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  1. Chunkylover

    Vote for Marvel Legends !

    The results should be posted some time today.
  2. Chunkylover

    New 2 packs

    Can someone explain why they went with gray rock and blue flame on the Super-Skrull? Is that a nod to a modern comic depiction or are they trying to make it different from the original Super-Skrull?
  3. Chunkylover

    Vote for Marvel Legends !

    Hey, if you're right, you're right. If the molds don't work for a specific character, then they do suck. I'm happy with the news and if I have to by grey-black Wolverine and Terror Inc. to get Black Widow or Constrictor, well, I just might. I guess you could have been more specific in your evaluation of what about the wave sucks. As you say, the Hood figure sucks but what about the Black Widow or Deadpool figures? It is kind of lame to see the same jacket on three figures, but it looks good on Fantomex and Multiple Man (Dr. Voodoo looks like crap but I think that's intentional).
  4. Chunkylover

    I Like 6"!

    Hasbro makes 18 figures, all of which you want, and has a dozen or so prototypes, which you also want, they give you the power to decide which ones are produced, and you still think the company hates collectors? I rather think Hasbro has a lot of appreciation for true fans given that they're trying to keep the feeding tube in an otherwise dead line. I wonder if Toy-biz and Marvel saw a decline in sales or an increase in production costs occurring and decided to give the line to Hasbro for the express purpose of going exclusively 3.75". Remember when the changeover happened oil prices were going up, and it's possible the line really wasn't that healthy at the end of the TB era.
  5. Chunkylover

    Vote for Marvel Legends !

    Well I don't know much about the Hood or the modern representation of Terror Inc. so I can't judge whether the reused mold is a good fit. Where TB reused molds they always seemed to fit pretty well. I mean that Bullseye body was done to death but I still think it's a great generic mold. One could argue the head on Lady Bullseye is not quite correct, but they did a good job with it as well as Bi-beast. Deadpool was made using the standard Hasbro figure mold. I guess I don't see a problem using the same mold over and over if it works, which in the most part these do. Whether you intended to or not, you came off as another illogical Hasbro basher, rather than someone just stating their reason for transitioning to the new standard.
  6. Chunkylover

    Vote for Marvel Legends !

    ... and Toy-Biz, and every DC line.... Nature of business, you have to cut costs where you can and toy companies have always sought to get extra milage out of older molds. Enjoy MU, it'll probably give you more of what you want for a longer time that ML. As for me I'm sticking with ML.
  7. Chunkylover

    Vote for Marvel Legends !

    MU is getting Enchantress, The Wrecking Crew, Klaw, and an Ultron that doesn't suck MU is killing me. There are so many great figure choices in that line, but I just can't get into that line for a multitude of reasons. I think if we can make ML a success starting with these two-packs, we may get lucky enough to get see some of the above figures. I voted for Constrictor, Valkyrie, and I think Black Widow. I picked Black Widow because I don't really like the new versions of figures (basically all the X-characters), and I don't think Bi-beast is a very good figure. If they come with a classic red-and-blue Warpath, a masked Multiple Man, a non-Phoenix Jean Grey, and original T'bolts Meteorite I'll be all over them. I could care less about the Hood, Lady Bullseye, or that Wolverine.
  8. Chunkylover


    Has it occurred to anyone that they may include figures in the two packs that weren't included in the poll? Otherwise they're not picking the top three but the top six of the fan's choice poll. It may be a forgone conclusion that we are getting Gladiator, Dark Hawk, Random Inhuman, in addition to some of the deeper character selections most people want. I think they're doing true collectors a solid by making Fantomex, Terror Inc. and Nuke. They're not my favorites but they are giving us the choice and which means they're willing to give us what we want, not necessarily just what they want.
  9. Chunkylover

    New Marvel Legends Choices

    I don't want to be too contrarian, but I hope if they include figures who are currently popular that they are represented in their classic (legendary) depiction. I'd rather complete the Giant-Size X-men than get any modern characters. Anyone whose look hasn't changed dramatically like Darkhawk would also be acceptable.
  10. Glad to see some positive news. I must say though, that I haven't really missed collecting Legends as much as I first thought I would. Plus, money is tighter. It'll be a tough road for Hasbro to try and compete in this environment. Who knows what will happen once I finally see the Nemesis wave and two-packs.
  11. Chunkylover


    Yeah, I replied before I read the thread because I wanted to justify my vote. I don't dislike them because they reuse them. I've actually considered buying them at one point but had to say no because I couldn't get involved in another massive line of toys, and I never followed DC that much. I would say that goofy hip-joint is pretty old-school. And come on, single-joint elbows and knees? Isn't that why we hate on Hasbro so much? I admit that they look good but as someone else mentioned they just stand there; not very dynamic action figures. I'm not applying this to you directly, but I think a lot of people have latched onto the DC figures just to spite Hasbro. Maybe on a deep level, kind of a, "If you're going to ruin ML, I'm going to support your rival!" Which is perfectly fine and rational. That's the way of a free-market economy. But I don't think you can stand the best ML next to the best DC and say the DC is better. ***WARNING: THE ABOVE COMMENTS ARE THE SOLE OPINION OF THE AUTHOR AND SHOULD IN NO WAY CAUSE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MELT YOUR BRAIN IF YOU LIKE DCUC!***
  12. Chunkylover


    Marvel Legends because I always liked Marvel better than DC. But just looking at the DC figures I don't know how anyone can honestly argue they are better than Marvel Legends. The articulation seems like a remnant from the '90's. I suppose the paint application looks good, but so did the Toybiz Marvel Legends and so have the recent Hasbro offerings. The DC sculpts don't look bad but then neither did all of the ML figures. Yes some have looked bad, but that's because there have been so many. Plus, and I may be wrong on this, but aren't the DC figures re-using the same mold at a rate far greater than Toybiz and Hasbro have for Marvel?
  13. I voted "No Way" although it's more a "sigh, no". I really like the variety they offer and I would wager that half the no votes will eventually see how broad and deep the character selection is and change their minds. As for me, this is a convenient jumping off point.
  14. Those MU look pretty cool and that contest looks interesting. The large variety they are willing to produce makes me wish they could do something like this for Legends. Still, I'm abstaining from the MU so I wish them success with their new target audience.
  15. Chunkylover

    Nemesis wave at CmdStore

    They're almost twenty dollars per figure. Is that close to what they are projected to be at Wal-Mart?

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