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  1. Posted this in the other thread, but yeah. I dunno about "absolute dream" wave but I'd definitely buy all these figures (in these particular costumes). And the only reason the Warriors Three aren't in it is because I think it'd be a crime to not have them in a 3-pack together. And for some MCU Flavor....(Minor spoilers if you haven't seen Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings yet) I'd load Shang-Chi and Wenwu up with orange and blue Ring FX (respectively). And while Wong is probably coming next year regardless (and maybe Abomination in a D+ wave)...he's not official yet!
  2. To be fair, I could probably do a few waves of just Asgardians, and I know this one is relatively conservative, but heck if I don't want those Simonson versions. Also the only reason the Warriors Three aren't on here is because I feel it's a crime to not have them together in their own three pack.
  3. I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see say, a Raimi Doc Ock/Green Goblin 2 pack. I don't think we'll get a second NWH wave but I could definitely see them filling in the gaps with multipacks. Probably some info on where/when the Clint and Kate figures will be available (probably a two-pack). Wouldn't be ENTIRELY surprised to maybe see some Shang-Chi gap-fillers as well, though in truth they probably COULD put out another Shang-Chi Wave if they really wanted to. And yeah, hopefully some more 20th anniversary stuff and maybe some more of the X-Men wave. Or a glimpse at the rumored Avengers comic wave. Though as usually whatever they show will simultaneously feel like more than we expected and less than we wanted.
  4. Derp, yeah mixed those two up. I'd say in that case it's just to give him a more visual distinctiveness from the other Spiders. And maybe make him a bit more threatening as it looks like he'll be at least a temporary antagonist.
  5. It's probably been a year or two and teenagers tend to grow up and fill out. Gwen looks older too.
  6. Druig was actually one of the more interesting Eternals in the movie. And yeah, at least initially played up as a bit weird/creepy.
  7. It's kind of six of one, half-dozen of the other. I think the movie was better for the complicated web of relationships between all the Eternals, but at the same time I do kind of agree that maybe a few could have been introduced but not really utilized until the sequel (Maybe have had some of them leave Earth before the present-day portions of the movie).
  8. This movie had the best, most mature handling of relationships between characters of any Marvel movie so far. Not just romantic relationships, either. The Eternals really did feel like an estranged and scattered family coming back together again. There was humor, but it wasn't an attempt at non-stop laughs or a constant contest of "Who is the snarkiest?" All the Eternals were well portrayed and felt like fully-realized characters, though yes, I would agree that a couple of them were somewhat weaker performances than others, and one that I initially thought was kinda weak and wooden turned out to be one of the best in the movie after some things became clearer. It wasn't perfect though. The entire Kro subplot seemed like a waste, or a combination of Chloe Zhao being told by Marvel she HAD to have the Deviants in the movie and Thena needing a big hero moment in the third act (after, from my understanding, Thena's role expanded greatly as they developed the film, going from a glorified cameo to a major character). There was a little bit too much "tell, don't show" though I'm not entirely sure how it could have been done better given the subject matter. And bluntly there were so many characters that juggling them all did seem to make the movie a bit overstuffed (Makkari and Kingo both seem like they were slightly shortchanged for different reasons). Overall I liked it, and even more so I liked that it set up a lot of interesting questions regarding other aspects of the MCU (Like Thanos origins and motivations), as well as planting potential seeds for future stuff (Seems REALLY obvious that there could be some serious intertwining of/conflict between the Celestials and a certain Devourer of Worlds). Also, while I don't think it's a spoiler at this point that Dane Whitman doesn't suit up as the Black Knight in this, I think fans will be pretty satisfied with the trail of Easter eggs they drop around him. Also nice seeing Kit Hairington playing a character that's (at least initially) cheerful and good-humored.
  9. Uh...I'm pretty sure Dr. Strange is in the game. Cap, Spidey, Wolverine and Iron Man are Marvel's staples and probably the most common "guest stars" in that universe (particularly Spider-Man and Wolverine). Guardians can get away with not having them because it's not happening on Earth and the Guardians are now very well-known on their own thanks to the movies. I do agree that they could probably have limited it to like...Spidey and Wolverine, or maybe brought in Thor instead of Iron Man (though I bet he shows up in some capacity). Though I'd note this also isn't a sequel or "follow up" to the Square/Enix Avengers game (which sucked for reasons that had nothing to do with character selection), it's an entirely different kind of game from a different studio.
  10. Blade is in it too. And many of the rest of the characters do at least match the "Supernatural" side (Dr. Strange, Nico Minoru, Magik). But no, we're probably not getting a bunch of characters that the mainstream doesn't know about in the least (IE any of the OG Midnight Sons there weren't (a) Ghost Rider, Blade, and/or maybe Morbius...who I wouldn't be surprised to see show up in the game in one form or another as well). They don't just want to sell the game to fans of semi-obscure 90's comics...they want to sell to casual fans as well.
  11. That's not altogether uncommon, particularly in Q4/The Holidays. But at least in my neck of the woods if often seems like all the waves for any given quarter basically come out at the same time (at least as far as mass-retail is concerned). The only thing that sometimes ends up different are MCU-linked timed releases.
  12. No, I was referring strictly to the subject of price increases. While I do think the knee problem is overblown since there seems to be a relatively simple fix, I do agree that Hasbro should take returns if that's what people want to do.
  13. I mean sure, but the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what reason Hasbro gives, or how valid a reason it might be, people are going to complain anyway.
  14. I was under the impression the Riders line was quietly retired last year. But that wouldn't stop them from doing an exclusive or something.
  15. Do you seriously believe Hasbro just forces their product on retailers and can tell them how much they're going to order, which stores are going to stock it and how much? That's not how any of this works.
  16. I can't say for sure, but I can suspect that Walgreens probably abandoned putting figures up on their website after they got a flood of complaints from angry collectors who weren't able to get the figures in time (or who got orders cancelled, etc...), and determined it would be easier to just stop offering them online than to say, increase their order sizes or allocate more of their stock to online purchases. I do cut Walgreens a little bit of slack...they weren't exactly a collector destination until a few years ago and I don't think they're built for rapidly adjusting to that state of affairs, especially in the midst of a big merger and the guy that turned them into a collector destination moving on from the company.
  17. The problem, from my understanding, is that Walgreens handles inventory entirely differently from the big box retailers like Target or Wal-Mart, and it's pretty much entirely up to the individual store managers what they get in their stores. Basically, I doubt Walgreen's is going to revamp its' entire inventory system over Marvel Legends.
  18. Because that was literally Wanda's costume in the comics for decades? She hasn't been "censored" in the least. Unless you think having a black costume Spider-Man is "censoring" classic Spider-Man.
  19. If tomorrow goes like today, they'll reveal no more than a handful of figures. Then again, Marvel has been the "star" of a couple of these virtual conventions so maybe their presentation will be a bit beefier than the other brands. Transformers and Star Wars seemed pretty lackluster.
  20. That's pretty neat looking. I'm a big fan of the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars figs. Would be down for a medieval knight series of Marvel figs.
  21. My speculation comes in four parts: 1. They're pushing things back to a timeframe they feel more confident moviegoing audiences will be back to "normal" to try to avert more lower box office takes. 2. The rampant delays and issues stemming from COVID related concerns may mean they're lagging behind on follow-on product, so they want to stretch out what they have "in the can" as long as reasonably possible to give themselves time to catch up. 3. A strike by the "behind the scenes" crew folks was narrowly averted today, and part of the deal that was reached may have involved more relaxed production schedules, necessitating the above. 4. While Black Widow and Shang-Chi may have been relatively successful in the time of COVID they're still way behind "normal" box office takes, and Disney's bean counters may have told Feige and Co to slow down until things get closer to normal (ties in to #1 above).
  22. Haven't got the full wave yet, but while I'd definitely say it's not Hasbro's best work, it's far from it's worst. I had pretty much the opposite experience, and found them better in-person than the online shots had made them look. I agree that a few of the likenesses aren't great (Sadly it's the two that appear to be the "leads" in Sersi and Ikaris that seem to suffer the most here). My only major gripe is that they all feel "greasy," I'm guessing due to all the shiny. And they do look pretty good arrayed together, at least among the ones I have so far (Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Phastos, and Thena). Druig, Makkari, and Kro show up tomorrow.
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