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  1. Great topic! All I can really say is that Deluxes ought to be the way forward and BAFs retired. BAFs as a concept worked when these figures were cheaper. In Canada, regular figures are between 40-45$ after taxes, and there's just no way now that I'm going to fork over that much money for a BAF piece and a figure I'm not interested in. The only way BAFS can still work imo is if they are even more wave specific, as in specific to a story-line and all the characters featured therein.
  2. @Lord_Scareglow Actually, a bit of gold paint on the Eye of Agamotto was all it took for my previous nit-picks to vanish in a puff of smoke, lol. Now I'm happy πŸ™‚
  3. Classic Doctor Strange finally showed up in the North (thanks @Lord_Scareglow) for posting the SKU at AFN!) Now that I've got him, he's cool, I'm happy. I have to say that asides from the articulation, TB's is still the better figure though, imo (wish I kept my old one, especially for that cape!) Still, this is a very nice check off the bucket list, for sure!
  4. Just gimme classics and I'm happy, particularly anything to do with 1970s Avengers!
  5. Hey, that's great for anyone who missed out on the first one. The baby Nightcrawler is nice touch, lol.
  6. Sounds good to me! I was never into Deadpool in the comics, but I've really enjoyed the films! I hope they bring back Domino, because I really loved the chemistry that RR and ZB had together.
  7. Interesting. The deluxe version is still so dope that I don't see what they would offer that was different, unless and ideally, a Johnny Blaze head portrait and perhaps a newly designed flaming skull (the deluxe version did have a serious overbite, lol). Very intrigued for more info!
  8. That head sculpt isn't doing this figure any favours. A bit too big/wide for his body for starters, but that curmudgeon-Grandpa sneer is pretty comical. And wasn't that outer shield ring supposed to be black? Ehhh, I'll still get it because I need a JW plus the Controller part.
  9. I'm not saying it's a repaint; I'm saying it's only slight tweek of one of the Shield agent portraits. They've done a similar thing with Reed Richards and the 3-pack Quicksilver. Again, I get why they'd do that, I just wish they'd work it further so it wasn't as obvious (at least to me, lol)
  10. Re-using body molds is one thing, and yes, critical to the success of ML, but this thing they keep doing of re-using faces is really annoying and cheap; this is one of the Shield Agent Army builder faces. I get the importance of time saving too, but at the very least they should try to work the sculpt more so it's not so recognizably the same likeness as another character.
  11. Very welcome news! Air-Walker is my first pick, if that wasn't already patently obvious. Air-Walker done right, exactly how he looked in the first FF comics he appeared in, with translucent fiery wings, and with his signature stoic, robotic glare expression; please, please Hasbro, don't give him a grumpy old man face, don't give him a comically evil smile or screaming expression. A stoic, robotic glare..because that's who he was most of the time. If Hasbro made him perfectly, as I've described, they could literally say, "Marvel Legends is ending now guys and gals, no more figures!" All I'd say is "Word!" I've literally been waiting all my life for this, lol. Any how, a nice update to Terrax too is a no-brainer, ideally with nice spiffy metallic paint. Destroyer too would also be most, most welcome. I know he wasn't techinically a Herald, but the alien Punishier Android is another figure I'd literally flip my lid for. One of Kirby's most fun and zany, awesomely cool designs, imo.
  12. At long last!!! FIRELORD!!!! Sweeter than sweet, as this is a Top 5 most wanted ever character for me, man! Really excited! That Mojo set too! Longshot's Mullet is work of sheer awesome 80s art! (A few of my friends their's styled that exact same way too back in my High School days or yore, lol.)
  13. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated! Yes indeed, I sincerely hope we see her soon and that Hasbro nails it! Glad to hear your on the mend dude; and yes, any surgery, elective or otherwise is draining. Wise move in using your healing time for things that come straight from the heart (I'm of the mind that this helps things heal faster)! As for your question, I'll drop you a PM to answer in more detail.πŸ‘
  14. Thanks Bro! And Amen!! Can't believe we still don't have all our original squad yet! Fingers crossed! Thanks Bro! Much appreciated! Thanks dude! We'll see; I've got another classic in the works though! πŸ™‚ Stay tuned! Thanks Bro! Much appreciated and Double Amen! Ohhh, Classic Drax.....the note is takne! Thanks dude! And thanks @JayC for the headline! Much appreciated dude! I'll make a few more, but promise I won't go overboard, lol.
  15. Really love that portrait on Havok! Wish they had a maskless version for him too, but no matter. Wasn't he supposed to have rings on his neck and traps? Is this a more recent version of him?
  16. Ehhhhh....man did Hasbro ever fuuuutz this! That stupid cartoony face....omg! And those hands....yes, the finger-gloves (Why Hasbro? Why???) but the size of them!! They're enormous....like cartoonishly stupidly enormous!! And they're not even in good clawing or swiping poses either; in fact they look rather non-chalant in their clawing/ swiping intensity, lol Any how, I get the sense that Hasbro tried too hard here; it's like they were trying too hard to make him look really impressive, when all they had to do was keep it simple. Maybe they thought Sabertooth's original look wasn't cool or striking enough? Whatever the case, this was a major bucket-list character for me man and they just fuuuutzed it. On the positive side, minus the head, hands and feet, it's the perfect Classic Sabertooth, lol. I'll get him and customize him to perfection! πŸ‘Œ
  17. Thanks dude, much appreciated! I caught part of the joke regarding the surgery, but are you also seriously getting something done? Any how, totally agree, and I could write an essay of lamentation for having waited decades for figures like classic Mystique and Elektra to name a few, only to get them on these twiggy spindly Kate Bishop bodies (and as you said, especially when there were two far better bodies out there; If they were worried about the Moonstone Buck's 'endowments, they could simply have toned them down instead of made all these super ladies annorexic!) And yes by all means, use this for inspiration. I'm very flattered! All I ask is you give me a shoutoutπŸ™‚. Really looking forward to seeing how she turns out!
  18. Actually, I do believe, lol; been chastised more than a few times! Mostly in good humor, but a guy in a G.I. Joe group got really mad at me once. I never meant to fool anyone though (plus it's a really nice compliment!) and always tried to be as clear as possible that they're photo comps in the description. But...big black letters seems to be doing the trick.
  19. Hope this is ok to post this here: this is a digital custom I made lately of a Marvel Legends style Marrina. I'd started out making photoshop renders (composites) of G.I. Joe Classified style figures last summer and it just sort of caught on from there; just a fun way of visualizing what I'd love to see made in real plastic, and ideally to make it real myself if I don't like Hasbro's take, lol (I've also been learning 3D sculpting). Any how, this picture is made of various parts of other ML figures, mostly promo pics from hasbro, and from pics of my own figures. Hope you all dig it!
  20. I foolishly allowed the Kingpin to slip me by, but I'm definitely not letting that happen with this figure! GLORIOUS!!
  21. Agreed! This will be a mighty good test for my painting skills to get the tone right and smooth AND the flag lines, lol. Still, I'm definitely picking this up now (and really relieved I didn't sell my Baf version!!!)
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