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  1. Colossus wouldn't be the BAF if he is list with the store code. only single figure get that number. BAF NEVER get it. Not to mention he really isn't big enough to be a B.A.F. They manage to get the Hulk in packaging, and he's bigger (all around) than Colossus (Though since the Abomination is going to be a Build-A-Figure, maybe it's time for Hulk figures to be one too). As for Apocalypse not being a B.A.F, the movie version isn't big enough to constitute one (hell, he was shorter than his Horsemen), and we already have a Build-A-Figure of him. Please let's not start recycling/redoing/regurgitating B.A.F's! It's bad enough we do it with the actual boxed figures themselves! This is what is ideal and what people are asking for....Does not matter how tall he is. He varies...Just like Ant Man. I for one want my Villains to be Imposing...like the Current Creel from the Current Spider-man wave. That ToyBiz Marvel Legends (SilverBack) Apocalypse is severely outdated....wouldn't you say?
  2. This wave is starting to shape up pretty good....I assume the missing Baf pieces are Movie Cross Bones? Nuke right next to fury in that shot...coming with the Gatling gun...also doubling as a Cross Bones Weapon?? Red Guardian Nice. That Iron Man tho...Finally Hasbro. so that leaves the last 2 slots and Baf to be officially reviled right. *Edit* My Fault just read it: BAF: Giant-Man (Movie Scott Lang)
  3. Well we know 3 of the 8 slots are taken by movie figs Iron man, Panther, and Cap...the question is what are the other 5, and BaF figure?
  4. Well going off the Model Waves released last year... Spider-man: 2 waves Hobgoblin, and Rhino Avengers: 3 waves Odin, Thanos, and Hulk Buster Ant Man: Ultron SDCC Box set: Book of Vashanti Entertainment Earth Exclusive: Gurdians of the Galaxy Walgreens Exclusive: Ant Man, Daredevil Thats 6 waves Total From 2016 Waves...Most we already know Spider man: Absorbing Man Wave Captain America: 2 Waves Onslaught, images already shown for next Cap wave with movie figs(black panther) Rumored Dr. Strange wave Rumored X-men Wave (Rouge, Deadpool movie) Walgreens: Namor, ? All That really leaves 2016 is 1 Spider-man wave thats unknown... 2017...Dont know
  5. I would say they never need to touch Man Thing (unless he changes vastly in the comics, Doubtful) Doc Ock like someone already mentioned, Bullseye, Night crawler, Mojo, Modok...Thats about all that I would be fine with.
  6. Ha...A little bias here? Any ways Colossus is a great figure a bit disproportionate...skinny lower legs? Also the metal is a bit dull, and His head articulation is useless. I have the Selects colossus standing in until Hasbro decides to ever make a better one. Gambit...is a pretty good figure...but is a bit on the scrawny side...again tiny legs? Also he could benefit from a real rubber/plastic Coat. Bishop is the one I am going to have to disagree with you...The head and face sculpt are on point...besides that the rest can be vastly improved. Cable is rumored to be in the next x-men wave and if I was a betting man I would bet he will use the Hyperion buck, or the newer Grim Reaper Buck( Not a fan of the wonky Hyperion buck) but is more close to the comic representations of bishop and cable...which are close in build in my eyes. The toy biz fig is to Bulky and squatty.
  7. Heisenberg: I am all for having a new Bishop and Cable but I don't really like the Hyperion buck. I think they should make a new buck for guys like that. I get you on the Hyperion buck not being that great...and I agree. It is sub par with a wonky neck, torso and legs. But I just assume thats what they are sticking with for the guys like cable and bishop's scale and size.
  8. Well that's cool...for you. My only reasoning for the Grey Gargoyle mentioning is because he is a cool looking villain that would look great in ML form. You chimed in and responded as if I was some idiot for trying to mention a figure we do not have in ML form and could be squeezed in to a Theme that is going strong...Spider-man. Every one knows its more realistic and feasible from the business trend Hasbro has been practicing in the last 2 years going forward with spider-man...There might even be that off chance he can be fit into an avengers wave? Who knows...but spider-man seems to be going strong so chances are better there. on the other hand your sentiment about a character "not Belonging" is ludicrous...your reasoning makes you sound even worse than I had joked after your condescending post. I don't really need to say much more. A rational Adult would have responded..." oh hey I am sorry my Post came off so Jerkish to your mention, I did not intend it to read that way. I was just inquiring."
  9. Yeah a lot of good characters solo books that came out of that brief era.....Danny Ketch Ghost rider, Deathlock, Darkhawk, and Sleep Walker(needs a figure next!)
  10. Seen him in spider man comics...I think we have a better chance of getting him in a spider-man wave....Were else would he "Fit-In" in you "Professional" Opinion?? If there was another Iron Man wave...but How no New movie in the near Future.
  11. Its really a great set...what knocks the 2 points is the fact that these figures have been released in some way already and only 1 figure is really new. If this box set was released last year it would have been a perfect 10. I cant deny how awesome of a set it is...but it does loose a couple points because of the fact that its late and are mostly redo's.
  12. The GOTG set is a really nice set...so much extras and all the figures are nice.
  13. Wonder Man, Grey Gargoyle(spider-man wave), and U.S. Agent should be done on the new Reaper Buck. Bishop and Cable need to be made A.S.A.P on that Hyperion Buck, and Also a Silver Samurai Build a Figure ....but will not happen as long as Fox and Marvel are having at it.
  14. Why Mysterio? you know he will be made in a spider-man wave eventually.
  15. Wow, I did not notice the complaints either? I give Hasbro's Marvel Legends line toy line of the year!....Its not even over yet...Lol. This 2015 year feels so great to be a Marvel legends toy collector...reminds me of toy biz's 2005-06 run...but keep in mind that was also their peak and fall. I will praise them while the get'en is good and plentiful. I think the ones that don't understand how things work are the ones that are complaining. I have collected Legends since the beginning...and I know a good run when I see one. That buck is fine, and the best looking to date...my nitpicks from the start of its use is the small feet. I got over it. They have also changed up the hands for different characters. I think many are upset that they have so much to buy now...which is crazy! I like to be able to pick and choose...If spider-mans, Caps, and Iron Mans have to be made to get and Absorbing man, Hulk Buster, Bulldozer, Reaper and many awesome other figs...Hey so be it, that's Awesome!. I don't Understand the hate and greed. All I gota say is stellar year Hasbro, and thanks (I have never said that to Hasbro, until now)
  16. I wish they would have waited to do Klaw on that spidey buck, now we need a remake of silver surfer using that buck. Also wish they would have waited on constrictor to use the standard buck used on the recent bucky cap, u.s .agent ,and now vision.
  17. My top 4 from that list are: 1st Quasar, 2nd Darkhawk(but I may not waste a vote on this one because he has already been made in MU scale, and usually they are done in legends after that) 3rd Executioner, and last but not least Cosmo! I feel like these 4 would look awesome in Marvel legends figure form.
  18. Wish they would do a Legit BaF Silver Samurai. Multiple man needs to be made at some point along with Guido, wolfs bane, and Polaris.
  19. Dont forget Whiplash!...oh no wait, lets forget that character design...
  20. I would like to see the Multiple man...but with head piece over the hair look. Nuke, Hood, Bi Beast, and Lady Bulls eye. Will they get made? probably not. Maybe Multiple man.
  21. Right on Guys!.... you know Whirlwind has to be in the works Going off Mu Infinite. Grey Gargoyle Is right up there with those villains that would look awesome in Marvel legends form. Also thats a great idea to make a swap slot for Black Knight and Dreadnight...huh too easy right guys.
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