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  1. I recently got the Warlock wave Polaris, and The Caliban wave Jubilee. Their faces area little quirky, but they are nice complements. I’m really looking forward to the retro wave Dazzler.
  2. That’s what I wonder too. I think FA Storm would be a big seller. Maybe Warpath or Thunderbird. I don’t know. Maybe we need categories. Iconic/historic look, Hot modern look, classic look recently revived or revived in a popular run. Version necessary for team completion. Any others?
  3. Wolverine is one of my favorites, but even I get bored of some of his variations, and I understand people getting irritated if he isn’t their favorite. At least he has a billion different costumes.
  4. Thanks for the response. I didn’t stick with New X-men long enough because of the art primarily. Sort of related, is there a forum for discussing the comics here?
  5. I don't read the comics anymore, but and I didn't mean to cast aspersions on them. I definitely feel the pull of nostalgia, and agree it covers a multitude of weaknesses. I didn't like the influence of the movies on the comics (it should have been the other way around) and I just don't understand the constant reboots. I understand the "new" factor of it, I guess, I just think it's annoying. Or it would be if I read them. I'm not trying to be a classical chauvinist though. I'm sure I sound that way sometimes. I'm old.
  6. I think BB would be a decent BAF, too. Your list would be an awesome reality. Maverick, Kane, and Warpath esp. I’m probably a minority opinion, but I think if I had to have a Wolverine, it would be the feral one. I'm also not over AoA yet.
  7. Yeah, there is a good number of non-X-universe figures from the 5” days. And that’s not including Spider-Man. It would be interesting to see those lists too!
  8. Right! Blink and X-Man are very nice though. A transitional state on the way to Legends. I never did figure out how to use Blink’s “teleportation” base thing.
  9. First appearance Storm is a heavy hitter. How do we even define a heavy hitter? Historically significant? An active appearance in the comics? I don't know what any of the X-Men look like now. I see they sometimes have those weird glowing costumes. I know Rogue wore the green and white hooded costume in her early appearances, and in the late 90's, but if she hasn't worn it since is it important? If they did one of her in that look, I hope they would give her a first appearance hairdo, and a modern one. The comics seem so transient these days. TB made a Rogue in the X-Treme X-Men outfit, but how long did that look last? They've made a few of the black and silver X-Force characters as repaints. What kind of heavy hitters are those? Is it a modern look that has persisted? Is it on the scale of Colossus' shirtless Outback look? Warpath seems like a heavy hitter. I see there is discussion on whether he and Thunderbird were the same size. How different are there costumes? It seems unlikely we will get two of them if they are in their classic looks. Didn't Warpath trick the X-Men into believing he was Thunderbird for revenge? I like the idea of some Hellfire Club guards for army building. Magneto in purple with the big M would be neat.
  10. I like your lists. Which Sabertooth are you thinking? There is a Marauders Sabertooth from the TB Legends era. I forgot to add him, but Maverick would be a great linemate for Spy Wolverine.
  11. Below is a list of the remaining figures from the 90's Toybiz 5" run. Who do you think should be the next to receive a Marvel Legend, perhaps in the retro line? Sorry this list is so long. I couldn't figure out how to put it into columns. A lot of the big hitters have already been done. There are a lot of obscure figures, some that I don't even recognize. I didn't include some of the Cables and Wolverines that seemed too obscure, but you could add them off course. It's a tough list. I chose six plus a BAF, but you could more or less. What do you guys want? My list: AoA Jean Grey AoA Cyclops Dark Beast Warpath Rictor Morph (XTAS) Bonebreaker (BAF maybe) Ahab (weird purple cyborg) Apocalypse (AoA) Banshee (blue-yellow) Bishop (90’s short hair) Black Tom (white shirt) Bonebreaker (Reavers tank-legs) Brood Cameron Hodge (humanoid Phalanx) Ch’od Chamber (Generation X) Colossus (Acolyte) Colossus (Excalibur) Commcast (no clue who this is) Corsair Crimson Commando (cyborg version) Cyclops (Slim from Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix) Cyclops (AoA) Dark Beast Deathbird Emplate Erik the Red Exodus Fitzroy Forearm Gambit (AoA) Gambit (Joe Madureira space costume) Genesis Gideon Grizzly G W Bridge Harvest (Phalanx Covenant) Iceman (90’s spiky) Iceman (AoA) Jean Grey (Marvel Girl X-Factor green) Jean Grey (Redd from Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix) Jean Grey (AoA) Joseph Jubilee (Generation X) Kane (v.1 and v.2) Killspree Krule Kylun (Excalibur) Magneto (AoA) Marrow (ugly version) Mondo (Generation X) Morph (XTAS) Nimrod (fat, round version) Omega Red (AoA) Penance (Generation X) Professor X (Astral Plane) Quark Random Raza Rictor (X-Force version) Rogue (AoA) Rogue (Joe Madureira space costume) Sabertooth (90’s X-Factor) Sabertooth (battle-damage ala Wolverine 90) Senyaka Shard Shatterstar (blue and red costume) Silver Fox (Wolverine universe) Skin (Generation X) Slayback (from Deadpool limited series) Spat and Grovel (from trial of Gambit) Storm (Marc Silvestri Outback era, yellow lightning bolt) Sugar Man Sunfire (modern Jim Lee version) Sunspot (red and blue X-Force) The Protector (Orphan Maker I think) Tusk Warlock Warpath Warstar White Queen (Generation X) Wolfsbane (New Mutants) Wolfsbane (X-Factor, Excalibur?) Wolverine (90’s feral, bone claws and bandana) Wolverine (actually Albert the cyborg) Wolverine (Fang) Wolverine (Spy) X-Cutioner X-Treme
  12. Banshee comes to mind. He's a bland figure. What I think I dislike most though, are his hands. He doesn't pose well. He's a figure who would do well with some alternate heads. I don't have her yet, but they should have made Blink look like AoA.
  13. I hear you on that. I’m only thinking of her significance to the team and Wolverine’s story. I also think that because she matches she would be a nice complement. It would be annoying to not get both of Northstar and Aurora, and both of them in the same wave seems perhaps unlikely. Shaman has a neat look, Snowbird is a little boring; how would you expect them to demonstrate her superpower? What about some of the characters from the 90’s Alpha Flight?
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