retailers, I’m starting to consistently see those waves first at Gamestop and sometimes, by a substantial lead time. Gamestop has invested a large amount of resources into slowly turning their physical stores into 50/50 operations (half games, half collectibles) and it looks like the company portfolio change, acquisition of ThinkGeek and aggressively doubling down on seeking out the toy manufactures to fully carry their lines and acquire exclusives, is definitely paying off. Year to date, GameStop’s figure/collectible revenue has increased 700%. Gamestop is now the 4th largest distributor of action figures/collectibles in the US, behind Amazon, Target and EE respectively. TRU closing was obviously a game changer for the competition but whatever your view on Gamestop may be as a retailer for figures, one thing is for sure and that is they are going out of their way to capture action figure market share more than any other retailer and they are only going to get more and more aggressive. The only real thing imo that they need to work on is their shipping and handling of the figures to both their stores and homes cause yeah...it’s less than ideal.
  8. Hey man, sorry for the late response. I’m in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar area. Have you found her yet? I noticed a store next to me (which did not have any last weekend when I hunted) got in 2 full cases (12 figs) and they put them on an endcap with all of their other legends. Most stores I’ve been in just have a “marvel” endcap, with pops and all kinds of other crap but a select few stores have gone off planogram and have just turned that endcap into a primarily Legends endcap (manager merchandising discretion based on current stock levels). The store I’m referencing that got in 2 cases is off of Pines Blvd and 136th (directly across the street from the Mercedes Benz dealership).
  9. In a record (maybe historic is the more apt word) year for Legends with 10 waves already out and a promised 11th wave before years send, on top of the countless box sets, 2-packs and exclusives, this really is the definitive year for the line, for now anyway. By my math (I’m too lazy to double check so plus or minus 1 or 2), we have received 137 individual figures this year (not unique, just individual) when you add everything up. CRAZY. With that being said, my #1 for the year is Thing. Thing, imo, is nothing short of a 10/10 masterpiece, as far as modern Hasbro legends are concerned. Below is my top 10 favorite figs along with top 10 runner ups. 1. Thing 2. Cable 3. Vintage Vision 4. Doc Ock 5. Namor 6. MCU Yellowjacket 7. MCU Crossbones 8. SDCC Red Skull 9. Taskmaster 10. Silver Surfer Runners Up (in no particular order): 1. Reed Richards 2. Elektra 3. Prowler 4. Klaw 5. Deathlok 6. Mysterio (superb figure but sculpting his suit lines and not painting them really irked me) 7. MCU Ant Man 2 8. Vintage Wasp 9. 90s Deadpool 10. Bishop
  10. Agreed on Thing. I must respond to your Deathlok comment though because I found it interesting. The fact that you don’t know of or don’t know that much of Deathlok is fine, but shouldn’t we be judging the figure and it’s prospective purchase...on just the figures quality itself lol? In your own words you stated that it’s a great looking figure (I completely agree), so shouldn’t that be enough to buy it lol? Certianly not judging, just inquiring. I apparently and most definitely wont speak for everybody but for me, I’m an action figure collector first and foremost and whatever line i collect, is just secondary and is only an extension to being a figure collector in and of itself. Bottom line is (for me) if a figure looks cool and looks worth the money, than I am gonna buy it and not get bogged down in who the character really is or what “team” he will stand next to...or any of that crap. Buying cool looking, well executed toys that are priced right, is the only barrier for entry my wallet cares about lol. When it’s a great figure AND it happens to resonate or connect with you because you have a passion for the character, is just a bonus for me Off the top of my head (literally), I can say this about the recent Cloak and Dagger figs. I know “of” the characters but I’ve never read their comics, I haven’t watched the show and I’m completely fine with just not knowing all that much about them as characters. But, I thought Hasbro did a great job with them and how the figures can connect with one another with the whole head/cloak thing over Dagger was just awesome and really well executed. A buddy of mine bought them because he had been WAITING for these two to get made for a long time and he simply adores the characters. I bought them because I just thought they were great figures and I could care less about what their history or story is lol. This isn’t the best example I can make or speak to, but for some reason C&D just immediately came to mind for some reason lol.
  11. CobraSaboteur87

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    I’m skeptical of a third Avengers Wave for next year but, having said that, considering it’s the final avengers movie (for a while at least) and obviously going to be ultra climatic, Hasbro potentially going out with a bang on Avengers figures/waves next year would certainly not shock me in the slightest. I am however MUCH more skeptical of a 2nd dedicated X-men comic wave next year. I’m just going to say right here and now, that it ain’t gonna happen. To that end, I’ve heard Ting & Stall reference the Caliban wave as “the 2019 X-Men wave”, much in the same way they referenced the Warlock and Apoc waves prior to that-always in a singular terms. Now, I for one hope to be proven quite wrong because us getting two Spidey AND two X-Men waves EVERY year is something I wish for immensely. Regarding whatever that wave is that contains the Wendigo BAF, is where things get interesting... Firstly, the “Deadpool” waves we have gotten this year are primarily (imo) just super solid X-Men & X-Force waves, with some actual Deadpool’s thrown in. I’ve hated that they they were calling them “Deadpool” waves but I understand why they were, from a solicitation standpoint. Also, on a side note for Hasbro in case they are reading...you can afford to tone down the Deadpool’s, just slightly. I get the appeal and I love me some DP like anybody else but like that boxers DP figure for example should have never taken up a wave roster slot... That’s the EXACT kind of figure that should comprise an exclusive. Secondly, this Wendigo wave is the first wave I can recall, that has ever been announced this early. They announced the BAF and Guardian...but said nothing to what the actual wave actually is...AND they stated it’s a fall 2019 wave. Hasbro never reveals BAFs or a figure for a wave this early (a full year out). That’s something not unprecedented for Star Wars but certainly is for Legends (in the modern Infinite era anyways). It’s like they are keeping this wave highly secret right now...but felt compelled to partially reveal it a full year out. Very odd. I would kill for a Rick Remender Uncanny X-Force Wave (as well as a Remender based Uncanny Avengers Wave) so I’m really curious to see more about this mystery Wendigo wave. It would be very strange to even see the whole wave revealed at Toy Fair in Feb but I imagine we will something else to it, at least one more figure, two tops.
  12. CobraSaboteur87

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Let’s play figure out the remaining waves for 2019! So, assuming they produce at least an equal number of waves next year as they did this year, which is 11 (also, historically speaking, they have only increased total number of waves released each year, for the last 5 years, and have yet to reduce), what are the remaining waves going to be? So far, I’m positing 8 confirmed waves for next year already, which would leave 3 TBD mystery waves. 1 X-men wave, 1 Deapool wave (whatever that Wendigo wave is), 2 Spidey waves, 1 Captain Marvel wave, 1 Vintage wave and 2 Avengers waves. For me personally, I would love the remaining 3 waves to be: Another Knights wave (sans any Netflix figs), a Thor wave (which won’t happen) and an Uncanny X-Force Wave.
  13. CobraSaboteur87

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Well my first post was from July and contained 37-40 figures and since then only one of them has been confirmed (Classic Comic Loki) so I’ll just keep my original list for a while I suppose lol. Having said that, while Night Thrasher, Puma & 6-Armed Spidey-(LOVED that original toybiz one that I played with as a kid...so where’s my Armored Spidey???) weren’t part of my original list, they (along with 200+ other characters) could have easily been and I’m just thrilled to be getting those 3. Having those 3 figs finish off the Kingpin Wave has also turned that wave (for me) from garbage...into a pretty decent wave! Sure, still having over half the wave be lackluster (WHY did we not get a CLASSIC Silver Sable...so frustrating) should discount the wave in a more serious way for me...BUT...Puma, Thrasher and 6-Arm Parker are HUGE wins for me.
  14. As of today, I can confirm Majik is in South FL. I hit up 6 stores today and 5 of the 6 stores had 2 Majiks each. I also saw restocks of Surfer, Reed and Thing, with 1 store having received a new full case (6) of Reed, another store received a case of Surfer and a 3rd, different store, had a full case of Thing on the shelf. I also saw a TON of new Walgreens exclusive pops. I am not a pop collector per say, but there is a VERY limited number of characters that I do try to acquire every pop for. With that being said, I picked up a Pop Toxin and Punisher 2099. Speaking of which...would really love to see some classic 2099 Legends and I think that would make a cool exclusive program for like Target or something. I would be thrilled to see 2099 versions of Ghost Rider, Doom and Punisher for example. I also picked up several of the new Diamond Select Nightmare before Xmas figures at Walgreens today too...because why not lol? Incredible movie and these figures are just fantastic. I can officially, finally, cross off one retailer for 2018, that I no longer have to walk into/hunt exclusives for! Happy hunting fellow nerds.
  15. @Rukk Well I for one think a shield agent 2-Pack, specifically a female agent 2-Pack, would be something cool to see. Sign me up for a set.

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