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  1. Just in case anyone is interested, I have up my entire Mezco One:12 Collection on eBay at the moment, minus the half dozen pieces I sold to friends. I have over 40 figures currently listed. Every figure is MISMB. My eBay ID: Cobrasaboteur87 I am not shipping international but would make an exception if any forum members one the final bid. Thanks!
  2. I was able to get 2 hulks (one for my dad who wasn’t going be able to sign in when it went live) and the Collector set, fortunately. In my experience, it went live at 11:58 EST and Hulk was gone by 12pm EST. Pretty standard window for SDCC exclusives, usually only have a couple minutes. I have had HasbroToyShop crash during SDCC releases in the past so I was happy that wasn’t an issue this time. Don’t know if the Collector set is still up but it was still available an hour after it went live which was the last time I looked. However, the Hulk will go live again tomorrow (presumably the same time) so there’s still hope for those who need. I am not looking forward to the Star Wars releases when they drop though, those are going to be brutal to get in time. It’s been a long time since hasbro put out really cool SDCC Star Wars exclusives imo so these will go extra quick.
  3. Emma has hit in South Florida, seen a few of her at different stores.
  4. So the Amazon EX 80th Peggy & Cap came in today and much to my shock and delight, it arrived in great shape. It’s crazy what happens when you put some packing material in the box... After having Amazon send me FOUR X-Men 3packs (4th time is the charm as they say...), I was beyond relieved to open the box today and just get a mint set on the first try. I’m hoping the luck continues when they ship out the Black Series Palpatines in October! Oh and the Peggy/Cap set is fantastic. Great portraits, great accessories (although a shotgun and pistol for Peggy would have been nice) and great paint apps. Stellar 2-pack overall.
  5. Agreed. Ahh G.I.Joe...i would sell at least one of my children if Hasbro brought back the 25th Anniversary style Collection, or made really detailed 6in Black Series style Joes, or...idk...SOMETHING. Hasbro did bring TVC back after almost 7 years and while it had a bumpy relaunch last year, this year has been wayyyy better and I’m quite enjoying the line again so if they can bring back TVC...maybe there’s hope they can do the same for Joes but... I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I’m not going to get into a dissertation about shopping smart versus hard (online versus brick and mortar), especially since 2017 when solid cases were introduced to etailers but since you’re specifically talking about Storm, EE still has her up after being listed a month ago, so...go order one lol? Ship date says October but if this year has been any indication with how fast Hasbro has been sending out their stock, I’d say there’s a 99.99% chance she will ship way sooner.
  7. Thanks for the pic. Heres the deal as I see it; there’s two scenarios here and while there’s a LOT of potential nuance to the second scenario, I’m more inclined to believe the second. Also, I’m not sure where any confusion came out of this figure with regards to it being exclusive as Hasbro clearly stated/showed it was a Walmart Exclusive back at ToyFair in February. However, with Hasbro producing literally over 100 legends figures a year at this point, I can see how people’s memories can get muddied. I personally keep a running inventory/checklist on everything I collect (which is a lot more than just Legends) so I can keep track of everything at all times. If I didn’t do this, especially given all the lines I collect, I’d most likely go insane trying to remember everything. Also, I know for a fact (due to an extensive former career in retail and store management), that Target (nor other retailers) would be able to return an item that wasn’t in their system, specifically speaking Target as their DPCI system (and each of these 80th figures would have/will have their own DPCI as they are solid cases) is pretty rock solid. Long story short, definitely not a return, even though it’s a similar product. For example, take an item like Tide Laundry Packs. Have you ever noticed that while practically every retailer carries this item, the size and/or count of the item is different at each retailer? There’s a reason for this; due to the volume/size of the chain, the manufacturer strikes a deal with said retailer in what size/count of the product they think they can move. A high-velocity retailer like Walmart can move the most Tide and therefore they are offered the biggest pack size, let’s say 110 count, at the best price. A low-velocity chain like Walgreens, can’t really move that much bulk so the size they get, is tailored to that retailers shelf space and demand for the item, so therefore Walgreens may only offer Tide Pods in a pack of 35 count for example. Next time you’re at a drug store, grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc, go check the Tide Pods and look at the size of the count. You will 100% not see the exact same size/count at each store, minus the non-bulk sizes like a 10-count bag for a buck or two. Wow I’m off the freaking rails here but incredibly long story short, that 76 count bag of Tide pods you bought at Target will not show up in Walmart’s system, because Walmart sells a 84-count bag or something and vice versa etc. I digress...... Scenario 1: This photo is fake/doctored. Period. Personally, I don’t believe it is. Scenario 2: Hasbro has (and without any communication/confirmation...which is not saying that much at the end of the day) offered this figure up as a shared retailer exclusive, to at least also include Target. I mean Target already has 5 Legends exclusives this year so a 6th isn’t that crazy to think about. OR...this figures NEW home is Target and Walmart has been cut out at zero hour. Here’s some of the aforementioned nuance and to anyone that’s relatively new to collecting or to anyone that just collects marvel, this could potentially be informational. #1 Hasbro will shop around an exclusive to other retailers, when they see on-hand stock levels (this is more from DC-Distribution Center level side of things) and sell-through of a particular retailers exclusive, not performing the way they wanted, for whatever reason. Far from the only example of this but I’m just picking a quick one for easy reference, would be the Gamestop Exclusive Deadpool/Venom figure. That figure was solicited, pre-orderable and sold at, exclusively GameStop. However, as time went on, and for whatever reason (Gamestop ordered too many, Hasbro shipped them too much, etc etc pick one) that figure was then solicited to practically every other retailer and they all bit on it (probably an easy sell to them because the box office was so huge from the first movie, it didn’t take much “incentive” for a retailer so sign off on getting an “exclusive deadpool”). As the months went on, this figure was sent to Target, TRU and literally every toy etailer (I cant remember if Walmart took it too). Again this is FAR from the only example I can provide (etailers like EE getting Walgreens exclusives like yellow daredevil, black series c-3po to quickly name some more, etc) but it’s definitely one of the biggest examples. #2 This is where I really think what may have happened: So over the course of the last year, Hasbro (in an attempt that could almost be construed as they are “listening to us”...hahaha) has been letting other companies save or “rescue” a lot of Walmart exclusives, that Walmart has...(wait for it)...blundered. The companies in question that have primarily been doing the “rescuing”...has been EE. This all started around this time or so last year when Star Wars collectors (myself included) were becoming really peeved about Walmart getting not one but TWO Vintage Collection 3.75 figures, a TLJ Island Journey Rey and an awesome Mimban Stormtrooper from Solo. The thing was, was that the Rey was already supposed to have came out in the spring and it just literally never did (not dissimilar to how the Walmart Binary Captain Marvel was already supposed to have been in out in the spring, just like the Target Starforce version was). So as the months went on and on we got to SDCC, the (former) design director for Star Wars (Steve Evans) was directly asked about this and his response was that “the figure had already been on Walmart shelves for months”. When Steve was confronted with the realization that umm yeah...that didn’t actually happen and the figure still doesn’t “exist”, he seemed genuinely puzzled and said he would look into it. A couple months (if memory serves correct) after SDCC and low and behold, it was announced that EE was the “new home” for this figure. Case in point, I bought 3 of those figures from EE and one of them even had the Walmart exclusive sticker on the blister window... EE also took on last years Amazon exclusive MCU 10th Iron Man 3 set. EE has since took on another Star Wars Vintage Collection (TVC) item, the formerly Walmart exclusive large-wing Tie Fighter. There are still more examples I could give but suffice to say, this has been a very reoccurring trend within the last 12 months. To that end, this is why I think Target may also be getting the Walmart 80th Cap, as a retailer rescue partner. Target has REALLY stepped up to the plate with exclusives in the absence of TRU, across many different lines and have minimum tripled the exclusives they now carry (specifically Star Wars where they’ve really gone all in). How has Walmart stepped up to the plate since TRU collapsed? By being Walmart and continuing to mismanage all their exclusives...business as usual. I think this could (potentially) be no more complicated than Hasbro simply rewarding Target for stepping up as a retail partner with their product and buying in on soooooo many exclusives post TRU demise. Who knows though, this might not be a shared exclusive, Hasbro might have just stripped it from Walmart all together and just given it to Target! Really hope that’s the actual case here. At any rate, I’m VERY curious to see what the real deal is with this figure and with the 8/1 fall retailer toy resets around the corner, it won’t take long to find out. I implore EVERYONE on this site to post a sighting of this figure as they seem them, so we can quickly figure out the story on Mr. Rogers. Lastly, please be sure to give this video a like if you want to see more dedicated coverage of Tide Laundry detergent analysis!
  8. Color me intrigued. I also had a store run the DPCI in their system at customer service and it identifies it perfectly as 80th Cap, but no info in their system, not even a price. Target does not list it on their site and brickseek shows product “N/A” when using 087-16-0463. However both Walmart’s site and brickseek have the figure listed accurately in description, images and pricing, for Walmart. While there certainly is a first time for everything, in my decades of collecting, I can never recall a Walmart exclusive also showing up at Target so as such, I’m quite skeptical of this figure actually being available at Target. It would of course be much more ideal than just Walmart solely getting the figure but I’m not holding my breath. The only thing that will convince me is a clear picture of the figure and the receipt, proving it was purchased at Target.
  9. Just a heads up, I went to grab the Target EX Iron Man/Iron Spider set on my lunch break as BrickSeek lit up like a Xmas tree last night. I spoke to a manager and he confirmed they had the case of 4 in the back but told me to come back Sunday morning as it’s street dated in their system for 7/28. I’ll just show up Sunday morning and that will be that I suppose. I just need the Walmart Binary Marvel and the Walmart 80th Cap and I can cross 2019 off the list (unless there are a few more surprises in the works before years end of course) Going off of Rektangular’s leaks, there still might be a Punisher War Machine and Iron Man variant in store for the 80th fan channel releases so I guess we will see.
  10. Never mind, found it on their site after digging around as “marvel legends Spider-Man” didn’t quite cut it in the search lol. DPCI: 087-16-0459 Walmart Cap SKU: 413500830 (this is the one that works in Brickseek as the SKU listed on their site for this figure does NOT work on Brickseek) Nothing shows for either of these figures in my area yet (south Florida), nor has Binary marvel shown up yet either. Happy hunting!
  11. Does anyone by chance have the DPCI for the Iron Spider & Iron Man set?
  12. What Spider-Man villains are left? I can list 30+ without even trying. I will put it like this. There’s more Spider-Man baddies that have never been done in ML before than there are that have already been done. Hope that narrows down my list. Bring on the bad guys!!!
  13. Just a heads up the 80th Iron Man/Iron Spider set will also be available through EE. There’s going to be some news regarding Target & EE at SDCC.
  14. Yes I am aware. I also never said it was coming to retail so not sure what part of my post you’re trying to clarify here...
  15. EE shipped out my 80th Hulk/Wolverine set yesterday so keep an eye out for the email.
  16. Bobby Valla (who was heading up the 12in Legends line after they slashed his budget on the 3.75in line and butchered the line into oblivion...which was after they canned the 3.75in Joe line he was working on AND canceled his prototypes for a 6in Black Series style Joe line he was stating...) left Hasbro late last year and recently started a kickstarter for 6in G.I.Joe style figures called Action Force (the Kickstarter is still active for another 10 days or so). In an interview with Shartimus Prime, he said he had a 12in Jack Kirby style Thanos planned for the line, along with a comic Captain Marvel as well as a Venom (I think he said Venom, can’t remember) and those figures were very far along in development but Hasbro canceled them. I for one was very disappointed when the 12in line was canceled (as well as when the 3.75 line was canceled) and while the 12in line has a rocky start, the later releases such as Thor, Hulk and Wolverine were just fantastic. There is more than enough room for a complimentary 12in Legends line to run, it just needs to be the right characters and only 4-6 need to be released a year. I just don’t believe the $100+ Legends prop replica line sells better than a $50 focused, well done 12in line (which is what the line looked like it was turning into). But hey, what do i know. Hasbro doesn’t want me spending more money with them I guess because while my wallet hurts keeping up being a 6in Legends completist, I still have room in my budget for well executed 3.75in and 12in figures.
  17. It appears they are doing somewhat of a staggered release, at least as far as online ordering goes, as I already have some of the items shipped and on the way to my front door, such as the Wolverine/Hulk set. For brick n mortar retail, we should start seeing them appear during the fall plaonogram resets for action figures, which technically starts August 1st for all retailers. Also, per what was reported at Toy Fair this year, the Peggy/Cap set will be an amazon exclusive. I don’t have confirmation on this but with Walmart, Fan Channel etailers and Amazon all getting exclusive legends from the “80th” assortment, my guess is that the Iron Man/Iron Spider set is going to be a Target exclusive. Not confirmed (that I know of anyway) but just a hunch.
  18. Just picked up the Homecoming 2-pack from Target and from what BrickSeek shows, I can confirm they are out in wide release here in South FL. I also did not encounter a street date issue-I gave an employee the DPCI (087-16-2332), he pulled the case from the stockroom, I picked out the set with the mintiest box, stocked the other 3 sets on the shelf and then took my set and the shipper carton to self checkout and went about my day. I literally do the exact same thing every time a Target Exclusive comes out, I’m starting to get deja vu lol. I love Target, by far and away the best retailer for exclusives without question. BrickSeek + Target really makes things easy!
  19. Walgreens Exclusive #14 is out in South FL. So far, seen 2 at two different stores, along with misc X-men figs (each store had the same figs; Beast, Skullbuster & 2 Gambits) Happy Hunting!
  20. @cjranck They were sent to all stores as part of one of two different types of shipper display cartons. Depending the on the stores POG layout, they were sent either a 4-way floor stack PDQ shipper or an endcap shipper. Regardless of the shipper, there was 5 of each in each one from what I could tell. The store I found them in put out the endcap shipper and they put it on an endcap that was like half a dozen aisles from the toy section (it’s walmart, nothing to be surprised at) facing the back wall so it was untouched and I was able to snag the set with the cleanest condition package. What I would recommend is simply pulling up the SKU in BrickSeek search and then seeing if any stores near you show any stock. If you find a store that shows “In stock” (green), then there’s almost a guaranteed chance that store has them. If the stores near you show “limited stock” (yellow), than there’s a small chance they may have them as limited stock is less than half their delivered inventory of the item. If you know a store never put out the shipper(s) and that same store shows In-Stock on BrickSeek, than there’s almost a 100% chance that they never took the shipper out from the stockroom and it’s still there. The store closest to me still has yet to put out the shipper lol. In that scenario, grab a manager and see if they can locate it in the back and then rinse & repeat until a competent manager/employee actually does it for you. When it comes to exclusives, specifically Walmart exclusives, it pays to shop smart vs hard with BrickSeek and just hit the store the day they show inventory on hand if you can. Since it’s walmart, I wouldn’t count on replenishment but anything can happen. Hell, the last 3 Star Wars Vintage Collection 3.75 exclusives have been exclusive to their website so far and if I didn’t place my orders, I still would have not gotten them as no stores in a 75 mile radius of me ever got any physical stock at store level. In any case, wish you the best of luck on scoring it.
  21. @Neal Mind sharing which state you’re in? I’m in south FL and was expecting to see this figure this week but no luck yet. Admittedly, I haven’t looked too hard so I’ll do a round this weekend.
  22. My buddy who is a store manager for Gamestop just sent me this, it’s the ad coming out this Sunday. Looks like Gamestop is getting an exclusive Logan as part of the 80th line. It’s not even in his store system yet so more details will probably drop Monday as that is when I suspect the figure will be available for order.
  23. @Benn Yes sir, I am sure. According to current Hasbro solicitation to my source, it’s 100% accurate as of now. Hasbro is still playing pretty close to the vest with the Avengers Endgame Waves however and while things can change, the X-Force wave is scheduled to land after those waves, at least the second Avengers Wave anyhow. Right now, we only know of 5 figures from the second Avengers Endgame wave and we don’t know any of the figures comprising wave 3 nor do we know the BAFs for waves 2-3. Once we have confirmation on the full breakdown for Avengers Endgame Waves 2-3 as well as the BAF confirmation for the X-Force Wave, we will know the rosters/BAFs for every wave comprising 2019. All that would be left to be revealed at that point is 2-Packs, Box sets and Exclusives, to which I suspect there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about yet. I also think we will see some more 80th Anniversary product as well. We didn’t see all of the MCU 10th product revealed at once back in Toy Fair 2018 (they held back the SDCC Red Skull and Ultron), so I suspect we will get at least a couple additional reveals for the 80th line as well. That’s just me speculating however.
  24. I have confirmation on the final figure for the X-Force Wave, it’s Wolverine. I don’t have confirmation on the costume but I’m assuming, black/silver X-Force suit. No confirmation on the BAF but since it’s a 6 figure wave and they have already revealed Wendigo, I’m assuming it’s Wendigo. Wolverine and Night Crawler are also 2 per case. While I don’t think Hasbro would do this, how cool would it be to just have one of the Night Crawlers in the case be the original suit suit as solicited and the other one in the case be the X-Force costume? That would be an extremely efficient and smart way to beef up the value/incentive for the wave, with very little effort involved, kind of like a “guaranteed variant” sort to speak. Just a thought.
  25. Just in case anyone finds this useful, i received confirmation from my source that Iceman and Storm are the two remaining figures that will round out the upcoming X-Men Legends Vintage Wave, which is set for August. I don’t have confirmation on which costume Storm will be in however but I do have some ideas as I’m sure most of you have lol. In any case, this is going to be a killer wave imo.
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