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  1. You're right, surely they did not. I guarantee you Hasbro would have absolutely preferred to have had the Sentinel show up prior to the Galactus HasLab closing if at all possible. Because they wouldn't have known there was a knee problem beforehand (Because if they did, they would have fixed it...also the problem is not universal, and has a simple fix...facts that folks like you seem to not like to include in your little jabs), and getting it delivered would have proven to all those folks saying "I sure wish Hasbro wouldn't have launched this until I got my Sentinel" that yes, they were in fact going to deliver. By the same token, Hasbro actually delivered the Sentinel in the timeframe that they projected back in 2020. So for your little conspiracy theory insinuation to work, the Sentinel's bad knee would have had to be something Hasbro PLANNED, which I'm sure even you can agree is a patently ludicrous idea.
  2. Sony and the Mouse probably have him on an iron-clad NDA, and I would think he'd be interested in getting future work from both companies so he's gonna stick to it until he doesn't have to anymore.
  3. Yeah, I would expect that if any of these things get re-released, it's gonna be a minimum of four or five years after initial delivery before they pop up, and will almost certainly be limited run exclusives of one type or another, probably on Hasbro Pulse or convention-specific only.
  4. So I'm gonna guess on Phoenix (Rachel) and Classic Mordo as the 2 from the Marvel Universe II Card Set that haven't been made yet but will appear next year.
  5. So a couple things: 1. I'm pretty sure there is absolutely NOWHERE in the HasLab where it states they will never, ever make these items available again. In fact I'm pretty sure Hasbro's public statements have been more to the effect of "We have no current plans to rerelease it." with the unspoken "But we totally could, if we wanted to." HasLab isn't necessarily "one off releases" so much as "Product we don't feel we could get on to traditional retail shelves." 2. Even if there were someplace HasLab did actually state they were never going to make "this product" again, all they have to do is slap a slightly different (or greatly different) paint scheme on it, or package it say, without the same combination of figures/extra parts (and an updated price point) and technically it's a "new product" using the same mold. Basically what I'm saying is a lawsuit over this would get laughed out of court.
  6. Take out X-Men, put in Fantastic Four. They've already started dropping at least one hint towards the FF, but nothing really about the X-Men yet. Personally I think they're holding on to the X-Men for a couple or three more years, to boost the MCU back up if it starts waning, or to carry on the momentum if they make it through everything else they've got planned without any (non-COVID related) lull.
  7. Team X, Training Suit, or Fang w/ Swappable Head (but ONLY if it comes with that swappable head, otherwise I don't GAF about Fangverine) would all be Good choices if you have to have a Wolverine. Or a curveball and having it be another Laura-Wolverine with her new HoX costume. Tuxedo Patch would be fine, but I suspect unlikely. But at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's a "gamerverse" Wolverine from Midnight Sons.
  8. Labor Day is historically a really crappy opening weekend for movies, and this movie pretty much doubled the previously-standing record for it. So it's not quite the huge disappointment this article makes it out to be. I agree that the hybrid theater/home viewing is the way to go, but the problem is that model is getting the studios in trouble with their talent. Hard to make movies if no actors will work for you because you now have a reputation for screwing actors and directors out of (potentially) millions of dollars. The studios and the talent need to sit down and hammer all this crap out, but for now the big studios are trying to hide behind contracts that were written when COVID wasn't even a thing, and using that to save money not having to pay actors/directors/etc... And moving forward Hollywood Agents are going to have to figure out how to negotiate around streaming royalties (and you know the studios are going to fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible). The studios ARE in a rough spot...they can't make ANY money if they don't release movies in some form or another, but they way they've been doing it has been all about preserving the studios and not about making sure people get paid what they're likely due. Bottom line is it's a mess, and in the grand scheme of things all of the movies that have hit in the last two year and probably well into next year now (because too many morons would rather eat horse dewormer than get vaccinated and big chunks of the world are still way behind on vaccination even if their folks are willing) are probably just going to be written off as COVID related anomalies.
  9. My half-wishlist/half best-guess list for the wave: 1. USAgent, obviously 2. Techno (Thunderbolts) to help fill that team out 3. Blue Marvel 4. Nefaria 5. Crystal (A bit of a cheat, but I'd put her in her classic outfit vs. her white/jacketed Avengers form) 6. Black Knight (Jacket version, w/ Unmasked head and photonic sword) - Been a few years since we got Dane and his profile will be up due to Eternals. Seems like a timely addition that can reuse some parts. 7. Probably a Captain America of some kind (Since we've got Iron Man and Thor waves inbound) though either way at least one "core character" will be in the wave.. BAF: No idea. As long as it's someone they haven't done yet I'm probably all for it.
  10. Oh I wasn't implying that there wouldn't be, just that we don't know what a lot of it is yet. It seems like the 100+ figures a year pace is here to stay.
  11. Well there was mention/rumor of an all-comic Avengers wave for sometime next year.... Otherwise, though, no idea. Aside from the presumptive Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and/or Thor: Love and Thunder and/or probably another Disney+ waves that probably won't get unveiled until at least "toy fair time" we don't really have much read on what's hitting next year (beyond those already revealed).
  12. Possibly, but for the fact that Fin Fang Foom typically doesn't look like a traditional dragon. He's more humanoid-ish.
  13. They made a Coulson though, and you can probably get him on the secondary market for a lot less than a HasLab Quinjet will cost (though still pretty pricey for a single fig). Anyway...holy cow, over 30K buyers on Galactus. That's actually unexpected to me but somehow not exactly surprising, if that makes sense? Talk about a huge last day.
  14. Lol, at least I would've found that a more funny joke, so....I guess I actually would have very marginally preferred that (but still wouldn't have been thrilled).
  15. Oh well yeah. I'm not really complaining so much as (like I said) baffled at the choice. It's not going to knock my enjoyment of Galactus any, it's just not going to add to it, either.
  16. Really? Man, I mean, bluntly speaking I can usually find some kind of logic or rationale behind most of Hasbro's decisions, including most of the unpopular ones (usually that rationale boiling down to money). But this one is just plain baffling to me, and like I said, really seems like a lark on the designers' part vs. something they thought a lot of folks might want.
  17. I'm pretty sure Doomhead was the last, but if there were ever a time you wanted to wow people and drop a surprise fifth tier goal that is something more than a dozen people might actually want, now (or the relatively imminent future) would be the time, Hasbro Marvel Legends Team. With a little over 24 hours to go it doesn't seem like 2K more is out of the question for the last day if it's cool enough.
  18. As some folks have pointed out, I'm not sure how much gas is really left in the tank where giant-sized characters are concerned. The Frost Giant army-builder sounds OK. Fin Fang Foom or a properly giant Giant-Man maybe. But as many giant-sized characters are out there that might be fun to have, I don't know there are many that I would pay hundreds of dollars for. Maybe that's just me, but even setting aside storage/display concerns I don't really feel like many of those are really absolutely "essential" characters outside of a completist "Gotta have 'em all" mindset. Then again I'm sitting here thinking that if they pulled off a Living Tribunal with one of those magnetic doohickeys that would actually let the head hover above the shoulders/body that might actually be clever enough to get me to back another one of these.
  19. I mean, you're either in for the price of Galactus or you're not. You don't get to opt in or out of tiers.... As someone above put: For most folks it'll just stay in the box/storage bin/whatever. For the select few that might get a laugh out of having Doom's head on Galactus, well...good on 'em, I guess. Not for me, but it's just "free" stuff that I'll get in the box.
  20. Falcon was talking about Morg as the coolest/his favorite tier. He said it needed 20K backers. And I think it was best explained above that people may have seriously misinterpreted some deadpan sarcastic humor with the "Army Builder" stuff.
  21. No, Firelord is not a "no brainer" when he's probably getting released on a single card next year. Like I said, if they wanted to do an alternate head, an unmasked Galactus would have been cool and appropriate. This does reek of someone on the design team overriding common sense with "Wouldn't it be funny if...?" My only problem with Celestial Haslabs is that there are a lot of them and they are highly individualized. I can envision a world where you MIGHT be able to create something that could swap around for 2, maaaaaybe three of them, but even that's a stretch, especially if going for color accuracy. I suppose you could "genericize" the colors and just do multiple unique headsculpts but let's be honest most fans wouldn't be thrilled about that. Even so, after the Eternals movie, if it does well enough, Celestials will probably be on the table, at least. Completely agree on vehicles, though. A Quinjet or Blackbird is just going to collect dust and be hard to store, as you can either open it up to display the figures inside, in which case it doesn't look like the vehicle, or you can close it up to look like the vehicle but then you can't see the figures inside. Outside of a relatively small group of dio-builders "huge" vehicles just don't seem worth the trouble.
  22. Yeah could not care less about this one. Very much a "why?" If they wanted to do an alternate head, how about a "Kirby-style" streamlined headsculpt or an "unmasked" Galactus? I mean, we'll probably make the goal and get the head regardless, but this definitely wouldn't be something that would pull me off the fence if I hadn't already signed on.
  23. Don't forget that shipping is included, and shipping costs have pretty much skyrocketed in the last year. This thing ain't gonna be cheap to ship (and while Hasbro Pulse undoubtedly pays less than what we'd pay going to the Post Office or UPS or wherever, it's still nowhere near "free" or even "cheap"). With three figures that would probably be about $24 (current retail price of a normal Legends Fig, and basically counting the stands as the "build a figure piece") and shipping included (say roughly...$50 for shipping, which may be a conservative estimate), that's pushing $125 of value built into the price, making Galactus himself about a $275 figure (unless of course another tier is out there and unlocks, in which case he'll be even less).
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