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  1. Priest is a fantastic writer. His Black Panther and Deathstroke runs are all-time classics. Curious to see how he handles USAgent.
  2. Yeah, there hasn't been much more (if any) product overall than the last couple years (Which have, to be clear, been pretty ridiculous). In fact there may have even been about one wave LESS since Eternals got pushed back. Also keep in mind that toy production timelines start at least 18 months or so from release (sometimes a bit less for easy repaints/minor retools, etc...). So basically, Hasbro couldn't predict the Pandemic and the economic crash that comes with it, so this year looks "normal." Since things really started sliding in March, it may take as long as September of next year
  3. I'm gonna say this: If the Regal Variant Cobra Commander and now it looks like some of these Pulse-Con exclusives become the way of the future, it'll be a game-changer as far as exclusives go: Pulse Premium: You get early access, both to order and (probably?) for getting product in-hand. Non-Premium: You get your product later, but we're producing to demand so everyone that orders gets one. No more instant sellouts, basically. I know some people will be upset that their "Exclusives" aren't as exclusive anymore if this turns out to be the case, but I think it'd be a great wa
  4. Just be patient. My wife had the same problem and it fixed itself after a couple minutes. Given the "pre order" nature today, I'm suspecting they're basically going to produce to demand. I don't think there will be a sellout.
  5. So in short, people are likely being quiet because it's usually angry folks making the most noise...and this year so far there doesn't seem much call for anger.
  6. The movie theater industry itself is probably BEGGING Disney not to release any Marvel films on digital vs. pushing them back (because they're going to want the big blockbusters in the theaters so they can make money off of them when they re-open). And unless you want that industry to dry up completely (I don't), then yeah...I'll accept them pushing some things back further until it's both safe for people to go and profitable for the companies involved. Mulan may change Disney's mind, but Mulan also had a tiny bit of controversy attached to it so they might have felt "safer" dum
  7. It's still available for Pulse Premium Members. The only things that have "sold out" are the Supreme Snake Cobra Commander and the Heroes of Endor set (but those have both reverted to "Coming Soon" so I suspect they may have more in stock tomorrow). Had a very smooth experience at Noon getting Cobra Commander and the HFC set. The limit of 1 per customer and the captcha (which prevents bots) seems to have worked in preventing instant sell-out.
  8. Got the only two things I wanted, easy-peasy (HFC and Cobra Commander). Only had to wait a few seconds to check out. The Captcha and the "limit 1" seem to be working. I suspect they may even end up having some to go around tomorrow.
  9. That version of Warpath (The one in the Strong Guy wave) didn't use the knives. Those didn't come along until years later and a whole different costume (albeit with the same color scheme). Most of us haven't even gotten the Strong Guy wave in our hands yet, and may not even have the Widow, Demogoblin, Gamerverse, or AoA waves either. We know there's Venom-themed stuff coming, the Fan-Channel exclusives have been hitting at a steady pace, and the X-Men movie stuff is a fair amount of product. There is no "slim pickings" unless you're looking for a specific niche that's not re
  10. Well, at least we can safely say these probably aren't the "would have been SDCC Exclusives."
  11. LOL. The male characters are super-muscular and square-jawed handsome because they're an aspirational power fantasy for male fans, not to be sexually attractive to female collectors. This argument you've tossed out is a false equivalence.
  12. Come on folks. You have to know that they're going to use the torso from Typhoid Mary/White Rabbit for the HFC women. That's as "curvy and busty" as you're going to get.
  13. I think they've pretty commonly had sets with 3 or 4 figures plus a "build a figure" sized addition. Though that's far from universal. So I could see Shaw, Emma, and Selene (maybe with swappable Tessa and Jean heads) and maybe Leland on a variant of the Kingpin body? I believe there was a hint that we were getting a troop builder that was "one we'd never seen before" several weeks back? I'm betting that's the Hellfire Goon. Though they could include one or two in the set I suppose.
  14. Hasbro's been all over the map, it's true. But as far as what's being sold on Wal-Mart.com come Friday, I have the feeling these are like those "shared exclusives" that we've had for several Comic-Cons (The A-Force set for Marvel Legends that was later sold at Toys R Us springs to mind as an example, or a couple of the GI Joe 50th anniversary sets). They were branded as "SDCC" Exclusives but sold through other retailers at seemingly greater numbers than the "main" SDCC exclusives that only saw limited release through Hasbro Pulse. But who knows? And they only announc
  15. Well, the guy who posted that initial hint never specified WHICH Monday. And now it's looking increasingly like it's either going to be NEXT Monday or that they are indeed going to reveal it on Walmart.com (But I suspect the true "SDCC" Exclusives aren't what's being sold on Wal-Mart on Friday).
  16. The main issue I see with the "Make the box the throne" approach is that this was not marketed as a "Master Mold" figure. It was marketed as a Sentinel, and normal Sentinels aren't really known for sitting around. Also elaborate packaging has a price tag attached. Not that it'll cost US any more, but it will cut into Hasbro's profit margin on these. I could easily imagine the bean-counters "suggesting" that all that's needed is a simple box with some nice graphics on it. Much like the Sail Barge.
  17. Feel free to find any posts of me "drooling with anticipation." You'll be looking a while. Will I be happy to get them? Absolutely, if I can weather the online feeding frenzy that's sure to happen when they go up. But in the meantime, pretending like there aren't a host of people here that go into palpitations of rage every time they think a particular reveal is coming but doesn't reeks of selective reading.
  18. The sad fact may be that Hasbro Pulse simply might not be equipped to handle the sheer volume of a full SDCC production run of various exclusives. Usually they get a tiny fraction of it and the rest sells at the convention. But we're probably talking runs in the tens of thousands across multiple items. Basically they (Hasbro Pulse) might not have enough space to store it all.
  19. So let's be real: The "young" Headsculpts on Xavier and Magneto are awful. They look like they tried to do some weird blend of Fassbender/De-Aged McKellan and McAvoy/Stewart and both of them just look....wrong. Particularly helmetless Young Magneto. The "old" Headsculpts aren't nearly as bad, and at least kinda/sorta resemble who they're supposed to be. From what I recall the pics from Toy Fair looked a lot closer...did they fail to secure likeness rights in time for production? Wolverine is OK minus his "O-Face" headsculpt (which is terrible) And I totally agree with what "
  20. Yeah, but if you look at Rock Python and Skullbuster, even setting aside that the Serpent Society has been a team Hasbro's been slowly working on filling out for years now (not so much the case with Heralds of Galactus), there's something they have in common: minimal new tooling. Same with say, Spymaster in the Black Widow wave. Even MACH I had less new tooling than you might expect (a lot was recycled from Ultimate Beetle). A lot of those "oddballs" fall into the "cheap to make" category.d But honestly I'd imagine folks can relax some. While I'm skeptical the Sentinel sees re-releas
  21. For each person that complains about the Hellfire Club not being revealed, Hasbro pushes the reveal back another week. They haven't revealed any of their "Virtual SDCC" exclusives for any of their lines yet, have they? It's coming folks...get a grip. Whether they revealed them right now or reveal them five minutes before preorders go up, they're not going to be in your hands one second faster.
  22. I would think it was understood that I meant "most" people, not "absolutely everyone in existence" wouldn't be too upset if one of Galactus' more obscure and bluntly more silly looking Heralds was an exclusive pack-in. Don't mistake me, I'd like to get all the Heralds too, but AIr-Walker hardly the kind of character that screams "mainstream retail release." Especially since he probably requires one-of-a-kind tooling for his "wings."
  23. I'd imagine Hasbro would split them up between pack-ins and regular line/exclusives. I don't think people are likely to be too upset if say, Air-Walker and/or Morg are packed in. They're pretty obscure. Then you could release Firelord, Nova, and maybe an improved Terrax via other avenues. I just hope when (and I do think it's "when" now, not "if") they do a HasLab Galactus they don't make the Surfer the pack-in.
  24. I bet you're right, and that the exclusives go up for preorder right as the livestream starts on Friday, ruining all Hasbro's reveals before they happen. That would seem about in keeping with how these things have been managed of late.
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