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  1. Bro....I literally just told me wife the exact same thing just now, lol. Yeah, this is really the only time I didn't like a casting choice. I both expected and much preferred an actor who looked....well, a lot more impressive looking.
  2. Soared to the heights of Euphoria when I saw it, only to come crashing to Earth like a blazing meteor the moment I saw it was a Wal-Mart exclusive. Why, Hasbro, why do you hate me?? Sheesh....I've had explosively temperamental 'ex' girlfriends that gave me less grief! Any how, I have to have it. I'll find it some way, some how. But yes, this really does feel like we're being trolled, especially given that this is his classic self.
  3. Ahhhh.....Classic Sabertooth at last!!! My classic characters bucket list is growing shorter by the month!
  4. That Hobgoblin sucks!!! ......Massive, epic Fail Hasbro! (even more than Grumpy-Old Man Guardian). No scales, no classic style face?? Seriously? Their reasoning for it doesn't make sense at all either, because why then give Green Goblin scales when the animated version didn't have them?? And yes....I expect now that Secondary market prices for the Space Venom version are going to Skyrocket. (Fluffin, Frickin, frackin %*#@)! Any how.....sigh... the rest of that wave is great. I'm actually good with Loki and glad I'd held out on buying the regular version. They still could have given him some Evil-Magic conjuring hands though. Fawk, I'm still annoyed about Hobgoblin. Oh, and is the Excalibur set Pulse only?
  5. Classic Havok please, and any classic Polaris too (first outfit or Shi'ar would do nicely)! And yes, enough with the Bucky-Cap bod, time to retire that one.
  6. Hell Yes!!!! About time too! I did like the older Pizza spidey bod, but man I could not stand those stupidly enormous McFarlane style eyes! Just need a new Hobgoblin, Jack'O Lantern, The Rose and a classic Shocker, and I think I'd have about all the Spider-Man figs I'd ever need!
  7. As it's said in Quebec, Mais Oui! And yes, I'd definitely dig a classic Syrn; My classic Spider-Woman still doesn't have any worthy foes to match up with!
  8. These look pretty cool man. I've not watched these yet, but going by the figures, I think I may have to check this out.
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Damn!!!! Ok.....that is wicked cool man. Dammit!!! I would be most grateful to Hasbro for a deadline extension on this!
  10. Ahhh YES!! The Skrull army builder....at last, and a dream come true! Force-knows I've been pining for that for a while, and I love LOOOVE the retro-Sci-Fi Hair dryer laser gun! Now if they would just do a classic Kree army builder! The Shield Army builder is pretty Boss too man, though methinks one of them is going to have to surrender their workable holster to their director, lol. Love all the bonus hands! Ehhh....and the Armadillo wave. Fluff, man! I really fluffing hate when BAF waves are 95% things I don't want. Guess it's ebay for me on that one, unless someone here has no use for the Armadillo? I'm glad to hear that Shriek's buck will be the standard....I only wish they hadn't already made 99% of all my favourite classic female characters already though, sigh. Lastly, Meggan appears to be on the Moonstone buck, which is awesome! Now if that set can either be Amazon or Gamestop, I will be most grateful and relieved!
  11. Cool man! Head looks a bit big though, and the lines in his face make him look a bit older than I'd expect. No biggie, still a long awaited for figure, and another big fat check off the bucket list! I just pray that if it's an exclusive, then it's home will be Amazon.
  12. I can tooootally see how Thena could fall for Kro! Totally! 😄 All in all, it looks pretty interesting, my issues with the design elements not withstanding. If the Celestials are featured prominently, then I think the film has a chance to be something really cool, up there with GotG in terms of third stringers being turned into A-Listers. We'll see!
  13. It's possible, and if so they didn't succeed because her bro is better looking than she is, lol. I don't find that her face is masculine though; just odd. All the other ML lady heads have a generic 'beautiful woman/ super-model' look to them (which really is how a comic based figure should look since that's how they're drawn). This one though...the features are all so strangely particular and out of place with others that it makes me think that they based the likeness on one of their employees (a practice that I really, really hate in this biz). Either way, it's bad And the hair too...I've just skimmed through the comics where they sported these uniforms; she never had hair like this. A few different styles, but what she had for a bit was a badass mullet, which is how I think they should have made it, since even the Toybiz figures gave that to her. They dropped the ball on Johnny's hair too; it could pass for 1960s, but definitely not 1980s. All in all, Hasbro must surely be aware that they've dropped the ball with her and Reed. As I'm sure we all agree, they can make this right by offering add-on stretch arms and bonus heads with other figures.
  14. Thanks guys! That helps a lot....think I may get this afterall. Actually, on the matter of Juggernaut-wave Phoenix, I've found that there's actually a very attractive face beneath the disaster that was the factory painted version. As for the upcoming, Sue Richards...sigh...I couldn't agree more (and there's no way a bit of paint can fix it). I too can't believe they ok'd that, especially given how hot they make every female character, even the ones who aren't traditionally hot. I was just, juuust about to sell my Super-Skrull wave Sue Richards when the latest figure was shown. Now, thank the force, I'm keeping her for a head and hair swap, lol.
  15. Hey guys, what version of Omega Red is this? I'd already long stopped collecting comics when he showed up.
  16. Welcome to the world of modern toy collecting; every line is doing this now, unfortunately, though G.I. Joe Classified is the worst offender with every recent release being an exclusive. And if they could but include new Johnny Storm heads too; Hasbro want's to have us think he's had the same do' for 40+ years, lol.
  17. Agreed. They've been so on the ball with female faces since Moonstone body-Black Cat that it's hard to fathom how they could have ok'd this. The small head, squinty eyes, the jutting chin, the sneer/ scowl.....it is really surprisingly bad. I'll even go out on a limb to say it's the worst one I've seen on an ML (On FB people are calling her everything from Rene Zellweger, to Beavis and Butthead's Mom, to 'Karen' Richards to whatever cheeky appraisal one can make). And yes, Mr Fantastic; I could forgive the Pornstar grin if they didn't give him Pornstar fingers as you said, lol. I hope the team at Hasbro has the savvy to take this on the chin and make it right. A new head for Sue and arm extensions for Reed could easily be included in a deluxe set (Deluxe Annihilus Hasbro....nudge, nudge, wink-wink?)
  18. The Thing....bangin! Awesome!!! I'm getting two! Human Torch....bangin, Awesome!! Mr Fantastic.....oh gawd....the Porn star grin again. Seriously, wtf is Hasbro's obsession with the Porn star grin??? Some kind of inside joke?? That look on his face is so effing stupid I can hardly stand it; Reed Richards had a look of stoic severity on is face like 99% of the time. And yes, the ET fingers. I don't ever remember him doing that in the 80s, so another fail there. I agree that he needs some kind of deluxe version with all kinds of stretchy limbs, like...you know...that he actually did in the comics?? And Invisible Woman....What's up with the 'Fighting a Giant Mutant Alien Skunk' face?? And why change hers of all faces now? Ehhhhh...any how, Psycho-Man and High Evolutionary are wicked awesome. Two major bucket list names scratched off the list now. It's too bad they didn't give P-M a pointing hand to push the buttons on his evil e-book of bad vibes. Still looks dope. The thing about Nova got me a little peeved. I know they've got to push Big G, I get it, it's the usual hustle and it's as old as time. Even so, I'm really starting to hate this whole thing of trying to stoke fears in order to get people to buy a giant over-priced toy. I wonder if what the kid said about not seeing her in 2022 was a slip that she'd still get released down the road should the project not make it's goals?🤔
  19. Congrats SpiderS! And good luck and Force be with you as always fellow Marvel fans! Shared to my Twitter! https://twitter.com/ToyzrmyMuse/status/1424760152452960257?s=20
  20. Yeah...I feel you. There's something about this unlockable that just isn't sitting right with me this time around. They really should give her a separate release when all is said and done on this.
  21. Man, that would be insane!!!!! Nearly all my Dream Cosmic figures in one sitting! If Hasbro had the cajones to do that, and do it well (which for me means stern and neutral faces [though Morg could get away with a snarl] and multiple hands)....they could literally do no wrong for the rest of my time on this planet.
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