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  1. Nice name. Its mine too.

  2. If it helps,we didnt miss you. Let the thead die.He's gone and he's never coming back! Stop trying to revive,#$#@#,comment about it because its all dead and buried. The funeral was a lovely one Eh, it wasn't even off the front page yet; figured it was okay. Nonetheless, I'm sure you're right. I didn't even bother to read any of it anyhow. Suppose it felt nostalgic, jumping into something that didn't concern me. Sorry 'bout that.
  3. Good god...I came in here to see what's been going on and if I could catch some pics of the new stuff. Before I know it, I'm back in the familiar quote within quote within quote within quote crap and pages of arguments. No wonder I stopped popping in here. I noticed a new emoticon however: spider-man beating a dead horse. Guess someone thought there was a need to "marvelize" that one for the boards, eh? Wonder why.
  4. That's the first ML Punisher, isn't it? I'd say 25 is a good price for an old one like that. I'm not great with prices though.
  5. I certainly wouldn't mind, though, I'd actually like a better Carnage first. We need the guys who worked on Green and Hob Goblins; they looked like they were ripped right from the comic, and I kinda wanted that look for Carnage! Anyway, many of those crazy symbiote designs were pretty dang cool, so i'd want them just to make some cool figures. I don't think i've ever even seen them in the comics!
  6. Silver armor Spider Man (or Silver Spider, if you will). We got this awhile back, but it was along the lines of one of the worst figures in that line, considering the action feature and most of the articulation being standard mid-90's fair instead of any of the advancements of the time. I want a full, normal ML figure of armored Spider Man! I've been waiting for awhile; ever since the original toybiz one that shoots his sheild. It's funny that the arm was imobile so that it could shoot the shield, 'cause when the new one came out, the same arm was imobile again so that it could shoot a missile! That figure was a huge disapointment.
  7. It's a fine figure if you're not worried about scale, however, I think the larger one is much nicer (though the head sculpt could use some work to make it less triangular). The 5 inchers were nice, simple figures. I'm sad that the Legends and 5 inch kids line couldn't work hand in hand. The 5 inchers just sat there though.
  8. I choose this one. And the joke about "that time of the month."
  9. Well, I appreciate the "try", but when it fails (as it so often does) it just serves to look ugly. I normally don't care about ugly when I can get cool articulation in return but, it didn't work here. I would have loved to do a hunched over pose, looking like he's getting back up from a big hit. I'm not sure why that joint fails so often.
  10. Depends on what kinda Venom you like. For instance, I hate how Venom has become a bulgy garbage sack of chunky soup who is always vomiting his tongue. The v-hips one was okay, but the articulation was horrid and his tongue was a rotting sausage (I ripped it out not long ago, and it was a vast improvement). The second one posted is just disgusting and I'm pretty sure he's composed of muscle bulges with joints. My favorite so far is the movie version. He's still got the tongue, but it's more acceptable than most (for me) and the body is Venom perfection in terms of articulation. I could have used a cooler headsculpt, but the articulation is what draws me in. I don't care about the webs on 'em; they actually look pretty cool. I am still waiting for a perfect classic Venom. I know it'll be a long time though, since there doesn't seem to be any love for the classic big dude with a toothy grin. Now it's all monstrous and slobbery. Oh well.
  11. Same here. I can't get enough of the Iron Man figures. I'll take whatever they throw at me.
  12. I'm with you. I liked this place 'cause I could check a bunch of stuff all at once. Now I gotta load MORE things for every thing that I go to. It was annoying enough just checking news at this place: "Look, Transformers news and Marvel news! Great! *click* Oh...okay, now I wait for the whole new page to load, 'cause you can't just show me the pics here...." And now the message boards are the same way. For everything I want to check, I gotta load something new. I mean, sure, it's not a big problem with my net connection, but it's not the fastest. Most of the time it just makes me not feel like coming here anymore. On top of all that, there's getting to the forums at all. The button at the top was moved to the side, and regardless of having all these new forums, it still only goes straight to the main forum so that you've got to load that, then scroll down and load whatever forum you want to go to from there. Ease of use; that's what we're missing.
  13. Well, depends on who you ask. *ahem* Obviously...or else you wouldn't be asking for opinions. Sorry, I like to be redundant. Anyway, I'd go with the Hasbro version, but it depends on what you are looking for in a Doom. Here's the pros and cons in my eyes: TB Doom + Great paint job,wash, and sculpting + Nice "Richards!!" left fist for shouting and angry poses + Index finger is extended on right hand for pointing + Holds pistol well for having articulated hands + Two different versions: Victor face, and Doombot face (I've got the Doombot) + Great neck movement - Faceplate just doesn't stay on; falls off at the slightest wind - Leg movement is limited due to skirt - Neck movement is useless with the hood on - Can't hold anything but his pistol because of articulated hands Hasbro Doom + Great sculpting (love the faceplate) + Nice "The world is mine!" open left hand (fingers curled) also works good for shooting energy from his hand + Non-articulated right hand, so it holds his pistol and other guns/swords/whatever. + Faceplate won't come off unless you want it to (great creepy Victor head underneath too) + More dynamic cape and hood - Limited leg movement due to skirt and hip pegs being inserted up into the hips instead of into the side - Neck movement a downgrade compared to TB Doom, and the hood still gets in the way - Hood and cape is made of harder plastic (may not be a bad thing for some) - A bit brighter than TB Doom and no paint wash (also may not be a bad thing) - Chest articulation is bascially useless So, those are my own pros and cons. Personally, if you're looking for a great display figure, then go for TB Doom since you won't be able to have fun with him without his faceplate falling off constantly. However, if your looking for something more durable and fun, then Hasbro Doom is the way to go, since he doesn't fall apart and his hand can hold more things for versatility. I choose Hasbro Doom, since I like to pose them and play around from time to time. However, he's not perfect, and more things could have been done to really make him better than the TB version. Overall, the TB version still beats 'em out in presentation. I'd give more points for presentation to Hasbro Doom if his chest joint actually moved forward and backward to a noticeable degree but, as usual, they can't seem to get those joints to ever do anything. So, since it's useless, it just gets in the way of the sculpt. That's about it! TB Doom for presentation, Hasbro Doom for play. Take your pick!
  14. I'd love to see it as well. I didn't mind the crab thing as a general toy, but the first version was much cooler looking. It would be cool if they could work up to the scale of the Sentinel again, just for that figure. It's been awhile. I'd take whatever they manage to make though; it's just a cool design.
  15. Found 'em both at Wal-Mart! I love Titanium Man; he's a perfect Doombot. Iron Monger has some issues though....I can't keep the cockpit closed all the time. I don't really get the features they put in there. The head pushes down into the body so the cockpit can close, except, the head of Iron Monger has a hole in it so the human head can fit. So why does the human head push down? Because of the spring, the cockpit doesn't close as well! On top of all this, the Iron Monger head doesn't move at all! I understand this was so the human head could fit in it....but it doesn't! The head pushes down! So why the heck doesn't Iron Monger's head move? Ah well. This one has more range of movement in the legs, I just wish they hadn't made that whole funky feature for the opening cockpit. If they had just let the head fit in the helmet hole, then the cockpit would stay closed. However, since it doesn't fit in the hole, they could have made the head move! Overall I imagine that this thing went through alot of changes at the last minute, since the pic on the back of the packages doesn't line up with the figure.
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