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  1. I was just thinking about Captcha when it came to Neca debacle, good to know that at least hasbro pulse has something to discourage bots. 2 per person seems like a good middle ground, wouldn't be against 1 per person either tho. Or they really could increase stock that will cover demand, but it's exclusive sell it will eventually sold out n 1 week even if there's overstock.
  2. While they are at it they could even add pin less tech, considering that most pin less figures we got so far are't even that reusable, so one pin less buck with good range and high reuse potential would be no brainer for hasbro.
  3. It's kinda strange that Rhino is one of few BAF that never got individual release. Hopefully he will in under retro Spidey line with better more calm and classic headsculpt
  4. I'm glad with Hellfire Club set that at least showed us that we can get more adult oriented toys as an exclusive. If exclusivity if they way to go I'm not complaining. If you asked me 2 months ago I would say it was impossible to get Emma In her Hellfire dominatrix lingerie costume but we still got her.
  5. I'm glad to see Hasbro embracing more stylized design of figures, its also cool too see pinless tech again but double elbow do look little unappealing, maybe its due to size of muscles that required such ugly long joints to get good articulation, which I do obviously prefer but again theres other Hasbro figs that have bigger biceps and great articulation, but then again I'm not sure how it all fits with pinless tech that could have different challenges altogether.
  6. Unlike my previous figure mods this is closest thing I have done that can be considered custom. I've always wanted to have Black Widow figure that looks closer to her more adult oriented spy thriller adventure vibe that ofc includes her more sexier and serious look, I am pretty sure we never going to get this look anytime soon, I was utterly disappointed with vintage retro figure we got, with much thought, I decided to take matter in my own hands. My plan was to combine athletic legs of moonstone mold with Hasbro’s first black widow figure that had cleavage, sadly, prices for that black widow were sky high but I managed to get black ops Mystique fig that used same body, obviously skin color was different, which was real challenge, getting right skin tone and painting it as neatly as possible for amateur like me. While I am not 100 percent happy with it, it is still satisfying to finally have Black Widow figure that I wanted in my collection.
  7. Golden Gloves/Boots and paint detail really make this figure look billion times better than the original release, as if this figure, unlike its more generic looking predecessor, really has some personality going, I just wish we would have gotten Quentin Beck head with his distinct hairstyle and all, now that would have been a real surprise,
  8. I'm glad they moved form previous directors, they didn't do a bad job but it was far from good. Hopefully, new director can really make sequel exciting, considering all the rumors that imply everything big starting from secret invasion to introduction of mutants and wolverine. I would love if they incorporated that iconic Rogue/Carol scene, if its too early maybe at least they can do it in 3rd part, that scene recreation is too good of a opportunity to miss, especially when they can do it as post credit scene.
  9. That one simple, pin-less Spider-Man figure, which probably the only character that needs that technology due to costume design.
  10. I do realize that this might not be issue with everyone, and only for select few who are really into anatomy nitpicking (or to be more precise superhero anatomy). But it needs to be said, as good as Sunfire body is, it has shoulders that are too small and sit too low for superhero proportions, thankfully, Hasbro already did update this with Shang-Chi figure that has bigger shoulders that sit properly, moreover, Shang-Chi arms have superior range unlike the initial lackluster range of Sunfire body. YTers such as Articulated (who did good job illustrating this problem in their video as you can see in pics bellow) and AnthonyCustoms have been pretty vocal about this problem as well. I don't think it would cost Hasbro a lot to just use Shang-Chis upper body and Sunfire legs as new definitive mold to replace Bucky cap. What do you think?
  11. That face really makes Rogue looks older than she should, thankfully, her alternative head far more appealing and fitting, I will def get her eventually. Her body, especially legs look to be something that is resembling an actual female superhero proportions unlike that ubiquitous kate bishop body, I wonder if they will make blank version of this body so it can be used for other female figures.
  12. Yes. MCU spidey is really short but figure seems way too small and way too thin, when in the movie he seemed pretty thick, considering it's the armor. So Mafex got proportions slightly better than SHF, but it's paintjob that really makes shf version stand out as a cool figure.
  13. It feels really weird not to see any Marvel movie let alone superhero movie this summer, which never happened since like 2007? It's good that we got some good tv shows like Doom patrol and Umbrella Academy but we really do need movie, I hope we get to see Black Widow in November, but with probability of virus getting worse durning autumn there's real possibility we might not see it even then.
  14. It's funny that Ms. Marvel character I'm least interested in has the best costume/3d character model and Hulk look pretty good too, others seem to look weird to me, like off brand versions.
  15. It's still great to see some figures on display instead of just stock photos, it's far cry from SDCC reveals that are usually overwhelming, so maybe Habsbro pules webcam reveals are more balanced way to get info without overheating our fan heads.
  16. She look much better in the review than promo pics we got, sculpt is amazing, figure does seems little small but thats typical for female figures, her body sculpt and details make it easy must get for me.
  17. Rogue could use new head, that is more cartoon/comic accurate, and original head wasn't bad but eyes were wayyyyy to far apart. I would kill for Ms. Marvel Rogue 2 pack tho
  18. I think they gonna use Moonstone for another female Symbiote figure, probably Agony. I hope I am wrong. and I also hope new Rogue isn't AOA Rogue, even though I do want AOA Magneto/Rogue two pack
  19. I was really waiting for movie Mystique figure but head even tho adequate is missing something, maybe it's hair being too dark and hair line not really correct or even eyes that aren't poping out to show contrast.
  20. Damn, poor Dark Horse, first it was Star War that went back to Marvel, then Conan and Now Alien and Predator. Not the best period for Dark Horse tbh. On other hand there could new possibilities for them In Marvel, it would interesting to see if Hasbro gets this license tho, 6 inch alien and Predator would be pretty cool but it will hurt Neca a lot.
  21. When I read animated I imagined 90s cartoon series but I guess this is fine too for the market that adores cute and cartoony style figures.
  22. It’s actually interesting to see Bucky cap mold with ball jointed waist, I wonder if they planing to update that body to make it more articulated.
  23. I def can see 90s Rogue and Cyclops and maybe Brown/Tan Wolverine, Cable, Kitty and maybe Bishop in this wave, as for others Magneto I still too recent and I think still available on Amazon, they just released black costume Storm, Grey Beast and Colossus, they supposedly will release Psylocke in 3 pack with Nimrod. So as much as I want them rerelease those I am not sure we will get all star wave.
  24. I am excited for new Spidey figure and Gwen, but damn spideys pegs do stick out, it especially sad when you realize that pegless war machine was announced along with him, when it’s clear that pegless tech is far more usefull for Spidey than WN.
  25. We really do need Supreme intelligence. As mentioned above I would also love to see it packed with classic Ms Marvel as deluxe figure set , Ronan would be too costly since he would require new sculpt. So it’s either gotta be Carol or Kree soldier/Mar-Vell. Btw Heroclix already beat ML to it, so Hasbro can take some lessons.
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