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  1. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Awesome, you rock! Korg thanks you as well!
  2. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    @Rukkdeez Thank you sir, you are a true gentlemen & a scholar. I’m excited to hear that they are at least thinking about giving us main hero themed character waves in a year thats not tied to a movie. However on the same token, that answer of “We follow Disney’s lead” is a little disheartening to hear and kind of head scratching when you think about it considering they are releasing about 10 waves a year now and have plenty of room to adequately tackle the movies with MCU focused waves (as they have been) AND release plenty of other waves. Great answer on the exclusives, that’s exactly what I was hoping would be said so I am very happy on that. Speaking of which...I wonder where that Days Of Future Past Sentinel set is going to land? That leaves, if you have the time/opportunity, to bring up their thoughts on HasLab, 12in Legends (I.E. simply put...will we see more?) and the 3.75 line as you already stated. In any case, it’s totally badass that you were able to pick their brains on some of these things we’ve been discussing and I genuinely appreciate it. Good stuff man, good stuff! P.S. I wonder if you could ask them if they have plans on revisiting more recent movies and releasing additional waves for them as well? With a 2nd Black Panther Wave landing about a year from the first wave AND it not being tied to any other movie, they kind of set a precedent for the current Legends line as they are essentially “re-visiting” the movie with a follow up wave a year later. I bring this question up mostly as in, if they can do it for Panther, can they do it for say...Ragnarok? I prefer comic waves over MCU waves but if we are talking brass tacs, I would be MUCH more open to purchasing a 2nd Thor Wave that gave us movie versions of GrandMaster, Collector, Skurge, Heimdall, BAF Kurse, etc...then a 2nd wave of MCU Panther figs. Considering the Ragnarok Wave we got was representative of the first real batch of Thor related legends we had gotten in YEARS...I can’t be the only collector interested in an additional Thor wave can I? Just figured I’d throw that out there lol. Thank you!
  3. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    Nice. When you see Karl Urban, do me a favor and please ask him “WHEN IS JUDGE DREDD 2 COMING OUT!?”
  4. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    5ft long X-men QuinJet through HasLab? Lets go baby!!!
  5. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    I gotcha man. I was just making a dumb joke...because I’m dumb lol.
  6. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 Official Discussion

    So it’s official, they finally made a 100% MCU Legends Wave with this 2nd Black Panther assortment. Wow... I wish Ragnarok could’ve been shown this love...
  7. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Lol man I had countless toys across many figure lines growing up that had bendy wire features. I guess my parents were rich and I never knew it... Truth be told, I don’t care about bendy wire but I know plenty of collectors do so good scooping Rukk.
  8. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Great reporting Rukk! With that being said, I am more than a little taken back by the potential prospect of not getting any more FF figures though...please don’t make a grown man cry Dwight...please.
  9. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    His answer was “patience”? I mean I’m not an opener but this is just getting dumb lol. They REALLY couldn’t fit a claw hand in ANY of the 7 figures packages? We are already 9 waves deep this year with Vintage Wave 2 making 10 and a potentially even a 2nd Black Panther Wave before years end making 11... When you then count and add up ALL of the 2-packs, 3-packs, box sets, exclusives, etc...we are literally getting over 100 figures this year if my math is correct. Would ANYONE would’ve complained if we got maybe 2 less total figures this year so Apocalypse could’ve gotten an actual accessory? This is just epic “shaking my head” if you ask me lol.
  10. CobraSaboteur87

    Rumour! Vintage wave 2

    I love the vintage line and very much look forward to wave 2. To be honest, I don’t even care who is in the wave(s), I just hope they keep pumping out a vintage wave every year for the foreseeable future so I can amass a huge collection of those beautiful cards/packages. Keep it coming baby!
  11. CobraSaboteur87

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    A Punisher Van would make a great HasLab project. A Punisher Figure painted out the wazoo with 3-4 heads and an finely detailed (look at how Hasbro just did the 3.75 TVC Hovertank for example) and large Van complete with rubber tires, compartments, working storage racks inside the Van to hold the guns and of course, most importantly, the set must include a TON of weapons. To be clear, I mean “real” weapons too and not these yellow rifles and purple pistol monstrosities they keep packing in with the figures. Throw in a Micro figure to ride shotgun with Castle and I would back that set at a $100 ALL DAY LONG.
  12. CobraSaboteur87

    SDCC 2018 3.75" Speculation thread

    @JayC I’m sure Dwight and Co are already rehearsing their facial expressions and prepared comments for if/when they get asked about MU 3.75. I hope you politely grill them on 3.75 again Jay, if anything just to keep the routine alive. I buy every 6in Legends they make and would also HAPPILY go back to buying all of the 3.75 releases as well, if there was such a thing...such a shame.
  13. CobraSaboteur87

    Most expected figures on the 6 inch scale

    The only Japanese figures I collect is the Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Marvel Line (which I adore) and the Tamashii Nations Realizations SW/Marvel figs because the aesthetics are crazy cool. I never saw the appeal of the SH or Mafex lines as the value & quality for the money simply doesn’t jive with me. Having said that, while it’s not an “import” line, the Mezco 1:12 Collective figures are utterly remarkable and worth every penny of the $80 price tag for me, I just can’t get enough of them and preorder mostly everything they make. Imo, Mezco makes the finest quality and most value packed 6in figures on the market.
  14. CobraSaboteur87

    ML Riders Deadpool

    @Monron lol you saying I have a condition? Nonsense! Yeah space is my biggest enemy but hey, that’s what the storage unit is for. Also, I ain’t one of those crazy openers, I’m a MOMC guy (well at least most of the stuff I collect anyway). I like the science comment though LOL
  15. CobraSaboteur87

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    There’s a lot of great characters in these posts, a LOT. In order for my post to not just be 297 characters deep (mostly X-Men & Spidey related), I’m gonna whip up a super quick & “small” list right off the top of my head. Also, any legend pre-dating 2014 Infinite Series should be eligible for a re-do imo. Doppleganger BAF Stilt Man BAF The Wheel BAF The Wall BAF WarStar BAF Tusk BAF Kurse BAF Scorpion Carrion Spot Tinkerer X-Cutioner Maverick Bonebreaker Crossbones re-do Jigsaw Bradstreet MAX Punisher Marvel Now Punisher Marvel Legacy Punisher in War Machine Armor. If done right, that would probably my favorite Marvel Legend of all time lol. Mandarin Whiplash Penance Xorn re-do Mole Man re-do Kang re-do Animated Series 90s all white Storm (“my storm”) David Finch style Moon Knight Marvel Now Moon Knight Morph Silver Samurai Lady Deathstrike re-do Heimdall Comic Loki MCU Malekith Skurge Madame Hydra Hood Agents of Shield characters...show is so damn good. And before I eat my words, I should probably just stop there.

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