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  1. You may hear a sound in the distance.....it's the sound of me deflating into an empty pile of skin in a pitiful "SQUEEEEeeeeee......" Good grief! Yeah, I checked now, you're right, about 500 dollars just with the exchange, then the shipping and yes, naturally, the gov't must have their "told you know not to shop in the US" tax. Yeah, that'll easily come close to 700$. I guess I'll just have to take my chances on ebay if for Nova and whatever other Heralds they make. What a Croc this Haslab is! Behhh!
  2. Was someone on their team reading these comments? Lol. Ok....noooot bad, but that Surfer looks like he's on the same body as before. I'm wondering if they'll give him a Kirby-style head, like the TB version? Or the vac-metal as suggested. Frankie-Raye Nova...I'm in love with her already just going by the Silhouette! This still isn't perking me up though. Why tease something that's already had a release? And why even tease Nova...just show her already! Methinks the Hasbro team still ain't feeling the Zeitgeist in the air on this. 800$...Omg...is that what it would come to for us with all the tax, conversion and shipping??
  3. Agreed, I get less interested by the day, especially since he's more modern looking. I mean, I get why they made him modern looking, but for old pharts like me it's another strike. As you said, they need to show something and stop playing this so close to the vest. Agreed. And to expand on Satam's point, I think if they'd showed an array of sweet add-ons by now, this may have been backed already. As is, I'm starting to feel lead by the nose, and I don't like it. Yes, I know Hasbro has always done this for their Haslabs, but after all the BS with their exclusives and artificial scarcity (mainly with Joes but really with all their lines), and all the firestorm backlash it's generated online...this whole backer baiting game just isn't a good look. And to expand on your other point, practical concerns are actually starting to sober up my initial excitement now, lol. Big G here looks dope, he looks amazing....but he doesn't excite me. If I were to get it, I'd be spending umpteen-hundred dollars only for the add-ons and left with a behemoth of a figure that I don't really care about. Despite how badly I've wanted a figure of my namesake, the logic isn't exactly adding up, lol. Sigh...we'll see, but they better start getting people riled up again, because yeah, it does seem like interest is waning amongst fans.
  4. That Iron Man looks amazing! I know it won't happen, but I would love to see what these Japanese companies could do with lesser known characters, like Moon Knight or Daredevil etc.
  5. Man, I really hope they show some unlockables soon, because I'm already starting to lose interest.
  6. Agreed (and yes, Old-school FF fan here), and now is the perfect opportunity to do it! Ideally, I'd love it if they made his body to look like he was carved out of stone, just as Byrne drew him, and give him a little mini Asteroid to hover on.
  7. Toybiz, Force-bless them, was hardly perfect in the choices they made though, and the lack of Heralds with the Galactus BAF wave was one of the oddest most nonsensical ones they made, imo. Also, the old BAF and this new Haslab are different animals imo. The effort gone into tooling Haslab Big G and the enormous price-tag literally demand better and more impressive gimmicks, otherwise what else do they have to really offer people who are on the fence? Big G doesn't really have a lot going for him in terms of gimmicks other than his array of colourful servants over the decades. Any how, I don't disagree with you on the matter of re-issues or their sales tactics. Indeed, as a Northman, I'm no friend to the concept of Exclusives of any kind. In this case though, such a move on Hasbro's part would be perfectly in line with their current modus operandi. Lastly, I'm too old now and have waited too long to care over how the biggest of my bucket list favs is released. My only concern is that they do make him and that they do a superlative job!
  8. Agreed, the Punisher droid is really the only logical army builder as far as Big G is goes, and I think what you suggested about Pulse army builders is likely what they'd do. Either way, and as I said earlier, I need a figure of the Punisher droid, and for my tastes, the more Kirby'esque it looks the better.
  9. I get it, but the fact that people would want the Heralds separately is precisely one the reasons why they will most certainly be exclusive unlockables, lol. Also, the Heralds are intrinsically a part of Galactus's whole vibe/ schtick. He's had a Herald since the very start, and to not include any of them would be nonsensical imo. I've wanted a figure of the Air-Walker badly since I was a kid in the bygone age of yore, so his inclusion alone would make the whole price worth it to me, even if I'm not overly crazy about the more modern design. Anything else is gravy.
  10. Well, if he doesn't at least come with the Air-Walker and the Punisher Android, then this whole project means less than nothing to me. Nova and Firelord are great, long-time favs of mine too, but come on, they've got to at least have the Big G's most faithful Herald ever. And the Punisher droid...that thing is just so damn Kirby'esque whacky and Weird, it would make such an insanely fun figure and it's weirdness makes it the perfect pack-in for this. I'm a huge fan of the Surfer, and while yes, the Walgreens figure isn't perfect, it's pretty damn close; I'd rather they redid Terrax tbh. The Destroyer, Morg the Berserker, Tyrant...I'd be happy to see them too, but for me if my namesake at the very least isn't part of this, then no sale.
  11. Looks great, but you know, I'm not really feeling this. I'd have preferred a more classic look. I'm guessing a classic head is an unlockable goal. But....I still think I'm going to have to pony up for this bad-boy simply due to all the Heralds he's most assuredly going to come with, PARTICULARLY my Namesake!! AND.... the Punisher Android. If by Army builders they mean the Punisher Android, I've already got a Kidney to sell; I will do whatever it takes to have an army of Punisher androids!
  12. I dig it! I'd have preferred a serious face as an extra instead of two different smiling faces, but, that is Marvel Herc most of the time, at least back in the day. There's just something so hilarious to me about this outfit though...the look just doesn't translate to 3 dimensions without looking hilarious, haha. Still love it. Hope we get his other classic outfits soon too.
  13. Okaaayyyy, whatever you say Marvel. Make sure he's kilt real good; it just might make me want to read his ressurection issue, lol.
  14. I think it would be awesome to see him as Wolverine in the MCU, awesome; I don't give a flying f**k about the ramifications or continuity or his age, or whatever. Plus, I'm getting too old to care who they cast in these films anyway. All I want at this stage in life is to be both entertained and amused.
  15. Hahahaaaa! Elvis MODOK is a sight I'd never expected to see in this life, to put it mildly. If people are happy with this, cool man. Not for me and thus Money happily saved.
  16. Love the body mold. But the Cell-paint gimmick and Exclusive nature of the figure means I'm passing on this with extreme prejudice, man. Given that it's so gimmicky when the rest of the line isn't gives me confidence that we'll see a normal painted version. Even so....Hasbro's gimmicks and particularly their Artificial Scarcity routine and Retailer-Exclusve tom-foolery with all their lines has about worn me the eff out. Oh, and the fact that it costs nearly 40 dollars a figure for us Northmen on average. This hobby is getting too tedious.
  17. Love the paint job, but I'm a little disappointed with the helmet. It should be more of a bucket than a form-fitting mask with a frame over it. I'll find a way to customize it more to my liking, but I'm really happy he came with fists!
  18. I've not read a lot of Shang-Chi's mythos, but this looks really fun. And cool about the Abomination! Naturally, all I ask here is that his appearance paves the way for a properly scaled ML version that isn't....I repeat IS NOT a BAF!
  19. That 80s hair is so on point it's awesome! Can't wait to get 'im!
  20. I'm just really happy that she's not another clone of Moonstone, lol. Really love the face sculpt! (And Hasbro....please no more Clones of Moonstone!)
  21. There's definitely no denying that the BAF is more impressive looking, but for me, this is a less is more thing. The BAF is just too damn hyoooj! And those shoulders are just a bit too cartoonish. What also makes the new one a win for me is simply that you've got the option to pose him with his normal hands. Now here's hoping we get a nice redo of my other favourite Blue-Collar Super-Villain; the Absorbing Man! 😎
  22. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Editionof the mid 80s lists his real name as William Baker alias Sylvester Mann, alias Flint Marko. That's good enough for me 😎
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