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  1. It IS an improvement over the last Marvel Legends version in that costume, but the height is a pretty glaring unforced error on Hasbro's part. She may be shorter than Cyclops but I'm pretty sure not THAT much shorter. If it were actually meant to be teenaged Jean it'd be OK, but HoX Jean is anything but teenaged.
  2. That all seems pretty plausible but that's...also basically the origin of the Mandarin from one of the Iron Man animated films (The immortal Warlord thing). And the "Series of descendants" was the origin of Fu Manchu, more or less.
  3. It may not be just you, but I don't think there are too many people (paying attention to this stuff) that would agree with you. Especially given that one particular shot of him in the trailer. It's a pretty elegant solution to the "real Mandarin" situation, all things considered. Fu Manchu/Wengwu and The Mandarin were already pretty similar characters in the comics. I'm going to bet the "legendary Ten Rings" are the MacGuffin he's after, and that yes, we will see something of a more "Traditional" Mandarin in him before the end of the movie.
  4. YEah don't get me wrong, I'm an "old timer" myself and while I haven't bought floppies for over a decade now (still buy trades from time to time), I don't make it a point to shake my cane at new comics (or toys based on new comics) and tell them to get off my lawn. Some people seem so miserable in this hobby I wonder why they even bother. Case in point: I've only skimmed bits and pieces of the House Of X stuff, but the figures were mostly cool aside from Midget Jean. (And what I've seen of the stories looks interesting if often disturbing).
  5. But then you're back to: This accessory pack is only useful for people that have the Super Skrull BAF, which is limiting your market right out of the gate. Basically, I CAN see the Marvel team taking a risk and putting character specific accessories in a pack built around a particular grouping/team/family of characters...that at least is potentially useful for all the folks that might collect that particular team, which can be a fairly wide net, as it includes all the completists and all the fans of that specific group. Given how they line seems to break down these days that wou
  6. I mean, I have plenty of issues with some of the decisions Marvel makes with characterization and storylines, but to hear you and a couple others around here speak, Marvel should've just stopped making new stories about 1990 and just reprinted trade paperbacks of their old stuff forevermore, never trying anything new or different again.
  7. Accessory packs are a cool idea and I think there's a good chance they'll do SOMETHING along those lines in the next few years (even if just as a Hasbro Pulse test run). Basically I would not be at all surprised to see something along the lines of the Transformers exclusives they've had: A figure (probably a troop builder) packed with a TON of accessories that aren't necessarily related to that figure. Accessory packs have some challenges though. All of your ideas are fine, but not every Marvel Legends collector is a completist. So now you have to consider how you market them. A "Cat
  8. Yeah, it's seemed pretty clear to me they wanted a more "Movie-esque" Hulk with the Avengers in the comics, but Bruce simply had too much baggage in comic continuity for that to fit (and Immortal Hulk is from what I've seen pretty great, if gruesome). So they "bruted up" Jen instead. Not a decision I'm a fan of, either.
  9. Or they'll be the next Black Panther wave (the first one). You know, looking like hardcore pegwarmers until the movie actually comes out and suddenly nowhere to be found once it does. On a similar note, Eternals is REALLY gonna have to make people care about those characters to sell that wave.
  10. I feel like it would only be right and proper for the first figure on the new BuckyCap mold to be a new Bucky Cap. It just seems like that buck is deserving of the homage and to forever be the "Bucky Cap Mold." But alas, probably not. Iron Man Retro seems like a lock for next year at this point. Maybe we'll get our classic Crimson Dynamo there. Sounds like I might want to pick up the Marvel Select Titanium Man, though.
  11. So here's my issue with any Baxter Building/Castle Doom speculation: What would people expect out of such a playset? We're notorious about demanding "to scale" and "realistic" well...no way we're getting a to-scale Baxter Building or Castle Doom, because those would be as big (or certainly taller) than some actual houses (even if we're talking just the upper levels of the Baxter Building/Four Freedoms Plaza it would be probably about 5+ feet tall since the HQ area is usually depicted as five+ stories). I guess you could "Castle Grayskull" up Castle Doom, with the facade of a castl
  12. Their last "alternate character headswap" came with a character that was only related in the sense of "fought them in a storyline" (Onslaught vs/ Red Onslaught) so I dunno that releasing a Hatless Hyde would have to be on a body it would fit. Especially since the most likely redo of Joe Fixit is simply giving him gray skin which would look a little weird with a Hyde head on it. At this point I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see it randomly tossed in with say (if rumor/pattern holds true) an Iron Man Retro figure next year sometime.
  13. If nothing else the Hologram Iron Man is good Diorama fodder, for those that are into such things. Stick it on something that lets it get hit with an LED or two and voila...nice background material for a Tony Stark Lab or an Evil Villain Lair or Avengers Communications or...whatever. But yeah, outside of that it's pretty much a stinker.
  14. Maybe, but that doesn't bother me too much since unless it's somehow complete garbage or just insanely huge and overpriced I will likely be getting it.
  15. Crystal has been mentioned but definitely tops the list for me. She's easily as prominent as Black Bolt and Medusa and been a member of the FF and Avengers. I can understand Hasbro holding off on Karnak, Triton, and Gorgon (though I would say Karnak would be next up after Crystal), but not Crystal. Nova (Frankie Raye) just needs a headsculpt and a coat of paint to exist. Classic Havok would be simple but as yet eludes us (from Hasbro). We have gotten a couple Union Jacks but Spitfire would be easy to do (especially with the new Firestar headsculpts).
  16. I honestly don't know. A quinjet (probably MCU inspired) seems most likely but as noted size really becomes an issue on vehicles, and while there are definitely tons of giant sized characters that would be fun to have, outside of Galactus and the Sentinel the chances of funding start to drop off quite a bit as those characters often don't have the "oomph" or fanbase. Maybe a Danger Room playset/diorama? Lots of features and modular parts to plug into walls and such. Playsets larger than one big room are rather unlikely I think because the more you have to compress things scalewi
  17. Not immediately. As I found out after an emergency car repair several months back, they will send you an email saying you need to update your payment method within a day or two or the order will be cancelled. On a side note, if you have the redcard (either debit or credit) and use that for your preorders they don't seem to do that "random hold" crap.
  18. I'd be down for a "Marvel Television Legends" pack of Reb Brown Cap, Lou Ferrigno Hulk, and I dunno, maybe Electric Company Spider-Man.
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more of the Fox X-Men, but while there are a smattering of characters that would be kinda cool (an updated Snipes Blade comes to mind, and I do like the Ferrigno Hulk idea) I wouldn't want Hasbro to focus on it at the expense of comic or MCU characters that we're still waiting for (or waiting for improved versions of).
  20. You might want to re-check your old OHOTMU books. The Avengers had a pretty massive roster of past and present members by the mid-80's, and it only got bigger from there, and even back then it certainly wasn't entirely comprised of "legends." Funny how people forget how the Avengers spent a lot of their history as a B-list book behind the X-Men and Fantastic Four until Marvel Entertainment realized that was who they had to make movies out of (and it was pretty telling that no movie studio cared that much about getting the Avengers rights prior to that, except one or two as individual cha
  21. I'd imagine the two remaining retro FF characters will be from the 90's Toy Biz line. Psycho Man seems like a good guess. And Firelord did get released in that line (along with Terrax and the Surfer as Heralds go). Almost makes me wonder if they might pull a cue from the mainline and release two "Heralds of Galactus" in the wave the way they've done "double duty" boxes in the main line. It would be nice to get The Wizard but if the letters are accurate probably not this go round.
  22. I wouldn't argue with a Punisher Robot or two.... I think the bottom line is that they're GOING to have tier goals, and I'm pretty sure the initial pack in is almost certain to be a herald. Worst- (or best depending on how you look at it) case scenario it's the Silver Surfer and people can chill out because yeah, there are a few versions out there that people can get instead. But I'm gonna be real surprised if he doesn't come with any Heralds at all.
  23. Trying to find ways to save collectors a few bucks is REALLY not what HasLab is about....
  24. Please show me anywhere in my posts where I claimed anyone was "ecstatic." Go on, I'll be waiting. You seem to have problems understanding that there is a wide gulf of opinion between "Ecstatic" and "Ready to burn down Hasbro HQ."
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