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  1. Cool man! I suppose it doesn't make sense for them to re-release Longshot and Dazzler as single non-exclusives, but one can hope! 🙂
  2. Exactly! My G.I. Joe Classified retro Gung-Ho cost me 66$ after shipping and the exchange. Even the scalpiest of local Scalper stores here in La Belle Provence wouldn't do me like that! I guess it's because we're too small for them to make the effort, but still man, they could have more of our money too instead of less, especially with Haslabs!
  3. Very happy for our European Cousins! Now, if they would but open a distribution center in Canada so that we may no longer be pillaged by Pulse prices!
  4. What you're saying does make sense on it's own, but the problem I have with Hasbro's logic is that they were ok with making a wide-released character who's a Nazi? A guy who's literal bio on Marvel's own site right now says that he was trained by Hitler himself?? Speaking only for myself, I've never personally had any dealings with a Supernatural being who wanted me to do bad things in order that my soul spend an eternity in torment in his lair. As a man of colour however, what I can say is that I've had to deal with racism both subtle and violent since I was 6 years old. Been chased by skinheads, harassed by police for no good reason that I could tell, profiled in stores and restaurants and so forth. But no....a fictional character who embodies the worst and most savage form of that behavior and ideology...that's totally ok! Totally fine. But a fictional being who's based on a Supernatural monster that no one can flatly prove exists...Bad!! Bad, bad, bad!! Whether they're lying or just plain knee-jerk clueless, I obviously can't say, but whatever the case their argument is weak and doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Yes, this doesn't change anything and they're going to do what they're going to do, but I can at least call BS on it, and refuse to be baited by this cheap tactic they love using so much.
  5. Yeah, it's cool idea man! Kinda reminds me of GR 2099, which I really enjoyed back in the day.
  6. Agreed, I don't buy it either. I mean, they wide-released the Red Skull....a freaking Nazi and personal protégé of Hitler for freak-sakes. Yes, the Red Skull isn't/ wasn't real, but his bio still has far closer and more grotesque real-world connotations than a Supernatural fantasy monster.
  7. Wait....the modern Ghost Rider is some kind of robot?? Ehh, nevermind, I'll google it. Any how, this does look really sweet! While I do want a classic Mephisto figure for sure, I don't want it that bad, lol. I do hope that Hasbro one day outgrows that chintzy tactic. I'm definitely curious to see how this goes though, and specifically if Haslabs can work when there's not a lot of nostalgia in the mix.
  8. Ok, sweet! That is good news, and I also forgot all about it. Looots of potential with this show man! Really excited to see more!
  9. I'm digging the series so far as well. Humor feels a bit forced at times, but I'm still digging it, and I love this actress playing Jen.
  10. Couldn't agree more man. Great face, but using this oft maligned body, particularly when they've got a new body with pinless joints and double jointed arms and a fuller more athletic looking figure?? I don't buy the excuse of not wanting to overuse it, since they've went above and beyond over-using this awful buck, making mediocre figures out of ones that should have been Rockstars.
  11. Amen. We're both designers and seeing such a lack of attention and care for key details, especially from pros, is beyond frustrating. To me, details is how you show the love. It's how you show you really really give a damn. I don't want to hear about tooling budget excuses and so forth, because if you really truly care about something, you find ways to make it work with what you have. Firelord is a guy who flies through space at faster than light speeds...how then does he have side-swept hair??? (If there's a positive there, I can now at least forgive them for Mar-Vell's blow dried hair look). How does a Herald of Galactus, who's fought and terrorized many of Marvel's heavyweights end up on such a scrawny body??? Maybe it's one of those interesting motivating factors in life, but for me personally, every character save two, that I've been waiting on for nearly 40 years has been futzed by decisions that show me that they don't care enough. When was Malekith over roided out? Where is the sense and logic in making Guardian, Canada's Captain America....look like a constipated old man??? Why is virtually every super lady built like a skinny teenaged girl??? Why, in this day and age of Action Figure photography, give any character who isn't the Hulk a screaming face as their only portrait?? For me, any designer who ignores or misses the obvious (particularly when it's been laid down in decades worth of comics) is a designer who doesn't care enough. You don't care enough that there are some fans who've waited nearly a lifetime for these things, or that for many fans across the globe, these things are quickly approaching 50 dollars a pop! And if they don't care enough for these details, then why should I care? And more importantly: why should I spend my money on such things?
  12. I dig it! I'll get it if the they've fixed the overbite on the skull's head. If not, I'm more than content with my cycled up GR. Looks great though!!
  13. He looks great! Love how the scale matches up with Legends as I recall he was inhumanly huge in the comics. Now...if Marvel Select could make us a nice great big orange Sasquatch that scaled better with ML!
  14. Hmmm.....yeah, if a box set has less than 3 figures that I want, then no sale; disappointed the Fly isn't a retro card series. DEFINITELY want that Classic Loki, and the Red Skull looks wiiicked!!
  15. Another one?? Well....the first one wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I found the director took far too many creative liberties with the original material and tried too hard to make an Art Film. I hope at least Marvel and Hasbro learned their lesson about any further toys!
  16. OMG the Orb would be so hilariously ridiculously awesomer than awesome! Lol. Force-willing he comes with his cycle! Even when I was a very young kid in the 70s I thought the Orb looked stupid....but, now I think he's the awesome type of stupid 😄
  17. This new comics BP is freaking sweet man, and I'm really digging the look of MCU Attuma too! The film designers really scored an amazing design!
  18. It will be interesting to see if something as recent as the Hell Charger could get funded. No doubt it will look amazing, but, 300$ amazing? Plus I too think Vehicles in Marvel are a bit of a tough one. What else really stands out? The Quinjet? The Fantasticar? All cool, but also not really that interesting for the money they'd ask, and my other concern is their resorting to too many cheap-shot tier releases on those. I think it's best they stick with big characters, but we'll see.
  19. Super happy about the Beast re-release! Fly looks good though the screaming face is annoying, and I'm definitely getting Terrax. That new Black Panther is an absolute godsend, as I shall get it and swap out parts with the old WM exclusive version to make the perfect BP! Razorback...there's a whooooooole litany of characters I'd have expected to see before him, lol, but he looks great. I think I may get him too.
  20. That stone cold silence the crowd gave after revealing Terrax as a Pulse Exclusive was telling.
  21. For a split sec, I thought it could be Old-school Nova's enemy Dr Sun....but then I saw MCU, d'oooooh! Lol.
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