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If there is a Fantastic Four wave...


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My ideal wave for F4 is


  • Mr. Fantastic (which interchangle arms like Ms Marvel) (Blue and Blue version Bucky Cap sculpt)
  • Invisible Woman (Invisible Version to make it different to the Walgreens one)
  • Human Torch (Full flame version without the F4 symbol and a swappable head for Jim Hammond version, Spidey 2099 sculpt)
  • Thing (all new sculpt. with pants and a shirt)
  • Dr. Doom (new sculpt or the Taskmaster parts)
  • Wizard (Pizza Spidey sculpt)
  • Silver Surfer (Spidey 2099 sculpt)
  • Nova (Frankie Rayes, Kate Bishop sculpt)
  • BAF: Dragon Man

Wave 2 - Future Foundation wave

  • Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic
  • Future Foundation Invisible Woman
  • Future Foundation Thing
  • Future Foundation Spidey (on the Pizza Spidey mold)
  • Valeria and Franklin 2-pack (with the small part)
  • Crystal
  • Firelord
  • Molecule Man
  • BAF : Psycho-man

Wave 3 - All-New All-Different wave

  • Uncanny Avengers Human Torch (Depowered)
  • GOTG Thing
  • Medusa
  • Blackbolt
  • Super-Skrull
  • Trapster
  • Stardust
  • Red Ghost (with 2 of his apes pack-in )
  • BAF The gorilla of Red Ghost.


I could go on. As you can see a F4 Line will mostly consist of the main 4 over and over again so maybe that's why hasbro are sticking to Exclusives for them,

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I'll play!


Wave 1

Mr. Fantastic (swappable stretched arms and neck)

Invisible Woman (invisible; includes one solid arm to swap on phasing Walgreens exclusive)

Human Torch (flamed off)

Thing (new sculpt; trunks)


Silver Surfer

Psycho Man

Puppet Master

BAF - Dragon Man


Wave 2

Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation)

Johnny Storm (flamed on; Jim Hammond alt. head)

Invisible Woman (Future Foundation)

Thing (Future Foundation; pants/boots)


Molecule Man

Dr. Doom (Future Foundation)

Spider-Man (Future Foundation; remake)

BAF - Lockjaw


Wave 3

Mr. Fantastic (blue/white 80s costume; swappable stretched arms and neck)

Invisible Woman (solid; blue/white costume; phasing arm swaps; new head/hair sculpt)

Human Torch (Avengers flamed-off)

Thing (blue/white costume)

Black Bolt

Medusa (new costume)


Spider-Man (the Amazing Bag Man)

BAF - Front half of Fantasticar


Wave 4

Mr. Fantastic (blue/navy; lab coat; with Impossible Man)

Invisible Woman (blue/navy with phasing legs; with Franklin Richards)

Human Torch (blue/navy; semi-phasing; with Valeria Richards)

Thing (blue/navy costume; pants/boots)


Namor (green trunks remake)



BAF - Rear half of Fantasticar

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There's only 3 things I want to come out of ToyFair (across all the brands I collect) and that is the announcement of a FULL, dedicated FF Wave. I also know that there's only so many different versions of the core group and I'm NOT greedy. I'm beyond fine with one nice full wave a year and nothing more.


My ideal starter Wave:


1. Classic Thing

2. Reed with swappables

3. Sue Storm-invisible

4. Flaming Johnny

5. Future Foundation Spidey

6. Doombot

7. Skrull Commander

8. Uncanny Kang

BAF: Watcher

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What's weird about this wave is that other than the big four a lot of characters I can think of for this line can be placed in other lines (ala Silver Surfer & Dr. Doom). On the other hand, since Marvel's coup to usurp the X-Men with the ugly step sister Inhumans totally bombed this could be a chance to slip some of the more recognizable ones in. Basically I'm gonna be picking my favorites from the lists already presented. Also I'm using an 8 wave format so some of the figures could actually use alternate parts or accessories rather than a BAF piece:


Wave 1

1. Mr. Fantastic - extra power effect accessories rather than BAF

2. Invisible Woman - fully solid form to differentiate her from the partial phasing exclusive.

3. Human Torch - I'm totally down with the idea of an interchangeable head for android torch & maybe even a removable 4 symbol.

4. Dr. Doom - the last one was actually well done but I'm pretty sure it's outta scale with the current ML. Plus we need some ankle pivot, damnit!

5. Crystal - I rather enjoyed this character when I was younger & always thought she'd make a good figure.

6. Kang - ya, another redo but the last one was really really reaaaaaly bad. And tiny. But I doubt there's room in the line up for more than one Big Bad.

7. Classic Namor - need the guy in his Phelps trunks and possibly a new trident. That last repaint trident was just lame.

8. Karnak - his modern look cuz that classic one is way to creepy.

BAF - Thing probably could be done as single card but I really think it needs to be the BAF to be done right. Yes he should be portrayed shorter than more heavy hitters but he should also be very broad. Perez style.


Wave 2

1. Future foundation Reed - I think this is really the only other option after all the original 4 were in the first wave.

2. Flame Off Johnny Storm - in his blue uniform with Pizza Spidey mold, and for a cool little bonus (naughty word, I know), how about a Bombastic Bagman alternate head?

3. Invisible Invisible Woman - it's a cheap ploy to reuse a mold but you really can't have an invisible woman without her invisible form, right?

4. Wizard - his modern weaponized armor would be preferable.

5. She-Hulk - need an update and ankle pivot. FF outfit would be fine but her personal costume would be better. I just can't see any better chance if this one being done.

6. Super Skull - with the classic FF power effects instead of BAF.

7. Triton - as good a spot for another Inhuman as any.

8. Gorgon - tho I would prefer a Black Bolt, I really dont think he has an alternate suit so he would be a straight redo. Ya gotta admit those wings were a pretty bad design, tho.

BAF - Lockjaw - gotta have him, guys. They already did him in 3.75 sCale & I was very cool.


I could actually go on & on with a few more Inhumans & Future Foundation Everyones & Heralds of Galactus and though I'd love to see them all I think realistically even a two wave year is more hope than reality.

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Another good wave list. I also would be completely cool with Inhumans interlaced within FF waves.


Overall, we all have different interpretations of what we would want to see out of some initial FF waves being released but I think it's safe to say we'd all buy each other's waves lol.


To somewhat rehash a previous sentiment of mine, I'm definitely not greedy and would be MORE than fine with one dedicated FF Wave a year, similar to what we are getting with Xmen. Also Monron, I know one of your bold predictions was that we would be getting more than one Xmen wave a year(and lord knows we need it) but I truly don't see it happening. I can elaborate on my thoughts as to why if asked but I don't want to get too far off topic with it since this is an FF thread. I will say this though about Xmen...hopefully I can be proven VERY wrong on that at some point!


Ultimately though, as hopefully ToyFair will shed some light on Hasbros "plans" for FF, I really really really...really don't see how a request for at least one full FF wave a year would be so unrealistic or demanding. Having said that, I won't let my pure speculative optimism get the better of me as Im already having nightmares about Hasbro releasing a press release on 4/1, stating their going to give "full support" to FF...and then Dwight ends the press release with "LOLZ at collectors...you losers get Sue and THAT's IT!


Can you tell I have anxiety over this topic?

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LOL, where did I read the rumor that we'd get two of the FF this year (Sue & Johnny?) and two next year (Reed & Ben, I think) as exclusives? I thought it was here.


But... that would frustrate me immensely. Not only to wait SO long to complete a four-person team, but because, as we see in this thread, there are plenty of characters that need release from this corner of Marvel, obviously. Since I consider them tied so much to the cosmic sector, I could see most or all of the FF related characters folding into GOTG waves, but that just limits the outlet to receive all these characters, where both FF and GOTG lines would get more characters out in less time!

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Yeah that rumor BETTER not even be REMOTELY true! I believe the rumor was all 4 team members were going to be released through Walgreens, 2 this year and 2 next year...


I also remember Dwight stating that (when questioned about more FF at NYCC I believe) that "well it would be weird if we only gave you Sue and no one else right" I will just be downright devastated if his grand plan for FF was this rumored 2 year Walgreens rehab program versus the idea of a real wave(s)


The anxiety is killing me...pretty sure I'm going to have to pop some goddamn codeine for the first night of ToyFair.

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