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  1. FYI, the set is back in stock being sold at normal price by Amazon for anyone interested.
  2. We've gotten word from a couple sources for what appears to be the full line-up for the upcoming Black Widow Marvel Legends wave coming from Hasbro. Now we should note this has not been officially confirmed by Hasbro at this time so it should be considered rumor for now. Also note the listings use disguised names, we have included next to those names our best guess for what the actual figures will be. The three comic book based figures we saw at the EU conventions the other week. We also still have no idea what the Build-A-Figure for the wave will be. Also shown is the case breakdown. 2 Legends Skull (movie Taskmaster) 1 Legends Widow (movie Black Widow) 1 Twisted Sister (movie Yelena) 1 Crimson (movie Red Guardian) 1 No Quarter (comic Crossbones) 1 Summer Civilian (comic Winter Soldier) 1 Scoutmaster (comic Spymaster) We've also gotten word that for the Riders series we will see the Cosmic Ghost Rider with bike figure double-packed and Squirrel Girl with Scooter figure single-packed. We saw those revealed at SDCC.
  3. In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Rakanishu and their series of photos of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Alpha Flight figure boxset titled "Oh Canada". "Oh Canada" By Rakanishu Check out more images below and be sure to give Rakanishu a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
  4. The Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette captures the charming romance of this iconic comic book couple. Measuring 12.5 inches tall, this comic book collectible shows Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson sharing a tender moment, perched on a purple armchair in their New York City loft. The polyresin Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette is fully sculpted in J. Scott Campbell’s signature art style. Peter’s spider-suit and MJ’s red socks also feature sculpted web texture, giving the piece an added sense of dimension. From Mary Jane’s subtle freckles to the wisps of Peter’s hair peeking out from beneath his mask, this Marvel maquette translates every line of Campbell’s detailed artwork into a faithful three-dimensional form for fans and collectors to enjoy. You can pre-order this from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  5. Medicom has released official images and information for their upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home MAFEX Upgrade Suit Spider-Man figure which is slated for release on July 2020. The figure will stand around 5.9" tall and include multiple hands, 2 head sculpts, webbing effects and smartphone. Check out the images below.
  6. Thats true, but they are also Avengers or classified as super heroes, so Clint could be considered having skills that go beyond a normal human and Ant-Man they probably just didn't know enough about to be sure and therefore at least temporarily placed with their fellow super human teammates at the Raft. Zemo wasnt in the movie a Super Villain, or demonstrated having any kind of special skills. He set off some bombs like many terrorists do so I see no practical reason to send him to the Raft.
  7. Probably but the point being that Wakanda would have the biggest claim on him especially since it was a Wakandian who captured him. If the current king who had captured him demanded he stand before Wakanda justice, my guess the UN wouldn't stand in the way of that, never-the-less the big question is why would a non-powered human be sent to a prison made for super humans.
  8. Tell me again why you guys think Zemo a normal guy who really hasn't done anything spectacularly bad other than setting off a couple bombs was on the Raft, a maximum security prison for super humans???? If anything I would think he would have been taken to Wakanda. After all his biggest crime was setting off a bomb that killed their king and it was Black Panther who captured him. I know we saw him placed in Bucky's cube temporarily while he was questioned at the end of Civil War, but I dont see any reason for why he would end up at the Raft after that.
  9. In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Nerdyeggroll and his photo titled "Optic Blast". "Optic Blast" By Nerdyeggroll Be sure to give Nerdyeggroll a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
  10. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force Deathlok figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this at BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  11. Cena would have looked the part but dont think he's strong enough actor to pull it off.
  12. Oh and someone I know for fact is in the know told me minor modifications have been made to the USAgent outfit from what is shown in this concept art. They didn't say exactly what those modifications where but they told me that when I said to them I hoped the final costume would be black and not blue, so hopefully that is the modification that was made to the suit.
  13. Walker has gone through many changes over the years. He started out as a wrestler for the super human wrestling league or whatever it was called and then he became Super Patriot with the idea of staging crimes where he would swoop in and stop them to try and outshine Rogers who he thought had become a washed up has been. Then the Government decided because they could no longer control rogers they would stripe him of the name Captain America. They took the outfit and the shield which they owned and gave it to Walker because they felt they could control him. Walker was very patriotic but he also had a really bad temper and had no problems beating the crap out of a perp. In the comics Rogers did not have super strength but Walker did. Also in the comics Cap's shield was one of a kind made out of a mixture of Adamantium and Vibranium. In the movies the shield isn't really one of a kind just rare, nor as indestructible because its only made of Vibranium. If you have access to Vibranium then you can make a duplicate shield. In the comics Walker is given the Captain America persona and shield while Rogers goes to Stark and gets a very similar designed outfit only now with black and red colors and a new shield which is only made of vibranium, no adamantium. He then starts going by the name of just "The Captain". Meanwhile Walker who goes on missions for the government with his partner the new Bucky, a black dude who also stemmed from that wrestling federation. Bucky is much more stable and is able to keep Walker in somewhat check until they go up against a racists hate group called the watchdogs, who discovers who Captain America really is and end up killing a family member of Walkers. His sister I think. That then sends Walker over the edge where he ends up killing members of the Watch Dogs. After that and seeing Walker has become unhinged, the government starts to rethink their decision to give Walker the Captain America name. Meanwhile Rogers ends up butting heads with Stark who has gone a bit off the rails himself with his obsession of reclaiming from anyone who has been using his technology (good guy or bad). Stark discovers the armor suits worn by the Guardsman who guard the maximum super villain prison at time known as the Vault has his technology in it so he goes and nullifies their suits which of course leaves the prison vulnerable. A prison break happens as a result of Stark's actions which The Captain has to stop. During this story The Captain and Iron Man face off and if I remember correctly Stark temporary paralyzes Rogers and takes off with the new shield he had given him. Then soon after that, the Inferno X-Men crossover happens. The Avengers had recently disbanded thanks to the exploits of Dr. Druid and The Captain along with Reed and Sue storm of the Fantastic Four along with Gilgamesh and Thor I think form a temporary new Avengers team to handle the overflow of problems from the Inferno storyline. By this point Walker has basically gone rogue and Rogers sets out to stop him, the two go at it and eventually it is discovered that the Red Skull who at this point was thought dead was really pulling all the strings that had caused Rogers to be striped of the Captain America name and given to Walker. Redskull had discovered away to clone Rogers body and place his consciousness into it giving him a new young vital body. He then assumed the identity of a Congressman where he was able to put his evil plans in motion. By the time Rogers and Walker discover it was Red Skull who was behind everything that had happened to them, it was seemingly to late. After Walker is incapacitated, Skull and Rogers fight it out and Skull is about to blow red smoke from his cigarette that would disfigure Rogers face when Walker manages to muster up enough strength to throw the Captain America shield at Skull which causes Skull to bite down on his own cigarette which in turn cause the red smoke meant for Rogers to blow back on him disfiguring his own perfect face so that it looks like an actual Red Skull. Up until this point the Red Skull was actually just a mask. Red Skull escapes to plot another day. Walker having saved Rogers life and both realizing they had been played by Skull all this time come to a temporary truce and Walker who realizes Rogers is a true hero gives him back the Captain America persona. The government also agrees to allow Rogers to return as Cap being they had allowed Skull to infiltrate their ranks. Walker gets some therapy, temperately changes his name to Jack Daniels is given The Captain outfit and a vibranium shield of his own and renamed USAgent. Shortly after that the Government forces the West Coast Avengers to take him on as a team member so he can watch over them and where he ends up butting heads often with the then team leader Hawkeye. West Coast Avengers then come to an end, Walker throws his uniform and shield out into the ocean only later to get a totally revamped outfit and energy shield so he can join the reformed West Coast Avengers team created by Tony Stark now named Force Works. Force Works is short lived though so Walker disappears for awhile until Marvel decided to give him a limited series where he has magically returned to his original The Captain outfit and now has a bird shaped shield and is watching over a prison. He then turns up again in the short-lived Alpha Flight reboot with former West Coast Avengers/Force Works teammate Spider-Woman (the second one). He then once again turns up in Thunderbolts where he is now the new warden of The Raft. There he is paralyzed by Nuke and left to be in a wheelchair. His legs are returned to him in a Dark Avengers story where he and others are transported to an alternate reality for a while. The last time he was seen in the comics I believe was the Secret Empire storyline which I didnt read. I probably missed a few other appearances here or there but that gives you the general gist of it. Anyway I don't know if they will say the Government owns the shield in the show, but they def could claim they own the name and costume and it wouldnt be two difficult for the Government to replicate a vibranium shield. Though technically they could say Howard Stark at the time of making the original shield was working for the Government and hence it in fact does belong to them and being Tony Stark is no longer alive there would be no one else to claim ownership of it. Keep in mind Wilson and Barnes may still be considered fugitives of the federal government after the events of Civil War and may be looking for them to answer for their crimes or at the very least not keen on the idea of either of them being the next Captain America.
  14. U need the gold headpiece to go with the mask and then it will look more like zemo and less like a guy wearing a purple ski mask.
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