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  1. Aside from creepy smiling face, which unintentioanlly does fit Hank and his mental states over the years, this figure is truly an amazing sculpt and price really isn't too bad at all when you consider that some 6-7 inch speciality import figures go for over 100. I'm really curious to see how that new improved harness system works in practice. But sadly, just don't have a space for him. I hope we will get something closer to 12-14 inches in retail line and I'm sure there's even bigger demand for smaller Giant Man now due to collectors wanting to recreate growth transfromation scene on their displays. I think Hasbro can do addtional Giant man figures (preferebly with classic Wasp pack in) as retail or fan channels exclusive releases down the line, one being 12-14 inches and another regular 6 inch one but they also could do 8-9 inch one as well if sales are there.
  2. Great cover although I do prefer Adam Hughes less digital “looking” coloring he had back on Catwoman era covers (and yes I do get they all digital colors since the mid 90s)
  3. If pin less RYV Spidey body is good for Daredevil and Deadpool it’s good enough for Moon Knight, sad to see they didn’t try this but I guess whenever Moon Knight season 2 will drop we will get another classic figure on newer body and I hope it won’t be this stark white but rather more grey and dingy color with wash and darker plastic.
  4. Aside from great Black Widow all of these ar meh, especially Winter Soldier Cap, that is straight reuse of orginal body with horribly innacurate skinny arms, Chris Evans was really muscular in that movie and costume made it even more bulky, at the very least they could have sculpted new arms for him. Civil War Spidey is also pretty meh since that orginal body just doesn't strike right sillouhete Tom Holland has in costume, while not muscular he always had wide shoulder sillouhete but figure gives him super undersized shoulders, so even here they could have updated Spidey with new bigger shoulders.
  5. They can easily do these with Dormammu/Red Skull body, they will only need a new torso and overlay skirt. I always felt that Bucky Cap Hydra soldiers were super weak and Brood Queen wave ones were far superior sculpt-wise albeit with inferior articulation.
  6. That Hydra harness on Bob only highlights how ridiculously low and small the shoulders on that body mold are as well as how huge trap muscles are on that mold. With pinless reworking, they had a good opportunity to fix those shoulder situation once and for all and have one great mold they could reuse countless times but of course they didn't.
  7. 7 years ago I can remeber vocal minority on fwoosh forums eagerly demanding Classic Drax to be Hulk sized, so this scale does work for certain fans, however, I would personally prefer Drax on Omega Red body, but I'm really not that into Drax, Moondragon on other hand is exactly what I care for, however, I would prefer OG look but what we got is the second best look and aside from single jointed elbows this is pretty much perfect figure for Hasbro standards.
  8. Original story was bassically Dark Knight returns but with Spidey, while Reign didn't come anywhere close to Frank Miller's DKR it still showed that Andrews is really talented so I might give this book a try, it's kinda sad they are playing into "hahah radioactive sperm" meme when that moment was actually sad and depresing but that's marketing for you.
  9. Mockingbird is decent enough, I would prefer double jointed elbows with crazy sleeves which would be hard to do but not impossible, also I can't figure out if it's actually Shriek legs she has or it's something new, looks kinda thinner. Tigra is a definite improvement with her more yellow fur color, I could say the same for Spider-Woman but the way they painted legs without properly color matching black plastic is really bad, however original head is suprior even tho new head is totally accurate to comics.
  10. 100% Agree, Same almost can be said about High Evolutionary, which is amazing figure in its own right but the lack of paint apps or maybe plastic finish choice diminishes the great sculpting work and effort that was put into it.
  11. Chameleon would work with Jameson and tons of heads like Fury, Osborn, Robertson, Peter, Silvermane. As for other packs Punisher vs Man Spider would be cool set, Kingpin vs Daredevil as well with obligatory heavy cel shading on DD.
  12. That Bishop is really well done, finally a new body and actually sculpted detail but without mullet head it's not an instant buy for me, so now I have to get Sauron wave one just for the head or Hasbro might give us that down the line in 2-3 years... Overall, that line is great idea, Magneto, Rogue and Wolverine will be must have for people who missed or don't want to pay prices above retail. Updated Mystique, Jean, Cyclops and Nightcrawler would be great picks for wave 2.
  13. Power Princess (or Wonder Woman custom body) should be cool, I wonder if they gonna re use moonstone with new sculpted torso or give us brand new muscular female body.
  14. She's easily the best looking figure from Trio, kinda sad she doesn't have comic book style mask in the trailers and I guess the movie too, alt head with mask would have made that figure even better and give it more superhero feel rather than just a random sci fi uniform but they didn't even give mask to Kamala...
  15. I wonder where's Illuminati set, time frame wise it makes sense they aren't out yet, since we just got No way home Spidey set so they should be coming along right around now, There's also probably some likeness issues since some cameos like Richards and Bolt were last minute addition and it's possible that their contracts probably didn't include toy likeness, but it would be one interesting set for sure. Prof X can be done easily by reusing parts since they did two already, Captain Marvel as well will need new head and some tweaks, Same with Captain Carter, it's Reed and Black Bolt who will require all new tooling.
  16. It's so weird that BW's new articulated lower torso has line sculpting which makes it pretty much useless for future reuse on simpler bodies. They often never bother with such details but now they went all in despite reuse potential, I suppose this complaint can be forgotten if they came up with same articulation for blank bodies but it's still kinda concerning that we might not see this inverted ab crunch on another figure any time soon.
  17. I'm sure we all know what JMS will be writing in 1-2 years from now. Or at least I hope that he will be back on Spidey. Funniest part is that OMD is not only time where JMS's original idea was changed by editorial. It's really the least offensive one too when you remember that JMS wanted Peter to have kids from Gwen in Sins Past story but "wise" editorial team at Marvel really though that Gwen cheating on Peter with Osborn and secretly giving birth to kids was better idea.... Hey at least it didn't make Peter seem old.... I'm so relived this offensive BS was retconned in Spencer's run.
  18. Amazing Spider-Man is indeed amazing, it's obvious where the most effort went, Tom is improved repaint, it's Tobey that is the most disappointing, red on him is way too bright which makes him very toyish and cheap looking, silver webbing is also way too bright, they should have went for darker shades of red and silver webbing just like the SHF figure colors, not to mention how horribly silver webbing is applied on Tobey, I would get it if it was like 2022 figure but we waited so long for this set, they had all the time to nail details and they did but sadly only for Andrew.
  19. Great cover, truly iconic costume, I wish it could be back even if it was slightly updated, inverted Mar-Vell costume is ok but it just isn't as striking as this old costume was.
  20. Brooks is an amazing artists, whose art evolved tremendously from more simplsitic and cartoon to more realistic but still retaining his style. And No he doesn't just "TRACE" art like some other artists, he might be using reference like every other artists but all his faces are distinctly done in his own style. There's also interesting article about how Steve Ditko invented corner box for Marvel in case you didn't know that. https://www.cbr.com/spider-man-steve-ditko-marvel-comics-corner-box/
  21. Mockingbird is must, she's not perfect but decent enough, it seems cheap they are putting so much reuse here in order for us to get classic Mockingbird. I also get that there was always small but strong demand for that Hank Pym. Spider-Woman is an improvement but I wish they waited little bit and gave us one with inverted ab crunch, but double joints alone make her worthy for me but I'm definitely gonna use her previous head sculpt. Tigra in more yellows orange is no brainer, new hair piece also works really well, despite owning previous release I might consider getting her but I couldn't care less for that Iron man with white plastic.
  22. I do appreciate elongated suit but it looks weird on that body, they should have went with more regular suit that fits that body properly, he also used to have hint of visible eyes, which made him look creepy and threatening just like the Riddler from the new Batman movie, while this head look is accurate to some comics it makes him look like some kind of kid friendly G.I.Joe Knock off character and not like nefarious mafia boss he is.
  23. I'm not gonna lie that I'm excited about these guys but the fact they made pinless Sunfire mold is for sure interesting development and it looks like they kind of fixed his shoulders, they do still look small but there's no gap in shoulders like in recent Antman, Tarantula and everyone else on that mold, it's a pity that they used pinless for the costume design that could easily work with pins, where they could easily given this treatment to Tarantula, who would benefit greatly from pinless tech due to his costume design and save us from ugly pins.
  24. Hasbro really outdid themselves with this one, she makes other Elektras look cheap with those painted on details and straps, especially in era when we rarely get all original sculpts and if we do theres still some issues but not here, they really nailed it, well almost nailed it, she really needs inverted ab crunch, but hopefully we can get that on future classic Elektra, maybe they can even reuse arms and boots of this figure for that future Elektra, which will only leave them to sculpt new legs with straps.
  25. It looks like Hasbro made irreversible decision that all Hawkeye figures must look like Jeremy Renner, first it was Odin baf and retro and now this. I would prefer more traditional pretty boy comic book looks instead, something that resembles George Perez art and has darker purple too, light purple they went with just doesn't look as solid and doesn't work with plastic they used, Marvel select figure for all its flaws nailed look and color scheme of the classic Hawkeye much better. I think I will wait and hope for inevitable re-release in darker colors and modern H cowl/mask head.
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