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  1. Lol. 6 Reeds and 10 Yellow Daredevils? That’s nuts. I’m going to assume (and hopefully correctly assume) that this is a very isolated incident. That’s just crazy. It almost sounds like that store got flagged for a distribution center purge or something. The only time I have ever seen any of my local Walgreens get re-stocked with older figures was when one of the stores received a full case of the Onslaught Wave a couple months ago and that wave will officially be 3 years old by January so idk what the hell was going on with that one!
  2. I got a BrickSeek hit earlier tonight on the Walmart MCU Iron Man 1 Set (#1) and it was right on the money as the store just got a truck and did have all 8 units (2 cases) so I was able to just pallet shop the boxes. The total BrickSeek instock percentage for the MCU Iron Man 1 Set is currently very low (13% as of a couple hours ago) but the set does seem to be “trickling” out. Price was $44.73. I’m in South Florida. Unfortunately, that was the only thing the store had as far as exclusives go. No TVC Tie Fighter, no Black Series Mimban Trooper, no Cage & Claire set and nothing on any of the McFarlane exclusives. Conversely, It’s looking like Hasbro is going to yank the TVC Island Journey Rey & Mimban Trooper from Walmart and give them to EE instead and I am eagerly waiting on my EE rep to confirm that because that would indeed be super awesome. I bought two Iron Man sets, took the shipping boxes and put the other 6 on the shelf (Hialeah, Store #1590). Fortunately, the cases were on top of the pallet and were undamaged so pretty much every set in each case was mint. BrickSeek SKU #668817038 Best of luck to anyone on the hunt!
  3. I can also confirm the website listing for Thing was legit as both of my orders of 4 were shipped and will arrive Monday. I don’t know if he will be offered through their site again but I’m 100% certain Thing will hit stores as Surfer (just like every other Legends exclusive) hit all my local stores after he went up on the site. Of course, I can’t speak to everyone’s area though. I am sure me living in a very densely populated city and having a Walgreens just about every mile or two in any direction also helps.
  4. Thanks Bradman! Unfortunately, I’d rather not trust Walmart to handle the package through shipping or ISPU so I’d prefer to try it find it on the shelf after they unpack a case. However, the SKU number Walmart lists for this set on their site (569978747) does not work on Brickseek-says the number is invalid. Since it’s walmart, I can’t say I’m surprised by this but it is frustrating none the less lol.
  5. CobraSaboteur87

    Predictions for Fan Expo Canada

    Here here! So... Mystique is Walgreens, Weapon X is in the next X-Men Wave (I guess), Guardian is going to be in of the Avengers Waves (I guess) but...Wendigo I’m not so sure of. I personally think it would be odd to have him be the BAF for the X-Men Wave or an Avengers Wave so maybe Deadpool Wave 3? Maybe a boxed release by itself as an exclusive? Regardless, I am really surprised that they passed up showing a Northstar & Aurora lol. Besides that, I’m completely fine with the reveals but the ONLY thing I wanted to see was MORE F4 figs... I love that Walgreens is doing a themed program now but since that program has now changed to X-Men for the next 18 months, we aren’t getting any more F4 figures I suppose and that makes me a very sad panda. I mean they did sneak in that Medusa during the F4 program so they could technically release whatever they want but I would LOVE to see another retailer go all in on themed exclusives. You want X-Men exclusives?-then go to Walgreens. You want F4 figs?-then go to Target. You want Spidey exclusives?-then go to Gamestop, etc etc. Of course, if every retailer got a theme (which again, I think would be great), that shouldn’t preclude them from getting all sorts of other box sets/exclusives on an annual basis just like we currently have/receive.
  6. Thanks for the link sir. Unfortunately, there’s no SKU number shown on the listing, at least not that I could find. I’m hoping I can just brickseek this and call it a wraps!
  7. Has anyone found the Walmart Exclusive MCU 10th Stark & MK1 set? (#1) Does anyone know the SKU/UPC for it? I am 11/12 on the MCU 10th sets so I’m eager to close out the line...until more sets come out next year anyways lol. Any info on the Walmart UPC/SKU would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Quite easily actually, it’s just an inventory discrepancy issue. It could be one of several things; damaged stock (they will salvage/RGD back vs selling online), not properly accepting/invoicing all of their manifests for their deliveries, etc etc. Same thing is happening (on a much wider scale) with the recently released Target exclusive Black Series Gamorrean Guard. Target wayyyyy underordered from Hasbro to meet demand as well as must have had inventory discrepancies on top of that (my guess) as they had to cancel countless orders of the guard. It’s a total mess. i wouldn’t fret though as it would be a precendent for Walgreens to not carry their exclusive figures in-stores, at least as far as Legends & Black Series go anyway (they’ve released certain Pop! Exclusives only through their site). While my Surfer order didn’t get canceled, I can definitely empathize with your frustration, but I am sure Surfers will make their way to mass release at store level. Wish you the best sir!
  9. Yeah I got my Thor/Rocket/Groot 3pack in from EE a couple weeks ago and I was surprised to see it had the TRU sticker on it lol. I’ve ordered every former TRU Exclusive through EE and this was the only one that had the sticker.
  10. I ordered 3 cases of them Apoc wave from EE, they all came in 3-4 weeks ago. Each case had the purple hair so I recently put an order in for an additional single Psylocke, in the hopes that it’s rhe black hair version lol.
  11. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    Well this was a very weak SDCC for me. Not as in I didn’t like what was shown, because I did like quite a bit actually but mainly from a quantity standpoint. There was far less shown here than what we traditionally see at SDCC and drastically far less than what we saw at ToyFair this year. The reason for this seems to be quite clear as they even referenced this in the panel slide show and that is because they are really promoting the upcoming cons and plan to keep more reveals saved for all of those cons respectively. If this is the new motus operandi, than I will just learn to taper my expectations for future SDCCs is all. Pros for me: 1. Blink 2. Skullbuster 3. Kingpin 4. Xavier 5. Silver Sable 6. AIM Soldiers. Pushing the army builders is just smart business. Bring on Shield, Hand, etc. 7. Vintage Wave 2 is stellar Cons for me: 1. Majik for Walgreens? Great to see another release of Majik but not at the expense of a FF4 character...especially when they could’ve just thrown her in as the bonus 8th fig without the BAF piece for the 2019 X-men Wave. 2. No mention of HasLab at the panel? WTF. I don’t need a reveal of what they have planned but at least an acknowledgement that they know it exists... Did they not notice that the first project funded at over $4.5 million dollars, almost doubled its goal AND was for the 3.75 Scale (ya know, the scale that Hasbro thinks marvel collectors don’t exist for anymore?) 3. No mention of 3.75 (that was practically a given so trust me, I wasn’t holding my breath) 4. No mention of 12in (since 12in was also absent at ToyFair, I guess this officially means they are “resting” the line). Shame. 5. Archangel deluxe set for $30? Same with Majik, should have just been slotted into the X-men waves or something. It’s the SAME figure as before but with extra heads and an Apoc claw arm and that’s worthy of a “deluxe” figure and for $30??? To be clear, I’m not upset about the fig be re-released by any means but given what I stated above, I just don’t get it. 6. No mention of any new Legends assortments or extensions to existing assortments (like Knights for example) 7. No Thor figs revealed. Was hoping for at least a tease of another Ragnarok Wave since we are getting a 2nd BP Wave. BP definitely blew away box office expectations to which Hasbro was clearly not prepared for BUT Ragnarok also made close to $1B and far out-grossed the previous 2 installments... Also, at the end of the day, I’d rather see a follow up MCU wave to Ragnarok that could possibly contain Korg, GrandMaster, Skurge, Heimdall, etc...than to NOT see ANY more Thor comic or movie figs... 8. Accessory Packs? Neca makes accessory packs/dioramas all the time and Legends is by far a stronger selling and wider/deeper IP. Neca makes packs of stands that support alt Head sculpts for crying out loud! (man do I love Neca) The money being left on the table here by Hasbro is nothing short of astonishing and it’s almost inconceivable to think that they aren’t at least aware of this...
  12. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    Ahh gotcha. I was way off judging the scale from that photo lol. The fact that it’s the MU version at least explains why it looks goofy to me I suppose.
  13. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    Allow me to reply to your post in case Hasbro is going to read this forum (they say they do) THANK YOU for Skullbuster! Bring on the bad guys!!! Majik & Archangel, while being re-issues, are better than the previous versions so yes, you can take my money
  14. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    Maybe it’s just that boxed photo or something but that Sentinel looks like 8in tall if that and goofy as hell looking?

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