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  1. She's a work of art! Man I can't wait to pick her up, as she will be one of my Crown Jewels!
  2. Awesome!!! But man, Hyp's golden chastity diaper is a most awkward looking comic page-to-plastic translation indeed, lol. (I'm not faulting Hasbro on that though; that was always a tricky look to pull off in the real-world). Would have been nice if his arms were pinless too, but I still really dig it! I really need a Hyperion and I always did prefer the bad-guy version of him. Spectrum looks great too, and while I'd have preferred a newer bod for him, I'm fine with the BC mold. Now, as long as this is not a WM exclusive, we're good!
  3. No one on Earth can make me go from orbital velocity bliss to gastric ulcer faster than Hasbro and their blasted exclusives. Not even my worst relationship had that dubious distinction. Yes, he'll be a TrU exclusive in Canada, and just North of 50$. Added to that this whole issue with these new boxes and we have ourselves a no sale. Galactus-Almighty this team can be such a goon-squad at times with these Troll moves.
  4. Gorgeous figure, though I most certainly agree on the price! I really hope Hasbro will give us this Betsy Braddock in blue version at some point soon.
  5. I'm not surprised that he's more in the villain role, since Ayesha had said she was creating him to send after the GotG. That and he wasn't exactly a hero in the comics to start with as @tarot and @Atlantis just pointed out. All seems good to me, and Will Poulter looks far better as Warlock then I ever would have thought. Happily eating my words! Now...Hasbro, about those Classic Adam Warlock figures (v1 & v2) 🙂
  6. Oh gawds yes! Her, Red suit Elektra and Grey suit Black Widow would be my prime choices, but really, pretty much every character made on that ridiculous body. The sooner it's gone the better, and it can't be gone soon enough!
  7. What a great idea using that Sabertooth head on the older body! And fantastic shot too!
  8. Mixed waves don't apply to everyone either though, and fans have been asking for completely BAF relevant waves for years, at least the ones I associate with, lol. And I know why they mix the waves, I just don't agree that this is the best way to go anymore. The Starjammers aren't really they're own thing either...they're an X-Men thing, and any fan of the X-Men is also likely to be a fan of the Starjammers, so I don't think it holds to single them out that way. Marvel Legends are targeted towards adult Marvel fans, and we are a pretty sophisticated bunch. If Ch'od was so much more obscure in the fandom than Mojo, there'd be a lot more people here and across the net asking who the heck he is. What matters most here isn't how well-known someone like Ch'od is (since clearly fans know, and have been excited for him) ....it's how Toyetic he is. Had he better paint, and more accessories...do you mean to tell me you wouldn't buy him if he was single packed and cheaper?
  9. Two things. First, you omitted my other solution, which would be to make all characters in a wave specific to the BAF. This wave would have been pre-ordered off the face of the Earth if instead of all these other non-entities, we had Lilandra, Raza, Hepzibah, Eric the Red and some other Imperial Guardsmen. Far more toyetic looking characters too. Second, on the matter of obscurities....Mojo isn't obscure? An ugly misshapen blob on tiny spider-legs, with virtually no play value?? Good paint apps and weapons would sexify Ch'od enough imo, and making him a Gamestop or Amazon exclusive would serve. Ch'od would have worked really well too in a 3pack with Raza and Hepzibah. Anything to give him more oomf and not a cheap looking afterthought.
  10. Close, but....comes off as cheap and uninspired. Frustrating too because this could have been perfect, despite the old Abomination BAF body. All he needed was one trigger hand, the big alien laser pistol he used in his first appearance (and even that alien halberd he sports in the classic character image) and calf fins. More paint too, ideally, but just a few more parts and he could have been an absolute masterpiece of how to do parts re-use the right way. This just looks like they tried to shoehorn him in on a tight budget, which can only ever come across as insulting. All big figure's should be deluxes from now on. Hasbro seems to be willing to spend more tooling and accessory dollars on the scale, which makes them more attractive and affordable. This? No way I'm spending 250$ when all I want are two figures from the whole wave. Again...the other alternative....BAF waves with all the characters specific to the BAF; a concept so sexy it cannot be understated!
  11. Sweet! Man, that 60th Avengers wave has been trembling with giddyness! And again, Ronan is the cherry on top! I really hope that Hyperion and Dr Spectrum two pack has them more classicly outfitted, as I missed the first Hyperion and have not wanted to go to organ-donating prices on ebay. Thor and the Destroyer though.....Could this be the 80s Armored Thor??? Oh please let that be so!!!
  12. Man, I really love Kang's costume! I just may have to snag one of the sure to come figures of him fully suited up!
  13. Great choices everyone! I'd list others, but went for just the ones presently in my collection: 1. Firelord! This one surprised me a bit. I was not happy about his size and side-swept hair, but in person, I find he's ablaze with glory! Love it! 38 years of waiting also does wonders for casting aside nitpicks. 2. Doctor Strange (Walmart/ Classic version)! Again, I was cranky about some aspects of it, but, seeing him on the shelf looking ...'magical' (ehhh, sorry, lol)...He's one of the crown Jewels of my collection and a total show stealer. 3. 20th. Anniversary Cap! I almost didn't get this figure, as the 80th has suited me just fine. But those Kirby'esque colours, and the Reb Brown portrait have made this a gem in my collection! 4. Excalibur Three Pack! I got this entirely for Captain Britain, and was not disappointed! Another major check off the bucket list, and Meggan and Kitty are also great figures! 5. Fantastic Four Classics/Retro Thing! The John Byrne face sculpt, and that he's just so big, so bright and orange and 'Thingy' I just cannot take my eyes off of him. Easily my fav version of him. Really looking forward to this new year man! Ronan is already my #1 for the new year though, lol.
  14. What? You're not down with the white leopard fur lined boots?? (Imagine if they tried that look on tv! 😄)
  15. Thanks gang, and thanks again @JayC! Happy Holidays everyone! @MODADDYDODOK, amen and praying the olde gods of plastic for this miracle!!
  16. I share this sentiment, albeit, mildly; the Ronan reveal and successful pre order have bought me off from criticizing anything further....until January 🙂
  17. I'm indifferent to Hasbro doing Animated figures, but if they do these, then yes, I'd prefer they were their own thing and not in the mainline. As far as making show characters in the regular ML style, no; there's still so many classic characters that need their due. Reinterpretation is something for when they're out of ideas and out of characters.
  18. I'd forgotten all about young Franklin! (My FF world is locked in a time loop of the 60s to 80s, lol). Did he start dying his hair?I remember him being very blonde like his Mum.
  19. I get such a kick out of Firestar because on one hand she's Megan Markle, and on the other she's Maggie Gyllenhaal, lol. That Spidey is indeed very tempting, but why does Iceman look like an alien? That's about one of the oddest face sculpts they've made, man! Still, it's hard not to see this set and suddenly get the awesome 80s synth theme music in my head; Some of my best memories!
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