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  1. It’s all been leading to this! Over the last few years, fans have been reacquainted with Spider-Verse icons AND discovered all-new favorites in the blockbuster hit EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE comic book series. Now, see the final evolution of this saga in SPIDER-SOCIETY, a new limited series launching this August. From acclaimed author Alex Segura (Secret Identity) and rising star Marvel artist Scott Godlewski (Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace), SPIDER-SOCIETY will spin the entire multiverse into one epic saga! Fans got their first taste earlier this year in a special prelude story in the Web of Spider-Man one-shot. That action packed tale saw Miguel O’Hara, AKA Spider-Man 2099, attacked by a new army of villains led by an alternate universe’s Gwen Stacy who became the Green Goblin! Two more teaser stories in Edge of Spider-Verse #1 and #4 further set up Weapon VIII and Araña’s involvement. That was only the beginning. In addition to heroes, SPIDER-SOCIETY will introduces a wild cadre of Spider-Villains from the multiverse known as the SINISTER SQUADRON. It’s a grouping of villains like you’ve never seen, and to defend the very fabric of the universe, Madame Web will recruit EVERY Spider-Hero there ever was for an unprecedented war that will redefine the web of life! It’s every Spider-Character you love (and some you haven’t met yet)! May the first meeting of the Spider-Society commence! That’s right, every Spider-Person will be in the same room for the craziest assembly the Multiverse has ever seen! "We've had such a blast building toward and teasing SPIDER-SOCIETY in the pages of Web of Spider-Man and Edge of Spider-Verse,” Segura shared. “I hope readers enjoy the amazing roster of Spider-Heroes we're bringing together to face off a new, but eerily familiar threat. Scott Godlewski's the perfect choice to bring our Spider-Verse adventure to life, and his take on the Spider-Heroes, from Spider-Man 2099 to Spider-Ramen, is spot-on. Readers can expect a wild multiversal ride full of surprises and fun character moments, evoking the Spider-Verse tales they love. August can't come fast enough!" Check out a small fraction of the Spider-Heroes you’ll come across in Pete Woods main cover along with best-selling cover artist Artgerm’s Spider-Gwen variant cover, which will also be available as a virgin variant cover. Witness the finale of Edge of Spider-Verse next week and don’t miss the start of this incredible new series when it launches this August. SPIDER-SOCIETY #1 (of 4) Written by ALEX SEGURA Art by SCOTT GODLEWSKI Cover by PETE WOODS Spider-Gwen Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU Spider-Gwen Virgin Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU On Sale 8/14
  2. MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Series S.H.I.E.L.D. 3-Pack from Hasbro which includes figures of Dum Dum Dugan, Nick Fury and Sharon Carter (White Outfit). You can purchase this set from our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth. Check out images for this set below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  3. Just in time for Deadpool’s return to the big screen, Rob Liefeld returns with his final Deadpool saga that is sure to take its place in Deadpool history! Announced earlier today at ComicBook.com, Rob Liefeld is finishing his work on Deadpool with his final blockbuster story in DEADPOOL TEAM-UP, a five-issue series launching in August. No one captures the Merc with the Mouth’s lovable insanity like Liefeld does, and in classic Deadpool fashion, Wade is holding nothing back in this latest round of unbridled action and high-stakes adventure. In addition to featuring Deadpool’s supporting cast—from his fan-favorite allies to deadly enemies and everyone in between—DEADPOOL TEAM-UP also sees Wade assemble a crew that’s wild even by his standards! When you need some hired hands, Deadpool is your man! But when the Merc with a Mouth needs assistance, he’s got friends (and frenemies) from across the Marvel Universe! Witness Rob Liefeld weave an epic tale bringing Wade Wilson together with Major X, Crystar, Ghost-Spider, Wolverine, and the Incredible Hulk for the first time, as the return of a LOST MARVEL COMICS CHARACTER necessitates the ultimate team-up mission! Speaking to ComicBook.com, who shared an exclusive first look at the project, Liefeld said, "Everyone has that one comic with that obscure character that they always wanted more of. l, myself, have several of these and I pulled them from relative obscurity from the deepest corners of the Marvel Universe and placed them next to Deadpool, right at the center of an all new, cataclysmic adventure! This is some wonderfully weird stuff and I’m so excited to share it with the world. I promise you some familiar Marvel faces and take them to brand new places. Deadpool Team-Up is the most fun I’ve had in years! I’d like to thank C.B. Cebulski and Mark Basso for making this a great experience!” Like all of Marvel’s major launches, DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #1 will have a special Foil Variant Cover, also drawn by Liefeld. Check both the main cover and foil cover now and preorder DEADPOOL TEAM-UP at your local comic shop! DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #1 (OF 5) Written by ROB LIEFELD Art and Cover by ROB LIEFELD Foil Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD On Sale 8.28
  4. Yesterday, fans learned an X-Man would be joining the ranks of Marvel’s premier super hero team this summer, and today, it’s revealed to be none other than the goddess herself— STORM IS EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MUTANT! Storm will join the cast of Jed MacKay’s current run starting in August’s AVENGERS #17. The issue will also mark the debut of new series artist Valerio Schiti! Fresh off his bold work on G.O.D.S., the acclaimed artist known for his breathtaking action and dynamic character work takes the helm just in time for this exciting new era. Krakoa’s tragic fall has made the Avengers realize how vital a mutant voice on the team is, and they’ll settle for nothing less than the most prominent and beloved mutant super hero on the planet! A pop culture icon, Storm has assembled with the Avengers before—in both comics as well as other forms of media—but never like this! Not only will the Avengers need her Omega-level power for the battles ahead, but they’ll need to rely on her unique expertise and leadership skills as MacKay’s overarching plots involving Kang, the Twilight Court, and more kick into high gear. This only marks the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a monumental period for Storm as she’ll also headline an all-new solo ongoing series launching later this year! In the aftermath of Blood Hunt and Fall of the House of X, the Avengers are licking their wounds and reassessing their goals. One member takes the initiative by approaching Storm, hoping to add her strength and perspective to the team’s upcoming missions! And the roster won’t be the only thing shaken up when a deadly threat sets its vengeful sights on Earth! On the decision to add Storm to the lineup, MacKay said, "When we were putting together thoughts for X-Men, one problem kept coming up—Storm needed to have a presence in a book befitting her status, but it would be weird for her to be on an X-Men team if she wasn't the leader. The solution was simple—she needed to be on the global stage, among equals, and what better place for that than the Avengers? We're excited to bring Storm back to the Avengers and show what adventures she'll get up to as part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" On being the new AVENGERS artist, Schiti said, "As a reader, I am a great fan of Jed's run, and I really love the way he writes the team: not just as fellow soldiers, but as a group of friends with a shared past. At the same time he doesn't hold back on action and fight scenes! The balance between these two moods is exactly what excites me the most when I have to start a new gig!" "I have a soft spot for the mutants, so you can imagine my happiness when I knew that Storm was joining the team,” Schiti continued. “It's always fun to draw her powers, her body language, and her outfits. There's just one challenge: you always have to remember that she's not just a mutant, she's a goddess!" Check out Joshua Cassara’s electrifying AVENGERS #17 cover now. Stay tuned later this week for the full announcement of Storm’s new solo ongoing series and reveal of her new costume! AVENGERS #17 Written by JED MACKAY Art by VALERIO SCHITI Cover by JOSHUA CASSARA On Sale 8/7
  5. This weeks Marvelous Custom was done by Phoenix Force Creations who has made custom Marvel Legends Savage Land Rogue figure. Check out more of their work on Instagram. Here is how they describe the making of this figure: Base parts: Spinneret body, Rogue (Juggy wave) head. Mods: The body details were sculpted using Apoxie Sculpt putty. The hair, feathers,headband tails, belt bag, necklace, knife sheath were sculpted using Procreate putty. Paints: the skin tones were airbrushed while the outfit details, hair and face were paintbrushes using Armored Komodo acrylics. Add on: retooled spear from Masterverse Savage He-Man Check out the image(s) of their customs below and be sure to let us know what you think in the COMMENTS SECTION below! If you would like to submit a custom of your own creation to be featured in an upcoming MARVELOUS CUSTOM segment you can post your work on our FORUMS.
  6. After Krakoa falls, a new Apocalypse must rise. Find out who is deemed worthy in Steve Foxe and Netho Diaz’s X-MEN: HEIR OF APOCALYPSE. Kicking off this June, the four-issue biweekly series redefines Apocalypse and his mission for the X-Men’s upcoming From the Ashes era. X-MEN: HEIR OF APOCALYPSE #1 (OF 4) – 75960620852400111 Written by STEVE FOXE Art by NETHO DIAZ Cover by DOTUN AKANDE On Sale 6/12
  7. Wolverine has remained adamantium-tough through mutantkind’s darkest times, but the fall of Krakoa breaks him! Just in time for the character’s 50th anniversary, Logan retreats to where the Wolverine legend began—the Canadian wilderness—in Saladin Ahmed and Martín Cóccolo’s new WOLVERINE ongoing series. Announced yesterday and launching in September, the series will be a part of the X-Men’s new From the Ashes era. Today, fans can check out a berserker’s rage worth of variant covers for the debut issue! There’s a killer in the woods – and as Wolverine’s attempt at peace is shattered, old enemies re-emerge as an ancient force awakens! Predating the Marvel Universe as we know it, this primal being takes a special interest in Logan, but does it see him as a hero worthy of his legendary reputation or an affront to creation that needs to be eliminated? With Nightcrawler by his side to bring his old friend home, Logan will have to unleash his claws, push his healing factor to the limit and demonstrate he’s the best there is at what he does once and for all – nice be damned! The new covers include an eye-catching Foil Cover by Patrick Gleason, an homage piece of Frank Miller’s iconic Wolverine #1 cover by John Romita Jr., a Negative Space Variant Cover by John Tyler Christopher, a team-up image between Wolverine and Nightcrawler by Felipe Massafera, a showdown between Wolverine and Cyber by Clayton Crain, and more. Check them out now and preorder WOLVERINE #1 at your local comic shop today! WOLVERINE #1 Written by SALADIN AHMED Art and Cover by MARTÍN CÓCCOLO Variant Cover by KAARE ANDREWS Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN Negative Space Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO Variant Cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA Homage Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. Hidden Gem Variant Cover by MIKE ZECK “Adamantium Head” Virgin Variant Cover by PATRICK GLEASON Foil “Adamantium Head” Variant Cover by PATRICK GLEASON On Sale 9/11
  8. The trickster destroyed Kang’s ‘Sacred Timeline’ in the Loki Season 2 finale, allowing all the branches to coexist in a conjoint manner. Yet the highlight of the finale was Loki making the ultimate sacrifice for the future of the multiverse by stepping into the shoes of the God of Stories. In the new multiverse, all branches would coexist with the Asgardian God holding everything together in a new tree of time. He has finally found his glorious purpose – preserving every story in the multiverse. In his new seat, the God of Stories can protect the tales of everyone who has and will live in the multiverse. Inspired by the Season 2 of Loki series., Hot Toys is thrilled to officially unveil the highly anticipated Artisan Edition of its 1/6th scale collectible figure depicting God Loki from the DX series. This figure particularly features hair implantation using wool material, allowing for a more glorious and lifelike representation of the character. It’s an Exclusive release available with limited quantity of 2,500 pieces only in selected markets. Exquisitely crafted based on the screen appearance of Tom Hiddleston as God Loki in the last appearance in MCU, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs. The fabric costume has been finely tailored to match Loki's on-screen appearance, ensuring an accurate and visually stunning portrayal. His iconic horned helmet is magnetically attachable, completing the authentic look. Additionally, a throne painted in metallic gold, timeline effects, hand effects, themed backdrop, and a display base to enhance the display options and allow for creative posing. There is an Artisan Edition and regular edition of this figure. Look for it to be available for pre-order soon.
  9. Dan Yun is now saying something non-exclusive tomorrow. Not sure if its another reveal or another pre-order. Nothing Hasbro related listed on the Entertainment Earth Pre-Order drop zone page for tomorrow but I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe it will be those Deadpool and Wolverine figure reveals 🙂
  10. The MarvelousNews Forum Contest for a chance to win a $100 store credit to our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com has returned for the month of April 2024. The winner of our last contest was MeGrimlock78. Here is what you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to win this round. 1. You have to be a registered member of the MarvelousNews Message Boards. 2. Any contributing post made ANYWHERE 0n THE FORUMS between today (05/09/2024) and June 2, 2024 will get you entered into our drawing for the store credit. Every contributing post you make will get you an entry in the drawing, so the more you post the better your chances of winning are. Posts must be contributing to the topic or discussion though. ONE WORD posts or posts deemed as SPAM will not be counted towards the drawing. A good rule of thumb is to post how you would normally post if there was no contest. As an ADDED BONUS, if you help us spread the word about this contest on your favorite social media platform or group and you comment in this thread that you did so, you will automatically receive 3 additional entries into the drawing which will help your chances to win. Helping spread the word about the contest helps grow this community which is in large part something that we feel will benefit all. Now since we have no real way of knowing if you actually help spread the word for this, we are going to have to go on the honor system with this part and take your word for it if you indicate you've done so. However please feel free to tag @MarvelousNews on Twitter or Instagram when you spread the word. The drawing will be held on June 3, 2024 and the winner will be contacted by JayC via PM on the message boards that day. Once the winner has claimed their price we will also announce the winner on the forums as well. You do need to remember to check your inbox 24-48hrs after the contest ends, we can't hold off on announcing the winner indefinitely, and if the person doesn't claim their prize in that time we will have to draw another name. Our goal is to create the ultimate online action figure collecting community and this contest is our way of saying thank you for checking us out and being part of that community. Good luck to everyone.
  11. From the New Mutants to the Hellions, discovering you’re a mutant in the Marvel Universe has never been easy, and in the wake of Krakoa, it’s going to be harder than ever! While the X-Men reintegrate into society after the fall of their mutant nation, mutants around the world still need protection, community, and guidance. In EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN, a group of young mutants will luckily be trained by two of the greatest teachers in X-Men history—Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost! Today, fans can learn more about the series and see the reveal of the first issue cover! Written by acclaimed author Eve L. Ewing and drawn by superstar Marvel Stormbreaker artist Carmen Carnero, EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN will be the final flagship X-Title to launch in the upcoming From the Ashes era. The series will introduce three all-new mutants who turn to Kitty and Emma for help with their emerging gifts: the metallic and whip-wielding Bronze, the emotion-stirring Axo, and the stealth-skilled fighter Melee! Under Kitty and Emma’s tutelage, they’ll learn not just how to survive—but to thrive! But Kitty and Emma haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, and they’ll also have lessons to teach each other, as they take up the call once more—for the children! EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN begins with Kitty trying to get as far away from all things X as she possibly can. After the actions she took during Fall of X, Kitty craves normalcy and takes a job as a regular-degular bartender. She’s definitely NOT getting ready to head up an all-new team of wayward young mutants while avoiding the watchful gaze of Emma Frost. Nothing but work, dating and staving off depression. That’s it. Let’s see how long it lasts… "Longtime fans of Kitty Pryde can count on the kinds of adventures you expect from her as a classic favorite, while I hope new and old readers alike will get to love this all-new team of young mutants," Ewing shared. "Kitty, the one-time kid sister figure of the X-Men, has to reckon with her own memories—good and bad—of being a child of Xavier as she navigates a role as leader and mentor for a new generation of mutants who are trying to make their way in a time of crisis." “The story Eve brought up really hooked me from the beginning,” Carnero said. “I found it very interesting to see Kitty away from the X-Men and trying to live a normal life in Chicago, but finding herself with young mutants who have to deal with this post-Krakoa world and Emma's plans.” On how the new cast will connect with both new and longtime fans, Ewing said, "I always try to strike a chord between appealing to veteran comics fans and new readers, but since so many people fell in love with the X-Men as teens and this book is about a team of young folks, that feels especially important to me here.” “Regarding the young mutants, I think the whole team fell in love with all three of them,” Carnero added. “I love that they are such opposites. Eve had very clear personalities, hobbies, musical tastes, how they feel… And when it came to designing them, it all developed naturally, and the whole team had a clear vision of what their final looks would be. I can't wait for readers to meet them.” With three flagship titles and a host of additional satellite series, the upcoming From the Ashes era will present fans with a wide range of different approaches to the X-Men storytelling! Gail Simone and David Marquez’s Uncanny X-Men are outlaw heroes protect a world that hates and fears them from their home in New Orleans. Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman’s X-Men navigate the uncertain future of mutantkind while preparing for the worst in their base in Alaska. Meanwhile, Ewing and Carnero’s EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN exemplify that even in the darkest times, hope can always be found in the next generation! See Emma, Kitty, and the three new mutants they take under their wing in the debut issue’s cover and pick up EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN #1 when it arrives in September. EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN #1 Written by EVE L. EWING Art and Cover by CARMEN CARNERO On Sale 9/4
  12. I have theories for where things will be going next season but I don't want to post them and start getting into spoilers for this episode yet.
  13. For me this was a lot of action to get us from Part 1 to Part 3. If you read the comics of the time much of the things that happened in today's episode was fairly predictable, especially the ending. It was good but I didnt find this episode as good as last weeks. Looking forward to next weeks season finale.
  14. Just in time for the character’s 50th anniversary, the Wolverine legend begins anew! Following Krakoa’s tragic fall and the brutal “Sabretooth War” storyline currently unfolding in the final issues of Benjamin Percy’s Wolverine run, Logan will turn his back on humanity, mutantkind, and the X-Men in an all-new ongoing WOLVERINE series by acclaimed writer Saladin Ahmed (Daredevil) and Marvel Stormbreaker artist Martín Cóccolo (Immortal Thor). Ahmed and Cóccolo’s new run begins deep in the Canadian wilderness where Wolverine reunites with his wolf pack and embraces the beast within! But Wolverine’s more than an animal—he’s a soldier. And a new war is brewing. As Nightcrawler struggles to remind Logan that he’s part of a family, Logan’s exile is violently disturbed by his most hated foes, and with each battle, a new existential threat gathers strength. This ancient villain has been bubbling under the surface of the Marvel Universe since the days of myth, and once unleashed, will dramatically alter the scope of Wolverine’s storied history and force him to prove himself a hero like never before. There’s a killer in the woods – and as Wolverine’s attempt at peace is shattered, an old enemy will re-emerge as a new villain rises that will bring Logan to the brink of his berserker rage. But Nightcrawler knows his old friend is capable of doing what’s right, and before long, Logan will have to unleash his claws, push his healing factor to the limit and demonstrate he’s the best there is at what he does once and for all – nice be damned! Note to collectors: the new series kicks off with a key first appearance and a major addition to the lore of Wolverine! “When I was a kid, Wolverine was the coolest character in comics,” Ahmed shared. “That hasn't changed a whole lot for me, so when Marvel approached me about a new solo Logan book, it was an instant YES.” “Logan is simultaneously a mythic hero, an abused animal, and a man of flesh, blood, and adamantium,” he continued. “Our story is about what happens when these parts of him all pull in opposite directions – and threaten to rip Logan to pieces that won't come back together again.” “I could talk for hours about why I decided to take this relaunch, but you want my real answer? It's Wolverine. That’s it,” Cóccolo shared. “It's a dream come true for me, and I can't believe I get to tell my younger self every day that I'm drawing WOLVERINE. Saladin's exploration of the character and the story is incredibly exciting as a concept as well as visually engaging, and I can't wait for people to finally see it!” Check out Cóccolo’s main cover now and stay tuned for more news about the series in the months ahead! WOLVERINE #1 Written by SALADIN AHMED Art and Cover by MARTÍN CÓCCOLO On Sale 9/11
  15. The newest promotional clip for this weeks episode of X-Men 97 has been released and it looks like the X-Men get updated costumes which are for the most part classic costumes, well except for Morph. The new episode premiers tomorrow (5/8) on Disney+.
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